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Approved Minutes- March 2010
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Approved Minutes- March 2010

Posted by: Bob & Judy Joseph on Mon, Sep 13, 2010

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church
Council of Deacons
18th March 2010


1) Call to Order
President Kim Bock called the meeting to order at 6.11 pm.  A quorum of Deacons was present, including President Bock, Nyki Giasolli, Martha Staff, Milton Okimoto, Yukio Hamada, Jim Myers, John Collins, Pastor Tim Mason, Rafael del Castillo, Klara Higashi, and Secretary Bob Joseph.  Apologies were received from Vicky Harrington and Tim Sprowls.  Guests included Parish Administrator Moe Hinkforth, Director of Music & the Arts Tom Poole, and Interim Pre-School Director Kay Burgoyne.

2) Devotions
Pastor Tim read a devotional about “shalom.”

3) Approval of January Minutes
Ms. Giasolli moved approval of the minutes, and the motion passed unanimously.

4) Matters Arising from the Minutes
4a) Formation of a Stewardship & Finance Committee.  Pastor Tim said that Jim Myers had agreed to join the Committee as the liason with the Council.  Other members will be recruited.

4b) Job descriptions.  Ms. Hinkforth reported that they are nearly complete.

5) Reports

5a) Pre-School.  Ms. Burgoyne reported that the school has 5 more students than had been budgeted for, and the School is up to capacity.  The retention rate has never been better.

5b) Music and the Arts.  Dr. Poole reviewed the rich program during Advent & Christmas, and the plans for services during Eastertide.  Ms. Giasolli agreed with Dr. Poole’s suggestion that we soon establish an organ fund, since the instrument does have a finite life.

6) Election of Officers
Ms. Bock noted that we must elect two officers: Treasurer and Vice-President.  The President asked Ms. Giasolli to leave the meeting.  Mr. Joseph moved that Ms. Giasolli be appointed Treasurer.  The motion passed unanimously, and Ms. Giasolli re-joined the meeting.  Vice-President will be decided at the next meeting.

7) UI Contract & Local Weddings
Ms. Bock introduced this topic for new members.  The proposal is from UI Productions is to expand their Japanese wedding activity to do mainland and local, non-member weddings.  The Church would receive $1,000 per wedding.  She noted that it is completely in the Church’s control whether or not to approve each such wedding.  

Ms. Bock also noted that Calvary has received a proposal for a Japanese wedding contract from a Japanese company.

Mr. del Castillo moved that the Council form a Japanese Wedding Committee that would draft a Request for Proposal, which would be published promptly, with the committee establishing a timeline for letting the contract.  After discussion the motion passed with one abstention.  Mr. Hamada suggested that Messrs. del Castillo, Myers, and Joseph be directed to form this committee.

8) Treasurer’s Report
Ms. Giasolli invited the Council to suggest modifications to the template for her monthly draft report.  She reported that offerings for February were about $16k, and year-to-date  offering income is $34k, which is about $6,700 less than at this time last year.  Japanese wedding income year to date is $11k less than budgeted.  Year-to-date income is about $114k and expense is  about $120k, and year to date expense is about $6k more than income.  

Mr. Joseph moved that four signatories on all Church checking and savings accounts include: Kim Bock, Nicolette Giasolli, Morrine “Moe” Hinkforth, and Geneva Kay Burgoyne.  The motion passed unanimously.

9) New Business
9a) Pre-School loan.  Ms. Hinkforth circulated a draft letter proposing a repayment plan for this loan.  After much discussion Mr. Hamada moved that the Council approve the letter as amended by Mr. del Castillo and the Council. The motion passed unanimously.

9b) Insurance legacies from Doug Olson and Jim Turner.  The Church is the beneficiary of these two legacies.  Mr. Myers moved that all the Olson legacy go into the Endowment fund, and the Turner legacy go into the Mission Plus account.  Later allocation of the Turner legacy may be used to supplement the existing budgets of some of the missions of the Church.  The motion passed unanimously.

9c) Committee Report review.  Ms. Bock reported that the Executive Committee recommended that committee reports be submitted in advance of each Council meeting and be removed from the regular monthly Council agenda.  Questions about these reports will be taken at the Council meetings.

9d) Rota for snacks at Council meetings. 
It was agreed that the Council use a calabash to pay for snacks and that meetings continue to begin at 6 pm.

9e) Council Retreat.  Ms. Bock suggested the Council have a retreat to go over some longer-term issues that are outside the monthly business of the Council.  The Council agreed to meet from about noon to 3 pm on Sunday, 18th April.

9f) Consultant on Office Procedures.  Ms. Bock noted that bids have been received from two consultants.

The meeting adjourned at 9.25 pm.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, 15th April.