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Approved Annual Meeting Minutes- February 2015
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Approved Annual Meeting Minutes- February 2015

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 9, 2015

Calvary by the Sea

Annual Congregational Meeting

22nd February 2015


Draft Minutes by Bob Joseph, Council Secretary


At 9.00 am President Jim Myers called the meeting to order.

Tim Sprowls noted that a quorum of voting members is present.

President Jim Myers called for approval of the minutes of the annual congregation meeting from 2013 .  The Parliamentarian noted that the minutes reported that the by-law requiring all voting members of the church had contributed and taken communion had been suspended.  A motion to delete this sentence and to direct the Council to amend the bylaws was passed with a majority in favor.  Approval of the revised minutes was moved by Peggy Trout and the motion passed unanimously.

Pastor Tim Mason presented his Pastor’s Report.  He emphasized importance of the Tribe program and encouraged participation. He noted the success of the annual family camp in promoting fellowship within the congregation.  The Stephen Ministry program and a grief support group are working well.  He emphasized the urgency of dealing with replacement of Hale Aloha in our financial planning and the importance of stewardship.  Ms Bock asked how the church could support the Pastor’s spiritual leadership and he replied that attendance at spiritual leadership courses would be helpful.  Mr Joseph asked about the discrepancy between the average attendance of about 160 and total membership of 495, which seemed odd, and he wondered if there should be an effort to contact people who don’t participate and to ask them if they wished to remain on the church roll.  Karen Sisler commented that a quorum of 19 does not seem to be representative of a membership of about 500 people.

President Myers noted highlights in his President’s Report and asked for questions, of which there were none.

Treasurer Peggy Trout presented the financial position of the Church.  She noted that the Japanese Wedding income was substantially more than was forecast, which resolved the $54k deficit problem in the budget adopted last year.  In addition the actual expenses were about $120k less than was forecast.  As a result of these two significant changes there is a net surplus of about $160k for the 2014 financial year.  She emphasized that every item in the proposed 2015 budget has been discussed with the relevant program chairs.  Susan Schwichow-Lord asked if it would be possible to have the printed budget in the meeting papers represent the actuals for the fiscal year after the books have been closed.  Kim Bock asked about what happens when there is a surplus at the end of each financial year.  Ms Trout said it has just accumulated in a checking account for the past few years, but in future the intention is to put the excess into an interest-bearing account.  The Council voted to put $100k of the present excess into an account reserved for a building fund.

Jennifer Hawkins, Director of the Montessori Pre-School, reported on activities of the School. She noted some of the highlights of the year, including a Fun Fair, Harvest Festival, Thanksgiving Feast Potluck, Pancake Breakfast opening the Book Fair, trip to Kuala Ranch education center, several spaghetti dinners with opportunities for parent education, and weekly chapel with Pastor Tim.  There is a new School website.  The School was awarded certification by the Association for Montessori Institutes.  There are full classrooms and a long waitlist.  There are now two primary classrooms of 20 children in each, rather than the single class of 40+ children in a single classroom. Susan Schwichow-Lord asked about the temperatures in the Ohana Lani area, and Ms Hawkins said it did get quite warm for a couple of months in the autumn, and the possibility of air-conditioning is still on the agenda.

Dr. Tom Poole presented his report on Worship and the Arts at Calvary. He noted the essays from Revd Amy Butler, pastor of Riverside Baptist Church in New York City, and her opinion that the local church is becoming more of a mission church.  Ms Bock asked what the Church could do to further support his mission in the Church.  Mr Joseph asked Dr Poole to describe the seminar he is giving at the national meeting of Lutheran Church musicians, in which he will talk about how CBTS incorporates recognition of Hawaiian culture along with traditional Lutheran liturgy in its services.  Mike Podolske commented that the musical program at Calvary is the most outstanding aspect of worship at CBTS.


Committee Reports

President Myers suggested that everyone read the printed reports and only those committees who wished make oral presentations.

Mary Osorio reported on the Tribe program.  She noted that Renee Ako has agreed to be a co-coordinator in the program. She asked from volunteers to step to be leaders.

Jewell Tuitele reported on the Angel Network. She said last year there was a projected deficit of nearly $50k, but by the end of the financial year ANC had a surplus of $14k.  Ms Bock asked if it would be possible to permit families to come to the food bank more than once a month.  Ms Tuitele said that how to distribute any surplus would be a Board decision.  Kaui Lucas and Mary Osorio both commented that ANC is a Calvary mission and the Church is not interested in ANC becoming “self-sufficient.”  A member asked what the biggest challenges are, and Ms Tuitele said it is to get the word out that ANC is here and willing to help.  Pastor Tim encouraged people to get involved in the annual Hunger Foodwalk.  Ms Hawkins noted that the School has several activities to bring food and slippers to ANC.

