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Approved Minutes- October 2010
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Approved Minutes- October 2010

Posted by: Bob & Judy Joseph on Mon, Jan 17, 2011

Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church


October 21, 2010


Present: Tim Sprowls, Kim Bock, Milton Okamoto, Nyki Giasolli, John Collins, Yukio Hamada, Steve Egesdal, Garret Pick, Martha Staff, Jim Myers

Guests:  Shelby K. Yuu, Tom Poole, Kay Burgoyne

Absent: Bob Joseph, Pastor Tim

Call to Order:

The October 2010 meeting of the Council of Deacons (COD) was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by President Kim Bock. It was determined that a quorum was present.

Prayer & Devotions

Tom Poole opened the meeting with a devotional.

Approval of Minutes

A motion for approval of the September Council Minutes was made by Martha Staff, seconded by Yukio Hamada, and passed unanimously by the quorum present.

Matters Arising From the Minutes

Youth Program Directordiscussion regarding summary qualifications (attached).  Information:  OYEA director, Kimberly, is too busy with that program.  CBTS YPD and Kimberly should be able to work together, however.  Consensus that position will be advertised on Craigslist initially, using the summary qualifications.  Discussion on hiring committee’s composition carried over.  Report on short list due from Kim and Pastor Tim next month.

Long-Range Planningdiscussion:  Information that remaining $8K will be used to survey the CBTS neighborhood community regarding needs.  Goal: have recommendation for congregation at annual meeting.  Also, $20K in grants will be tapped to fund development.

Accounting controlsinformation:  Proposals from Carr, Gouveia for mini-audits of school and Church received October 18.  COD members to review for November meeting.  Kim and Pastor Tim will make recommendations at that time.

Preschool Report

Montessori Preschool Director Kay Burgoyne gave the report, noting that staffing has progressed from 14 teachers to 60 students to 10 teachers for 64 students due to consolidations of positions.  Preschool has had several fundraising events, including a book fair that was more successful than last year’s fair.  Expenditures are on budget and income is slightly higher than budget thus far.  Further campaigns are planned.  Preschool has its highest retention ever, and there is intense competition for admissions.  Heat on the portable is intense and various solutions are being or have been investigated, including an awning or an arbor.  John Collins will survey the situation sometime this month. 

Pastor’s Report

Pastor’s report was acknowledged in the Pastor’s absence.

Personnel Committee Report

A staff meeting is planned to examine how things will change as Shelby and Lehua are settling in.  Recommendations/report to be made at November meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Discussion of budgeting process and consensus that COD should approve at December meeting (December 9).  COD members to review 2010 budget before Nov. meeting and come prepared to discuss.  Call will be made to committees for their budgets.  Deadline for submitting committee budgets will be November 10. Committees will be provided with report of their 2010 disbursements.  Call will request cash flow budgets. Discussion of bulk of budgeting occurring during Advent led to consensus that budgeting process should be moved back towards summer.  Comment from Tim Sprowls and Jim Myers appreciating Treasurer’s report format with suggestions on improving it further.  Consensus to reschedule December meeting from December 16 to December 9, to be advertised for the 3 weeks prior in Bulletin.

Worship & the Arts Report  - Tom Poole, Director

Tom reported that Pet Blessing was held under the arbor, mauka of the Sanctuary.  It was well attended, by non-members as well as members, and was very touching and very successful.  The banner advertising the Blessing may have attracted non-members.  Nyki suggested advertising next year in addition to the banner.  Tom presented the his worship service plans through Jan 30, 2011.  He reminded COD of Ina’s organ recital, February 23 at St. Andrews, the CBTS choir concert March 5, the April 2 Spring Hukilau @ CBTS, and Holy Week events. Report attached.

UI Local Wedding Contract

No report at this time.

Stewardship Committee

No report at this time.

Property Committee

No report at this time.

New Business

Kim Bock called for fellowship Sundays to be doubled between now and the end of the year because attendance is higher and the food promotes fellowship.  Consensus that Yukio will coordinate to ensure that the number of Sundays is increased.

Yoga-by-the-Sea:  Martha Staff announced she will be starting Yoga-by-the-Sea in November.  She has purchased the necessaries with her own funds.  They are stored in a cabinet in Hale Aloha. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


Minutes Submitted by

 Parish Administrator