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Photo Gallery: Angel Network Charities
Angel Network Charities
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Example of form used by Kamiloiki Elementary.
What could your organization do to help gather food for the hungry?
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We need people, we need Spam!
We need Spam, stew, tuna, AND PEOPLE (we don't eat the people though).
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Blessing comes in understanding our relationship with each other.
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Sharing what God has first given to us.
After helping out at ANC, volunteers will often wonder, "how come I am the one feeling blessed?"
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It is the end of the month, and our cupboards are bare, won't you please bring a can or two?
We are open to receiving canned goods from any person, church or group.
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This is where we keep our cans of meat... notice they are empty, until we recieve more.
Please bring canned goods on Thursday or Friday, or to church services on Sunday morning.
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Our volunteers are cheerful, helpful and a blessing!
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Helpful volunteers. Thank you Dannielle for all your caring and support!
We always need more volunteers, please sign up for Thursday or Friday.
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Greetings from "Mac!"
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The front of ANC and our van
The van is for transporting food.
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