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Approved Minutes- September 2010
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Approved Minutes- September 2010

Posted by: Bob & Judy Joseph on Sat, Jan 15, 2011

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons

16th September 2010


1) Call to Order

President Kim Bock called the meeting to order at 6.09 pm.  Members present included a quorum of Ms. Bock, Rafael del Castillo, Milton Okamoto, Yukio Hamada, Steve Egesdal, Pastor Tim Mason, Tim Sprowls, Martha Staff, and Bob Joseph.  Apologies were received from Garrett Pick, Jim Myers, Nyki Giasolli, and John Collins.  Guests included Tom Poole, Kay Burgoyne, and Moe Hinkforth.

Ms. Bock asked Mr. Egesdal to introduce himself, and the Council thanked him for stepping up to fill a vacancy on the Council.

2) Devotions

Pastor Tim read a passage from Through Seasons of the Heart

3) Approval of August Minutes

Mr. Okamoto moved the minutes be approved as circulated, and the motion passed unanimously.

4) Matters Arising from the Minutes

4a) Youth Program Director.  The Committee has met and has formulated an outline position description for a nominal 20-hour work week.  Ms. Bock agreed to be the Council liaison to this group.  The Council thanked Mr. Hamada for his critical efforts to get this program moving.

4b) Status of Long-Range Planning.  Ms. Bock said she intends to get back to Mr. David Earle to follow up on the research survey.  Ms. Bock noted that the results of the survey done last year highlighted support for the Angel Network, the Youth Program, and a day-care center for seniors.  The first two are doing well, or underway, and so the senior day-care center is the major project to focus on.

5) Job descriptions.  Pastor Tim announced that Moe Hinkforth’s husband has retired, and they will be moving to the Mainland this autumn.  The Council decided that, in view of Ms. Hinkforth’s imminent departure, these descriptions will need some revision.

6) Reports

6a) Pre-School.  Ms. Burgoyne presented a draft budget for the 2010-2011 academic year.  Mr. Sprowls moved approval of the Pre-School budget as submitted, and the motion was approved unanimously.  There is full enrollment in both the toddler and primary classes.  She encouraged everyone to sign up for E-Scrip at Safeway (, which brings income to the Pre-School.

6b) Pastor.  Pastor Tim reviewed the highlights of his activities this last month.  He expatiated on his appreciation of the initiatives of various members of the Calvary Ohana in areas of their personal interests.

6c) Worship & the Arts.  There will be a first next Sunday: a baptism with a godfather participating through Skype.  The Calvary Family Retreat is 1st-3rd October. 

6d) Japanese Wedding Committee.  Mr. Sprowls said he has been in contact with the Japanese company that intends to bid on the next Japanese wedding contract.

7) Finance

7a) Treasurer’s report.  The Church accountant is just back from holiday and so there was not a recent summary of the financial situation.  Ms. Bock said we are engaging a consultant who will work with the Church accountant to format financial reports that are more transparent to the Council. 

Ms. Hinkforth said that the Church has garnered $1,200 in the past month in renting parking spaces for a film project next door.

7b) Stewardship and offerings.  Pastor Tim said the Committee has discussed exemptions on taxes.  He is also doing a three-week Bible Study on stewardship.  Mr. Hamada observed that we need to get a Stewardship Committee organized.

8) New Business

Mr. Hamada said there is no one to do the Sunday brunches the first of each month, and asked for volunteers.

9) Adjourn

 The meeting adjourned at 8.11 pm.  The next meeting will be on 21st October.