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Photo Gallery: Operation Backpack 2007
Operation Backpack 2007

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Albert helped us get the last box organized.
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Work becomes fun when it is a good cause.
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New Dawn helped organize items.
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Volunteers, including New Dawn helped organize.
Yeah! New Dawn and volunteers!
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Volunteers organized items properly.
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Roberta helped organized towels.
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Some of the items gathered...
We will need much more next time, in October '07.
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We separated items according to need.
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Items were gathered and separated.
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Soaps, shampoo's, and such were gathered.
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OYEA volunteers and New Dawn from Youth Encounter.
...helped out!
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All ages were welcomed to help out.
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We gathered donated items at Hale Oloha at CBTS.
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Lutheran and Episcopalian churches gathered...
at CBTS to aid elderly and children in need.
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