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Approved Minutes January 2010
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Approved Minutes January 2010

Posted by: Bob & Judy Joseph on Tue, Mar 2, 2010

Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church


January 22, 2010

Present: Nyki Giasolli, John Collins, Yukio Hamada, Pastor Tim Mason, Milton Okamoto, Emilee Stroup

Present on Teleconference: Christiane Lucas

Guests: Marilyn Hamada, Moe Hinkforth, Susan Lord, Jim Myers, Tom Poole

Absent: Kim Bock, Rafael del Castillo, Bob Joseph

Call to Order

The January meeting of the Council of Deacons (COD) was called to order at 6:21 p.m. by Nyki Giasolli, Treasurer, who conducted the meeting in the vice president’s absence. It was determined that a quorum was present.

Prayer & Devotions

Pastor Tim Mason opened the meeting a prayer and reading of devotions from John Powell on love and self esteem best summarized in the statement: “True self-esteem and a true sense of identity can be found only in the reflected appraisal of those whom we have loved."

Approval of Minutes

A motion for approval of the December 2009 COD Meeting Minutes was made by John Collins, seconded by Emilee Stroup, and passed unanimously by the quorum present following one question raised by Milton Okamoto as to the word ‘orgonagram’ used by the secretary to indicate an organization set-up chart that was presented to the council at the last meeting. It was noted that this chart and the job descriptions will be presented at the Communication Retreat to be held sometime after the Annual Meeting as part of the PONO Leadership Grant process.

Stewardship Committee

Tabled until future meeting

Nominating Committee

The biographies and the photographs of those on the nominating committee’s list of potential candidates for COD positions needs to be submitted to the Moe Hinkforth, Parish Administrator, no later than the first week of February in order to include in the Congregational Letter announcing the Annual Meeting. Moe is to call Christiane and follow up on this info.

OYEA Incorporation

  • Pastor Tim spoke briefly on the incorporation of Oahu Youth Education Activities (OYEA) and stated that Calvary by the Sea is the only Lutheran church on Oahu who has not joined the newly formed 501 (c) (3) which was presented to the COD for consideration last year. He encouraged the COD to consider the benefits of joining the non-profit group and mentioned that the COD had formerly had concerns about liability issues.
  • Moe added that the minutes indicated that the concerns were also about financial obligations in joining another corporation and the burden it might place on the church should OYEA fail to raise the needed revenue to cover its costs.
  • Both issues seem minimal compared to the benefits of a combined corporation providing shared opportunities for our youth and the community at large.
  • It was agreed that this issue should be discussed at the next Executive Committee and recommendations then made to the COD for a decision.

UI Local Wedding Contract

Tabled until future meeting

Committee Reports

Worship & the Arts Report  - Tom Poole, Director

  • Tom notified the group of his intention to take vacation beginning Wednesday, January 27, 2010, and that he had arranged for Larry Cross, Music Director at Holy Nativity, to lead the choir in the rehearsal and performance at Doug Olson’s Memorial Service. He commented that his plans for his vacation had been made well in advance of the news of Pastor Olson’s death and that he regrets not being able to be present.
  • He also commented that he had informed the Hukilau choirs and the U.I. Production, Inc. choir members of the rehearsal on Thursday, January 28, at 6:30 p.m. to be held at Calvary by the Sea (CBTS). Choir members are to arrive at 2 p.m. on Friday, January 29, to perform at the memorial service.
  • Nyki Giasolli asked Tom if he would inform the choirs that there is a shuttle that will run beginning at 1 p.m. that they might ride from either the parking lots at Grace Chapel, Aina Haina Elementary or Holy Nativity.
  • Tom also commented that Lindsay Scocco will be making an appeal to the Confirmation Class to recruit youth interested in participating in the newly formed Performing Arts at Calvary Theater (PACT) group.
  • There will be a Lenten mid-week service at 6 p.m. beginning Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2010, followed by a light meal of soup and bread at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday during the season of Lent with the community invited.

