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Approved Minutes- August 2010
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Approved Minutes- August 2010

Posted by: Bob & Judy Joseph on Wed, Sep 15, 2010

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church
Council of Deacons
19th August 2010


1) Call to Order

President Kim Bock called the meeting to order at 6.08 pm.  Members present included a quorum of Ms. Bock, Milton Okamoto, Pastor Tim Mason, Jim Myers, Yukio Hamada, John Collins, Tim Sprowls, and Bob Joseph.  Apologies were received from Nyki Giasolli, Martha Staff and Rafael del Castillo. [Secretary’s note: the Council membership totals eleven people at present.] Guests present included Dr. Tom Poole.

2) Devotions
Pastor Tim gave a brief  devotional from Through Seasons of the Heart.

3) Approval of the Minutes of the July meeting
Mr. Sprowls moved the minutes be approved, and the motion carried unanimously.

Matters Arising from the Minutes

4a) Job descriptions.  The detailed job descriptions for the church staff were circulated.  The Council appreciated the effort that went into producing this substantial document.  Ms. Bock suggested that it will take some time to digest this information.  It was agreed that Council members should forward questions to the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee will then discuss any questions with the Parish Administrator and the Pastor at its meeting on 10th September. [Secretary’s note: this meeting was cancelled.]

4b) Pre-School Loan.  Tim Sprowls will draft a letter of appreciation to Mr. Ludwick.

4c) Council replacements.  Mr. del Castillo had spoken with Steve Egesdal, and he said he was willing to serve on the Council.  Mr. Joseph moved that the Council elect Mr. Egesdal to fill one of the vacancies on the Council, and the motion passed unanimously.  Mr. Okamoto had spoken with Garrett Pick, and he is also willing to serve on the Council.  Mr. Okamoto moved that the Council elect Mr. Pick to fill one of the vacancies on the Council.  The motion passed unanimously.

4d) Council liaisons to Church committees.  The Council reviewed the draft list circulated by Mr. Hamada.  New names were for the remaining vacancies were suggested.  
4e)  Formation of a Youth Committee.
  Mr. Hamada reported on his meeting with Pastor Tim.  He described several ideas for youth programs that will be introduced this year.  A Youth Committee is also being formed to plan and implement the Youth Program.  Mr. Hamada noted that the Council will need to appoint a liaison to the Youth Committee, since he will be away for the months of September & October.  It was agreed that Pastor Tim and Mr. Myers will begin informally to search for candidates for a Youth Program Director, with the aim of getting someone in place by October.

5) Reports
5a) Pre-School. Pastor Tim said the School is running smoothly.

5b) Worship & the Arts. Dr. Poole discussed highlights of the planning calendar for services for the remainder of the year and into 2011.  The Council thanked Dr. Poole for his excellent forward planning and a vibrant worship program.

5c) Japanese Wedding Committee.  Mr. Sprowls said the Committee would be meeting soon, and would establish a transparent process for awarding a new contract.

5d) Missions Committee.  Mr. Joseph said he had discussed with Dr. Ted Hsia the response of the Council to the Missions Committee’s proposal to for supporting Pastor John Lunn as one of the Church missionaries. After discussion Mr. Joseph moved that the Council agree to adopt Pastor Lunn as one of the Calvary missionaries, effective immediately for the second half of 2010, with the understanding that the support for this half of this year will come from a designated gift.  The motion passed unanimously.

5e) Property Committee.  Mr. Collins reported on the repair work overseen by the Committee recently.  This is included repair and repainting the facia on Hale Aloha, repainting doors and gutters, and renovating the Sanctuary railings.  The Council thanked the Property Committee for all the work to improve the Church premises.

5f) Pastor’s Report.  Pastor Tim noted that there have been three funerals in the Church ohana in the past fortnight.  He feels that there are an unusual number of family crises underway right now.  The Stephen Ministers have been a great help, and prayers are needed for many in our congregation.  He described a number of Bible studies and other programs he is continuing weekly.


There were no financial reports, since the Treasurer and the Accountant are both away.  It was agreed that Mr. Myers would meet with Ms. Giasolli and work out a revised format for the monthly financial reports.

The meeting adjourned at 8.35 pm.  The next meeting of the Council is on 16th September, beginning at 6 pm.