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Approved Minutes April 2010
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Approved Minutes April 2010

Posted by: Bob & Judy Joseph on Tue, Sep 14, 2010

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church
Council of Deacons
15th April 2010


1) Call to Order

President Kim Bock called the meeting to order at 6.03 pm.  A quorum of Kim Bock, Pastor Tim, John Collins, Yukio Hamada, Tim Sprowls, Martha Staff, Jim Myers, and Bob Joseph.  Apologies were received from Klara Higashi and Vicky Harrington.  Guests included Tom Poole.

2) Devotions
Pastor Tim read a passage from Martin Luther which suggested that, in doing God’s will, we must sometimes begin by taking initiative.

3) Approval of March Minutes
Mr. Sprowls moved to approve the draft minutes and the motion was approved with one abstention.

4) Election of officers
Mr. Collins moved that Mr. Sprowls be elected Vice-President of the Council, and the motion passed unanimously.

4) Matters Arising from the Minutes
4a) Formation of a Stewardship & Finance Committee.  Pastor Tim and the Treasurer are planning a meeting.  Mr. Myers will be the Council liason, and other people will be asked to join the Committee.

4b) Job descriptions. Pastor Tim said the job descriptions are 95% complete, and quite detailed.

4c) Japanese Wedding Committee.  Mr. Joseph reported that Mr. Myers, Mike May,  Rafael del Castillo, and Tim Sprowls had agreed to be on the Committee.  He recommended that Pastor Tim should also be on this Committee.  Ms. Bock charged the Committee to present a draft Request for Proposal to the Council at its next meeting.

4d) Pre-School Loan.  Pastor Tim reported that the letter regarding the loan has been sent.


5a) Missions Committee.  Ted Hsia presented a petition from the Missions Committee that the Church agree to adopt Revd John Lunn as a missionary.  His work is in palliative care in the Third World.  He is a former member of this church.  This would involve an annual contract with a financial commitment.  

5b) Pre-School.  Pastor Tim said there is a new intern and things seem to be going smoothly.  Ms. Bock said there are a variety of ways she is getting some advertising for the School.

5c) Liturgical Arts.  Dr. Poole summarrized planning for worship and other events for the next few weeks.  He said one of the difficulties is to get publicity out for special events, and Ms. Bock said she can work on this.

5d) Taste of East Ohau.  Mr. Hamada gave a report on the status of TOEO.  Given present ticket sales, a $5,500 profit is projected after all expenses are paid.  Profits on further ticket sales and the silent auction would add to this.

6) Reports

6a) Treasurer’s Report .  The Treasurer is ill and so this report is postponed.

6b) Committee Report review.  No reports were submitted.

7) New Business

7a) Pre-School Director search.  Pastor Tim reported that one staff member of the Pre-School has submitted a resignation, and the plan is to advertise for a new School Director.  

7b) Legacy from Jim Turner.  Ms. Bock said we would discuss this at the Retreat.

7c) Adjustment of Moe Hinkforth’s disability pay. While Ms. Hinkforth is on leave, workmen’s compensation is 70% of her regular salary.  The Executive Committee has recommended that the Council supplement this so that her pay is the same as it would otherwise be.  Mr. Sprowls noted that there is a precedent for this.  Mr. Joseph moved that Ms. Hinkforth’s pay be supplemented to bring her emolument up to her regular salary level.  The motion passed unanimously.

7d) Hukilau.  Ms. Bock said the Hukilau is coming up on Saturday 1st May at Christ Church in Mililani at 10 am to 2 pm. Pastor Tim encouraged all the Council members to attend.

8) Retreat agenda
Ms. Bock reviewed the topics to be discussed at the Retreat: the research survey and its continuation, the roles and responsibilities of Council members, the Jim Turner legacy, and committee liasons.

9) Adjourn
The meeting adjourned at 7.30 pm.  The next meeting is the Retreat on Sunday, 18th April, and then next regular business meeting is on 20th May.