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Approved 2010 July Council Minutes
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Approved 2010 July Council Minutes

Posted by: Bob & Judy Joseph on Tue, Sep 14, 2010

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church
Council of Deacons
22nd July 2010


1) Call to Order

President Kim Bock called the meeting to order at 6.28 pm.  Members present included a quorum of Ms. Bock, Yukio Hamada, John Collins, Tim Sprowls, Bob Joseph, and Martha Staff.  Apologies were received from Jim Myers, Nyki Giasolli, Milton Okamoto, Pastor Tim Mason, and Rafael del Castillo. [Secretary’s note: the Council membership totals eleven people at present.] Guests present included Kay Burgoyne.

2) Approval of June Minutes
Mr. Sprowls moved the minutes be approved, and the motion carried unanimously.

3) Matters Arising from the Minutes

3a) Job descriptions.  Not quite complete yet.  It was noted that these will be needed in deciding the budget in the autumn.

3b) Pre-School Loan.  Tim Sprowls will draft a letter of appreciation to Mr. Ludwick.

3c) Pre-School Director search.  This is now on hold.

3d) Council replacements.  Mr. Joseph to talk with Flo Egesdal.

3e) Council liaisons to church committees.  Council members are to send to Mr. Hamada the committees we are members of.  

3f)  Formation of a Youth Group Task Force.  This is still under development.

3g) Planning Rally Sunday.  The Council noted the concerns expressed by the Parish Administrator.  The Council largely agreed and felt the major focus of Rally Sunday should be on the Sunday School, and the planning for Rally Sunday should be done by the Education Committee.

4) Reports

4a) Pre-School. Ms. Burgoyne said the summer school has gone very well.  The budget for the past year looks like it will be in balance, and the budget for the coming academic year is nearly completed.  Enrollment for the autumn is full and there is a waiting list.

4b) Report on TOEO.  The Council congratulated the TOEO Committee and other volunteers for an enormously successful event this year.
4c) Japanese Wedding Committee.  Mr. Sprowls moved that the Council accept the proposed 7 % increase to $550 per wedding for the coming year.  This motion was approved unanimously.  He said the present contract expires in March 2011.  

5) New Business

5a) Sewer Project.  The Council was informed that the Sewer Project at Calvary will begin 26th July and should be completed by 15th August.

5b) Facility Use.  The Council asked the Parish Administrator to draft a facility use form for use of the Church premises.

5c) Apologies for absence.  Mr. Hamada informed the Council that he will be absent for September-October while his is filling in at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, where the incumbent is ill.

The meeting adjourned ca. 8.30 pm.  The next meeting of the Council is on 19th August, beginning at 6 pm.