Pastor’s Report

  • Pastor Tim Mason announced the upcoming New Member’s Sunday, January 24th, 2010 would contain a new member Baptism in the middle of the service. His plans for New Members in 2010 include hopefully having fellowship events such as picnics on the beach and potlucks
  • He recently attended the Bishop’s Retreat in Hilo and announced that 5% of the churches left the Pacifica Synod in disagreement in the __________________. This action will result in a loss of income and a loss of staff in the Synod and therefore, our offerings to the Synod need to be kept as high as possible to counterbalance these losses. The resulting body of the Synod will be more strongly unified with less distractions now that the churches in disagreement have left.
  • Pastor Tim also spoke briefly regarding the passing of former Pastor Doug Olson and ‘Papa’ Linscott, both Legends on our island. Father Linscott had a ministry of taking youth at risk under his wing and making a tremendous difference in their lives. The loss of these two men has been very emotional for Pastor Tim but the ministry of serving their families during this time has been rewarding.
  • Pastor Tim stated he needed to apologize to the COD and congregation leadership that he had fallen short in calling them every month as he had wanted to do as his New Year’s goals for 2009. He’ll try and improve.
  • As part of CBTS’ involvement with FACE he is asking everyone to identify an issue or topic that is close to their hearts to offer to our politicians to vote on
  • He will most likely be changing the time of Thursday a.m. Bible Study that is held at Hawaii Kai Retirement Center in order to minister to other members of the congregation

TOEO Report

  • Marilyn Hamada, chair, presented the Taste of East Oahu (TOEO) Report. The event is slated to take place Saturday, April 24, 2010. She mentioned that Blue Water Grill would not participate this year.
  • Tickets will be divided under Team Captains who will chair their teams to sale tickets to CBTS members, families, friends and community. Each member will be asked to sell 4 tickets, if these are not sold they are turned back over to the Team Captain who then distributes them to other members to sell. There should be 90 units with 4 tickets each.
  • Ticket sales are currently being advertised on the website.
  • The preschool is well represented at the TOEO planning meetings and she expects good participation this year
  • Marilyn needs a list of the letters that were sent out by the church office for purpose of follow-up
  • The committee is still working on the Honorary Chair of the event, but it is a non-partisan personality the group seeks
  • A new Silent Auction company will be offering certain stock for the auction that should help to increase sales offering trips and other items including signed memorabilia. Jim Meyers cautioned the Chair regarding the percentage of commission that might be required to pay this Silent Auction vendor and that this amount might cut-down on the actual profit to TOEO

Preschool Report

Montessori Preschool Director Kay Burgoyne had parent’s night and could not make the meeting.  Her report will be presented at the next COD meeting.

Property Committee Report

John Collins, liaison to the Property Committee, announced that Manning Richards had officially resigned as the Property Committee Chair and the committee had not officially met since that resignation.

Pastor Tim reported that he would like the Property Committee to look into installing a chain link fence in place of the white board fence surrounding the yard by the youth trailer and ANC. The chain link would create less places for trespassers to sleep and hide on the property. The chain link would also need a gate.

Audit Report

  • The Audit Committee chair, Milton Okamoto, read the findings of the 2009 Audit that was performed Wednesday, January 20th by Marc Adelberger, Tom German and Garret Pick. (See attached report).
  • Milton complained that the current bookkeeping practices are inadequate and need to be improved. He stressed that ‘accounting principals’ need to be put in place  and practiced by the bookkeeper
  • He recommended having the appreciation/depreciation of fixed assets schedule put back in play and a journal entry done to correct the current Financial Statement. (The bookkeeper had stopped entering such entries as the result of a prior COD recommendation that she stop doing so) He urged that this be done immediately, particularly, in light of the fact the church is considering embarking on a Capital Campaign
  • Milton stated that he had read the last professional audit performed by Carr, Gouveia and it did not contain recommendations as it should have. The COD asked Moe to follow through in obtaining a copy of these for Milton and the Audit Team to review.
  • Milton also recommended the church hire an outside consultant, preferably a CPA or an accountant, to make recommendations in correcting the Financial Statements and to improve on our policies, procedures & other reports as needed. He also added that this consultant’s fee should be included in the Proposed Budget for 2010.
  • He stated he would be willing to volunteer his own time in an effort to bring the account software up to speed
  • The Audit Team also found that a certain number of checks over $1,000 had not been signed by two check signers as per the CBTS by-laws.
  • Moe passed out a Resolution passed in 2002 by the COD that the bookkeeper had been using as a guide for check signing. It stated that checks only needed two signatures if over $1,500. This brought to light the fact that this resolution was never properly executed to amend the by-laws. Moe was asked by the COD to follow through by consulting the Parliamentarian, Larry Gardner, what should be done amend the current by-laws.
  • Milton concluded his report stating that this was not intended to appear as anything personal against the current bookkeeper, Linda Cluney, and he re-iterated that he was only interested in seeking improvements in the system and in fact, the audit team thanked her for her faithful service to the church throughout the years she has been employed here.

