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Approved Minutes- March 2012
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Approved Minutes- March 2012

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Fri, Jun 22, 2012

March 15, 2012

Meeting Minutes  -  Council of Deacons

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

I.Quorum present: 

Kim Bock, Tim Sprowls, Steve Egesdal, Jack Ashby, Don Hardaway, Martha Staff, Jim Myers, Tim Vedder, Kim Bock, Peggy Trout, was called to order at 6:09.


Tom Poole discussed the message that attitudes among church members impacts both the mission of the church and the impression others carry about it.

III.January Minutes:

Read and some spelling corrections made; Jim Myers moved for approval, seconded by Tim Sprowls; unanimously approved

IV.Treasurer election

Kim called for an election of a COD treasurer and opened the floor for nominations.  Tim Sprowls was nominated by Peggy Trout, seconded by Jack Ashby. The vote for Tim was unanimous.



Cori Mason, youth director, was unable to attend but sent in a comprehensive report.  Our youth group is becoming more stable.  It meets on Sunday mornings between services, and has begun a Wednesday evening meeting called “AFTERSHOCK”.  She is examining curricula with the intention of purchasing Biblically based material to use with the youth.  Our youth are involved with the upcoming Invisible Children program and is planning to attend the HIM conference from March 22 – 24. They had planned to raise the money for HIM through a car wash, but the weather intervened, so they will borrow the admission fees from the church and repay it with a car wash as soon as possible. They are planning educational and social events for the summer.

·Worship and Arts 

In addition to the normal arts components of adult choir, bells, PAC, and Na Wahine, a Voice Class and Children’s Choir are beginning.  The Invisible Children program includes both services and a showing of their new movie between services.  The Holden evening prayer continues on Wednesday evenings during Lent and includes a soup supper.  A concert by Lucie Voelcker is scheduled for March 30.  CoD members are encouraged to participate in the Maundy Thursday service at 7 PM on April 5 to demonstrate our position of service. . CBTS has begun an aggressive maintenance program on our organ, and believes it will give us some time before replacing the organ.

·Property Committee 

CoD discussed the flooding that took place on our property last week.  The preschool children were dismissed during the morning of March 6 and did not meet on March 7 due to flooding of the playground and lanai. The doors were sandbagged, the sewer line overflowed.  The city sprayed our grounds, but said there was no indication of sewage.  Shelby and Lehua were very helpful to the pre-school in managing the entire exercise.

VI.New Business

·Book keeper position

After interviewing several candidates, the selection committee (Kim, Peggy, Pastor Tim, Shelby, and someone from our accounting firm) selected Patti Kendall as our book keeper and made her an offer.  She has accepted and will begin on March 26 giving her a week of overlap with Linda Cluny.  Someone from our accounting firm will also help her begin working with our books.


Kim contacted our favorite camp ground and was able to reserve the 3-day Discover’s Day (Oct 5 – 8) weekend for our retreat.  We will check in on Friday, complete our program on Sunday evening, and participants can stay over on Monday.  We will reserve the lodge for 3 nights, cabins for weekend nights as needed.

·Bank signature cards

 We decided to have 4 bank signature cards this year and to make counting the contribution money primarily a responsibility of the CoD.

There was a motion made by Jim Myers, seconded by Jack Asby that we establish the following personnel as signatories for the church’s First Hawaiian Bank checking account: Kim Bock, Tim Sprowls, Peggy Trout, Shelby Yuu. The motion passed unanimously.

·Hukilau Representatives

The Pacifica Hukilau meets in California the end of April.  CBTS normally sends a CoD member to this meeting.  The group decided to send Tim Vedder and his wife to represent CBTS.

The HI state Hukilau meets twice a year.  Pastor Tim encourages CoD members to participate in these meetings.

VII.Incomplete business

·CBTS overview

Kim presented an overview of the business of CBTS, including our financials, missions, pre-school, committees, staff, and goals.  Designed to help the new CoD members understand the business of the church, we found that it was a useful format for discussion of the programs, committees, special interest groups of CBTS.  It resulted in a plan to create a list of programs, missions, committees, etc with definitions and information on whether they are open or closed to new members.

Clarification: no paid Calvary staff with are employed by IA (the Japanese wedding company) during the hours they are paid by CBTS.

·Global missions

Martha Staff discussed her communication with Ted Hsia regarding global missions.  Jim and Carolyn Brown are very pleased to have our continued support for their work in Cameron. John Lunn has applied to be a missionary in residence in Hawaii, with particular involvement with CBTS.  He will need for us to provide some sort of housing and a car for about 3 months.  Ted is asking for CoD support in this plan if John gets his approval.  CoD wants more information (approximate dates, other things we need to provide, etc) but was very positive about having this experience for our church.  Tim S. might be able to provide his mother-in-law apartment if the dates coincide with availability. 


Move for adjournment at 8:10 PM.