Michael reported on the Calvary in the Sea program.  He said the program had its very best year, pulling out almost three tons of seaweed out of the Bay.  New indigenous species are now appearing.  He commented that two schools are competing to see who can pull out the most seaweed.  This year he hopes for more participation in the program.

Jack Ashby reported on the Efficiency Committee.  They have instituted changes that have save quite a bit of money over the past year.  Tim Sprowls asked if the Property Committee has plans to improve the landscape in the sea side of the Church. Mr Collins said landscape and the grounds are on the list.


Election Slate presented by the Nominating Committee

Rafael del Castillo introduced the slate of nominees for the Council and Officers: Geoff Hamilton for President, Jennifer Welch or Secretary, Paul Jones, Lisa May Montano for a three-year term for Council of Deacons; Jon Osorio for a two-year term for the Council of Deacons; for the Nominating Committee Lea del Castillo, Mary Osorio, Marty Welch, and Bob Joseph.

Mr Sprowls asked for nominations from the floor: for President, none; for Secretary, none, for the three-year term, none; for the two-year term, none.

For filling the additional place available for a three-year term on the Council, Geoff Hamilton nominated Peggy Trout.  She agreed to serve and stated her qualifications. Jewell Tuitele nominated Cheryl Tuitele for a three-year term on the Council.  She agreed to serve and stated her qualifications.  In summary there are four candidates for a three-year term on the Council: Mr Jones, Ms Mondano, Ms Trout, and Ms Tuitele.

Mr Sprowls invited everyone to cast their ballots, and after all had cast their ballots he declared the voting closed.


Discussion of proposed budget


The Treasurer Peggy Trout introduced discussion of the proposed budget for 2015. In response to a question she said there will be a suggestion box that lives in the back of the church for recommendations for changes and options for the church development.

Ms Bock asked whether or not the Youth Director position is funded for up to half-time at $12k plus expenses.  She said she would like for us to consider a full-time position that encourages education across the entire CBTS age spectrum, and this was reinforced by Delorese Gregoire.  Jon Osorio, Mary Osorio, and Kaui Lucas suggested that such a position should be full-time and include responsibilities for outreach, fellowship, and adult education, as well as development of the youth program.  Mr. Joseph said such a proposal was premature since the congregation would be taking this decision without awareness of the entire scope of other priorities and demands on the church budget.  He pointed out that the church already has a staff of 5.5 full-time equivalent and this would increase it to 6.5 FTE.  Marty Welch and Susan Schwichow-Lord agreed and suggested that the Council take this discussion into consideration when making changes to the spending plans as the year went on.

Mr Joseph moved approval of the budget as presented and Lea del Castillo seconded the motion.  Ms Bock moved an amendment to increase this cap by $60k for additional support for an education director, and Mr Sprowls moved another amendment for $10k for a new line to improve watering of the landscape on the seaside.  Mr Joseph and Ms del Castillo accepted these amendments, making the budget cap $975.  Both amendment motions were passed unanimously. The amended motion for a budget cap of $975k was passed unanimously.

Mr Sprowls read the ballot results from the tellers: For President, Geoff Hamilton, 56 votes, for Secretary, Jennifer Welch, 56 votes; Deacons for a three-year term: Paul Jones 49 votes, Lisa Montano 46 votes, Peggy Trout 30 votes, Cheryl Tuitele 39 votes.  For a two-year term on the Council: Osorio received 55 votes. For the Nominating Committee: Lea del Castillo, 56 votes, Marty Welch, 56 votes, Mary Osorio 56 votes, Bob Joseph 56 votes.

He declared the the following were elected: Geoff Hamilton, President, Jennifer Welch, Secretary, for three-year terms on the Council, Paul Jones, Lisa Montano, and Cheryl Tuitele.  For a two-year term on the Council, Jon Osorio.  For the Nominating Committee: Lea del Castillo, Marty Welch, Mary Osorio, and Bob Joseph.

Mr. Joseph moved that the next Annual Meeting be held at 9 am on Sunday, 21st February 2016.  The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Joseph moved adjournment at 11.55 am.  The motion passed unanimously.