Two Motions Made

The first motion was made by Milton to grant authority for the Parish Administrator, Moe Hinkforth,  to begin the process of either amending the by-laws to reflect the $1500 amount for check signing or taking whatever action was deemed necessary to correct the by-laws by way of the former resolution. The motion was seconded by Yukio Hamada. Passed all in favor.

A second motion was made by Milton that the recommended Appreciation/Depreciation Schedule for Fixed Assets be reinstated by way of a corrective journal entry to the CBTS accounting system and reflect as corrected on the CBTS Financial Statement. Yukio Hamada seconded the motion and which was passed all in favor.

Proposed Budget

  • COD Treasurer Nyki Giasolli presented a balanced budget complete with changes and notations of each change made.
  • There is no ‘faith giving’ included in this year’s proposed budget, as was done in the past two years budgets. The proposed budget is based on ‘actual giving’ received in 2009.
  • The budget does include an additional proposed income of $5,000 that will be realized by five U.I. local weddings in addition to the proposed Japanese wedding income.
  • There were no salary increases made with the exception of one salary adjustment for Director of Worship & the Arts, Tom Poole, whose weekly hours have increased from 20 to 25 hours.
  • Another change was the addition to the budget of an omission made in Tom Poole’s pension dating back to 2007 which will catch up the amount owed
  • It was also noted that a Sound Technician Apprentice position has been added to the budget
  • Milton pointed out that the $20,000 proposed amount for the Professional Financial Audit had been omitted from the budget and recommended that it be added in as a deficit.
  • Following a brief discussion it was decided that Nyki would add the interest from the various savings or investment accounts in as $20,000 income that would create a wash for the audit $20,000 expense. She will present this correction at the next COD meeting, Thursday, February 18th,  to be held just prior to the Annual Meeting, Sunday, Feburary 21st, 2010.
  • The COD thanked Nyki and Kim Bock for their hard work in preparing the Proposed Budget

Motion Made

A motion was made by Yukio that the $20,000 expense entry is to be included in the 2010 Proposed Budget by either showing it as an income/expense item or as a deficit to the budget with a footnote describing how these monies will be paid and granting the Treasurer, Nyki Giasolli, the authority to choose which way to best accomplish this task. The motion was then seconded by John Collins and voted all in favor with one abstaining.

Doug Olson Memorial

  • Nyki touched on the points regarding former Pastor Doug’s Memorial Service slated for Friday, January 29th, 2:30 p.m.
  • Parking had been obtained at Grace Chapel, Aina Haina Elementary, Holy Nativity and the Bayer Estate
  • A parking shuttle would run from these parking locations to the church beginning at 1 p.m. and two passenger vans with volunteer drivers.
  • One large, 40 x 90, tent is being erected near the sanctuary with 375 chairs and 175 rented chairs.
  • Mike Mays is assisting the family in setting up audio-visual feeds to two monitors under the tent areas.
  • The memorial will begin at 2:30 the family will go to the canoe at 3:30 and somewhere between 3:30 and 3:45, depending on the tide, will release the ashes, retreat for showers at the Bayer estate and reunite with the public.
  • There will be NO open microphone.
  • Bishop Murray Fink will be present to deliver a statement on behalf of the Pacifica Synod.
  • Brenda Jackson is coordinating all the food & meals
  • Shirely Issacs is arranging a chef to prepare a meal for the family at the Olson’s residence
  • Nyki will keep Moe informed of Thank You notes that should be written on behalf of the church for participation in the memorial and for services performed.
  • An announcement should be put in the bulletin regarding loose flowers to be brought to the church on the day of the memorial service. (no strings should be released on lei in the water so as to interfere with the sea life or harm the environment)

Annual Reports Due

Annual Reports are currently past due to the Parish Administrator and need to be written and emailed as soon as possible in order to complete the printed Annual Report. Everyone should have these reports to Moe no later than February 3rd.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


Minutes Submitted by Moe Hinkforth

Parish Administrator