Approved Minutes- April 2014

Posted by: Robert Joseph on Wed, Apr 23, 2014:

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

10th Apr 2014

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call

President Jim Myers called the meeting to order at 6.10 pm.  A quorum was present including Myers, Peggy Trout, Karen Sisler, Monika Day, Thea Johanos-Kam, Bryce Harken, Pastor Tim Mason, Rafael del Castillo, and Adam Sylvester, .  Apologies were received from Susan Schwichow-Lord, Mike May, and Geoff Hamilton.  Guests included Dr. Tom Poole, Pre-School Director Jennifer Hawkins, and Parish Administrator Shelby Yuu.

2) Devotions

Pastor Tim read a commentary on being thankful.

3) Approval of Minutes from the March Council Meeting 

Ms Trout moved acceptance of the March minutes, and the motion passed unanimously.

4) Treasurer’s Report

4a) February & March Financial Reports.  Ms Trout reported that the books are in excellent condition.  The Council congratulated Ms Trout and Mr John Keyes, our new accountant, on the excellent presentation of the Church’s financial status.  First quarter contributions were $69k, larger than budgeted by about 11%, and wedding income was approximately $139k, larger than budgeted by about 11%.  Net income over expenditure was $11k for the first quarter.  Mr Joseph moved to receive the report subject to audit and this was passed unanimously.

4b) Tax Committee.  Ms.Trout said this is still in development.

Action: Executive Committee.

5) Action Items

5a) Security locks on Ohana Lani doors (Yuu).  Ms Yuu said that it is possible to include the security system with the phone system and she is working with the phone person to get this done.

Action: Ms Yuu

5b) Staff healthcare policies.  With help of Ms Trout and Mr del Castillo in comparing the old plans with the new ones on offer by Kaiser and HMSA, Ms Yuu has found there is not very much difference in benefits with the new options.  It turned out the HMSA plan is slightly cheaper so she has sent the confirmation to HMSA for staff signed up with HMSA to continue.  The saving for these new HMSA plans is $1,500 per month. Kaiser’s new plan had already been implemented at some savings.

5c) Agreement with Sunday morning childcare workers.  Ms Yuu said we have reduced three workers to two each Sunday with one on call, as recommended by the childcarers themselves.

5d) Notify Japanese printing company not to print more New Testaments.  Ms Yuu has notified the printing company not to print more of these books.

5e) Security guard.  Ms Yuu had implemented a security guard for Thursday and Fridays from 8 am to 12 noon.

5f) Procedures for staff vacation & travel requests.  Mr Joseph said he will have proposals for the Executive Committee to review.

Action: Mr Joseph and the Executive Committee.

5g) Organize Synod lunch and other Synod activities.  Pastor Tim reported on the planning, with bentos ordered, and buses to take people to different venues.

Continuing Action: Church Office.

5h) Execute annual staff appraisals.  

Action: Executive Committee.

5i) Work day for Sanctuary basement. Mr del Castillo will speak to John Collins.

Action: Mr del Castillo.

6) New Business

6a) CBTS Synod delegates. Ms. Trout moved that Sherrie Clark and Manning Richards will be the voting members at the Synod Assembly.  The motion was approved unanimously.

6b) Adult Forum facilitator for 2014-2015.  Ms Sisler has tendered her resignation due to health issues.  The Council gave her a large round of applause for her consistent and creative efforts on this program.  She expressed concern that attendance had been very poor despite some quite engaging and relevant speakers and topics over the past five year.  Mr Joseph underscored the outstanding program menu Ms Sisler had been producing and asked if this sort of educational forum, which he very much believed was needed at CBTS, simply no longer fit with peoples’ lifestyles, and perhaps a different time, some evening or perhaps Saturday morning, would be better.

Action: Executive Committee will discuss the way forward for the Adult Forum and make a recommendation to the Council.

6c) Destination & Local Weddings” at CBTS.   Ms. Trout introduced the paper from UI Productions, which raised questions and asked for guidance from the Council on the way forward for such weddings.  There was considerable discussion about the role of destination weddings and specific national advertisement for “same-sex” weddings in the CBTS program.  The consensus was that this is the Pastor’s kuleana as the spiritual leader of the church. Ms Sisler proposed a resolution: Be it resolved that the Council supports the Pastor’s spiritual leadership on the Calvary by the Sea campus.”  The resolution was supported unanimously.

Action: Pastor Tim to follow up with UI Productions.

6d) Performing Arts at Calvary.  Dr. Poole said there were continuing discussions with The Movement Center about a new PAC director for the autumn term, with one person considering the position, but no agreement had yet been reached.

Action: Dr. Poole to continue discussions with TMC.

6e) Recruitment of a new Youth Director.  Kari Larson has resigned since she has a baby due in a few weeks.  Pastor Tim said there is not usually much activity in the summer for this group and he thought it best to postpone consideration of a replacement for Ms Larson for a few months until the summer.

7) Reports

7a) Montessori Pre-School.  Ms Hawkins said the trip to Kualoa Ranch was a big success.  AMI Evaluation was done by an excellent external referee, and provided some good suggestions and inspiration.  Recommendations included increasing tuition, and that the School apply for its own 501(c)(3).  AMI Certification was renewed for the maximum time of three years. Summer school will be extended by one week.  She offered her review of her first year and some of the challenges that have emerged.  One was the discovery that the School was out of licensing compliance due to Hawaii childcare agency errors, which required Ms Hawkins to be in the classroom all day. Her aim is to get eight more students so that the classroom can be split and have two head teachers. 

7b) Pastor.  Pastor Tim said there will be an OYEA summer Bible Camp for the youth at Mokuleia sponsored jointly with the Espicopalians.  There is a confirmation class of seven confirmands.  The Hawaii Kai Retirement Center Bible Study is expanding to an additional prayer group for residents on Tuesdays at 10.30 am.  He is putting together a Mutual Ministry Team for advice and help.

7c) Music and Worship.  Dr. Poole noted that the Holden Vespers and soup suppers have been going very well, with attendance as many as 50 people.  He commented that the slight resetting of the organ, so that the organist can see the officiants, has been very successful.  He reviewed highlights of the worship services through Pentecost in July.  Ms Sisler asked if there could be an additional daytime Good Friday services for people who cannot make it to the evening service.  Dr Poole and Pastor Tim said this was a good idea, and they would begin implementing it for this Good Friday.

7d) Education.  Ms Sisler tendered her resignation as Chair of the Education Committee and from the Council with effect from the June meeting.  She apologized but said that she can no longer drive at night and cannot participate effectively.  She noted some of the highlights of the Education program in May, including a children’s presentation of the sermon on Mother’s Day.

Action: Executive Committee to consider a replacement for Ms Sisler.

8) Adjournment and Closing Prayer.  Mr Joseph moved adjournment ca. 9 pm.

9) Next Meeting. The date is 15th May.


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