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2014 Approved Endowment Funding
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2014 Approved Endowment Funding

Posted by: Admin on Fri, Oct 24, 2014

$11,724 is to be distributed to fund 7 of the 17 projects that were submitted 

Name of Project

Name of group or person requesting funds


Categories of needs designated in the policies of the Endowment team

Project Overview

3rd Octave Hand bells

Calvary Hand Bell Choir- Ina  Young, Tom Poole


Mission and Ministry Projects Within Our Congregation

Music and Worship

An additional octave to support the growing Bell Choir.  Members will be able to expand the number of pieces that can be played using the existing music. This will enhance CBTS worship.

Rotary Club Pacesetters

Rotary Club of East Honolulu Pacesetters Program,  Miki May



Mission and Ministry Projects Outside of Our Congregation

To provide young college students with skills critical to success in the workplace, i.e. effective communication, critical thinking for problem solving, influencing people in a positive way and asking and answering the right questions.  A Pacesetter will have devoted time with his/her mentor. Pacesetters are asked to develop and implement a service project in the community, putting into practice the skills that they have acquired in the workshops.

Angel Network Energy efficiency replacement Refrigerator/Freezer

Angel Network Charities Board of Directors- Judy Joseph


Mission and Ministry Projects Outside Our Congregation

Technology enhancements

New, energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers for the ANC Food Bank.  Replacing existing units was recommended by the Calvary Efficiency Committee in their  September 3rd report.

Facelift Hale Aloha

Yoga by the Sea 

Martha Staff


Mission and Ministry Projects Within Our Congregation

Funded maintenance

A FACELIFT will increase pride in and beautify our campus. Donated labor from CBTS members and other space users for clearing, cleaning, painting, etc. To create more useable space for the community




Lisa Kimsey


Mission and Ministry Projects Within Our Congregation

Educational speakers, programs etc.

Hands on training in CPR and use of AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR by an American Red Cross Association trained instructor.  For an additional $30 per person they may receive a certification card if they need if for their volunteer or professional work. Endowment team is funding 2 classes to train 20 people ($200 a class). The optional certification card costs are not included in the funding.

Travel  to ELCA  National Youth Gathering for Youth Director

Pastor Tim Mason on behalf of the youth of CBTS


 Mission and Ministry Projects Within Our Congregation

.Youth Programs

The event is the ELCA National Youth Event. in Detroit MI, summer of 2015.  To fund the Youth Director and Youth to attend this life changing event that happens once every 3 years.

Prince of Peace building fund

Yujen "Ted" Hsia


Mission and Ministry Projects Outside of Our Congregation

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Waikiki, a sister Congregation of the Hukilau Conference, has acquire a location in Eaton Square to continue Ministry and Mission in Waikiki. Like Calvary by the Sea, Prince of Peace was one of the five ALC congregations formed in the late 1950s. Since 1995 with the sale of the building on Lewers, Prince of Peace has worshiped in hotel banquet rooms with no office facilities. As a result ministry was limited. With the Eaton Square property, the congregation has a vision to serve the needs of Waikiki: hunger and homelessness, working with runaway teens, a growing drug problem, a significant elderly population, as well as visitors to the Islands. Calvary by the Sea and the Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA are two of the many individuals and groups which are a part of the renewed Vision of Prince of Peace and the Congregation

TOTAL Funding 2014