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Approved Minutes- June 2012
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Approved Minutes- June 2012

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Fri, Jun 22, 2012

June 21, 2012

Meeting Minutes  -  Council of Deacons

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church


I.Quorum present: 

Tim Sprowls, Jack Ashby, Martha Staff, Jim Myers, Tim Vetter, Rafael del Castillo, Don Hardaway, Adam Sylvester, Peggy Trout, guests: Pastor Tim, ,Tom Poole,  Shelby was called to order at  6:05, Jim Myers moderating.


Pastor Tim discussed a book he had read by Bob Craft.  The book uses both examples and scripture to encourage us to listen as God talks with us continually through  sunsets, breezes, contacts with friends, and beauty; that scripture encourages us to listen for God in each moment, then rejoice when we find him or hear the heavens declare his glory  (Psalm 8, 19, 1 Corinthians, Jeremiah)

III.April Minutes 

Tim Sprowls moved and Martha Staff seconded that the minutes for April be approved.  Passed unanimously

The report from the Bishop’s meeting is available in the CoD packet.



The Youth are meeting regularly during the summer and are participating in activities.  They are making plans for WAPO next year.

Tim wants us to consider offering scholarships for next year’s seniors who are going to Lutheran Colleges.

·Worship and Arts 

Tom Poole has returned from his vacation and will return to the office on Friday, June 22. 

Rev Rob Lloyd , local Seventh Day Adventist will preach this Sunday June 24.  Rev Keith Walter is scheduled for Sunday July 8.  Members of Calvary by the Sea will be doing the meditation time the other Sundays in July.


The Calvary by the Sea Montessory School is going very well.  They plan to resurface the toddler playground this summer and have the money to complete the job.  Enrollment looks very good for fall.


Financially, we are a little bit behind where we expected to be after five months, but believe we are all right at this point.

·Global missions:

Rev John Lunn will be preaching the sermon and leading communion during our Calvary Ohana Retreat in October and also speaking sometime during the weekend.  Peggy made a motion that we pay for a private room for John during the retreat as he will be just arriving from the mainland the day the retreat begins. It was seconed by Tim Sprowls and approved by the CoD.

·Pastoral Ministry

Tom Sumner has been in the hospital and is now in a rehab facility.  Others who need our prayers include  Shirley Isssacsons, Philip Wang and Dorothy Aco.  Diane Lau is doing better.

Peggy and Lehua are working on updating the Prayer Requests List and contacting those who visit our Sunday services. 

V.Unfinished Business

a)Money Counting
 Martha Staff, Mary Pat Ashby, Tim Vedder are trained in counting.  Jim Myers will work during July.  Will be contacting other CoD members to schedule time for them to become familiar with the process.

VI.New Business


Jack Ashby reported on the Hukalau Bishop’s  meeting a few weeks ago.  It’s primary message was to help our churches plan for a stewardship program for this year. 

He asked for discussion and consensus on the following ideas in our 2013 stewardship program.

-that we form a stewardship committee charged with developing a stewardship program in time to implement in the fall. He is willing to be chairman of the committee and expects the CoD members (Del, Jim, and Steve) plus Mike Podolske, to continue on the committee plus plans to add several other members.

-That per the discussion at the Hukilau, we adopt the theme of  "responding to God’s gifts to us” and use it to organize a broad-based program that encourages members to support the church in a variety of ways---time, skills, working with newcomers and supporting fellow members in need, financial support.

-That we consider a stewardship dinner and program in the fall (which would revive a tradition from past years)

-That we consider a formal pledging process (which also has been done in the past, but not for a number of years).

The CoD responded well to Jack’s request and is excited about having an active stewardship program

·Facility Usage

We have had several misunderstandings on the process and rules for usage of our facilities, mostly arising because we have no written policy for most cases requests for CBTS facilities.  Shelby is working on a document that will cover the needs she has observed and will bring it to the CoD for discussion and approval.  The CoD indicated that it recognizes the need for a formal policy for facility usage and looks forward to seeing the document.

·Vacation Bible School

Scheduled for July 23 – 27.  Beth Vaughn is leading it this year.  The volunteers are mostly in place, the curriculum is chosen, and registration is in progress.


-to transfer school's First Hawaiian savings account to a maximizer account. Motion to approve by Tim Sprowls and seconded by Jack Ashby

-to close the School Wells Fargo Savings account and transfer funds to the Schools First Hawaiian Bank Maximizer Account. Motion to approve by Tim Sprowls and seconded by Tim Vetter

-to close church's First Hawaiian Savings account and transfer funds to Mission Plus Savings Account or to the First Hawaiian Checking Account (whatever the council prefers).  Motion to approve by Tim Sprowls and seconded by Rafael del Castillo 

-to update First Hawaiian online banking contract (school and church) with new authorized signers (signers are Kim Bock, Tim Sprowls, Peggy Trout and Shelby Yuu).  Motion to approve by Tim Sprowls and seconded by Martha Staff 

VII. Adjourn

Move for adjournment at  8:20 made and seconded.