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Approved Minutes June 2015
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Approved Minutes June 2015

Posted by: Jennifer Welch on Tue, Jun 23, 2015

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church
Council of Deacons Meeting
June 18, 2015
Draft Minutes


1) Call to Order and Roll Call A quorum was present with Kim Bock, Monika Day, Paul O.
Jones, Jonathan Osorio, Jennifer Welch, Lisa May Montano, Pastor Tim Mason, and Susan Lord.
Guests: Tom Poole, Shelby Yuu, Jennifer Hawkins

2) Devotions Pastor Tim led devotions and expressed everyone’s sorrow at Shirley Isaacs’
passing Monday, June 15.

3) Approval of Minutes from the May Council Meeting
Kim Bock motioned to accept the minutes as written and Monika Day seconded. The motion
passed with one abstention, due to being absent from last month’s meeting.

4) Reports
a) Montessori Pre-School
Jennifer summarized her written report and mentioned how well the summer program is
going. Miss Amie Lawyer is with them for the summer sharing her musical talents and Hawaiian
studies knowledge with the children. For the summer, they are adding in baking, crafting and
water play. Miss Jennifer stated that she would like to discuss options for the extra money left in
the budget at the end of the year. Miss Jennifer would like to look at options she has thought of
and bring it to the Executive Committee meeting in July. Miss Jennifer was commended for the
fiscal turnaround of the Preschool over the past two years, when she was hired as the Director.
Her full report is on file in the church office.
b) Music and Worship
Tom Poole summarized the music and worship schedule for the remainder of 2015.
Preschool Sunday is Aug 23. It was suggested to change the service to more of a parenting focus.
The Christmas Eve service schedule was discussed. We will ask others about a midnight service and
revisit the topic in July. Tom spoke with composer Marty Haugen about possibly finding and/or writing a
song with 4-5 languages that we could use in services. Tom has met with John Collins, Mike May and
Lisa Kimsey about the lighting project in the sanctuary. Tom’s full report is on file in the church office.
c) Pastor
Pastor Tim went over his schedule with the Council. In May, about eight representatives
from Calvary by the Sea attended the Hukilau Spring Assembly at Maluhia Lutheran Church in
Waianae. He suggested that we choose next year’s annual Pacifica Assembly representatives by
January 1, 2016, especially because the synod will be electing a new Bishop. He is starting an
Anthony DiMello series and book study in the Ohana Lani July 10 from 7:00-8:30. The study
should continue for about a year. Pastor is taking time off from June 30 until July 7, 2015. There
is no Vacation Bible school this year – no volunteers. It has been suggested to begin a Cancer
Survivor Support group at church. Pastor Tim’s full report is on file in the church office

5) Treasurer’s Report
a) May Financial Reports (Kim Bock)
Giving is down a little, but expenditures are also under budget currently, so the church is in the black overall. The full financial statement is on file in the church office.

6) Old Business
a) Exploratory Committee (Kim Bock)
Kim Bock led a discussion about having a member satisfaction survey and then another survey that explores what additional programming people would like to see. The Council reached a consensus that Kim will distribute a first draft to the COD and we will discuss this again in July.
b) Ho’oponopono (Jon Osorio)
This is moved to the July Executive Committee meeting.
c) Podcasts (Tom Poole, Mike May)
The Council came to a consensus that Calvary by the Sea will post audio podcasts to the church website. The audio podcasts will be posted for a maximum of three months.

7) New Business
a) Staff Support Committee Update (Report from Cheryl Tuitele)
The Staff Support Committee has been reviewing policies, procedures and the preschool Handbook. The schedule for the committee is completion of the Handbook in June, employee assessments, compensation review and budget recommendations in July, and the holding of an Employee All Hands meeting in early August. Susan Lord motioned to accept Cheryl’s report as written. Monika Day seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. The full report is on file in the church office.
b) Parliamentarian Larry Gardner (Geoff Hamilton)
Susan Lord moved to accept Larry Gardner’s resignation. Jon Osorio seconded. The motion passed.
Susan Lord moved to ask Tim Sprowls to be our Parliamentarian and Pulelehua Quirk to be our alternate. This was seconded by Pastor Tim. The motion was approved.
c) Parliamentary Rules (Jennifer)
The Council came to a consensus to use parliamentary procedure as described in the report compiled by Cheryl Tuitele. Parliamentary procedure began with the June 18, 2015 meeting. The full report is on file in the church office.
d) Property Upkeep Proposal (Bob Legler)
Bob Legler submitted a written proposal for the Revitalization of the Memorial Garden area outside the sanctuary. After discussion, the Council came to a consensus to approve the plan with possible modifications and for Bob Legler to work with John Collins, Susan Lord and Jon Osorio on the project. Susan Lord and Jon Osorio will speak to Bob to clarify a few questions about his proposal. The full Memorial Garden Plan as proposed by Bob is on file in the church office.
e) CBTS Montessori School Handbook and Ethics Policy (Jennifer)
Susan Lord motioned to accept the Handbook as written. Kim Bock seconded. The Handbook was approved unanimously. Jennifer Welch motioned to accept the written Ethics Policy as written and that all COD members, church staff and preschool staff would sign it as a part of serving on the Council and/or working at the church. Lisa May Montano seconded. The motion passed unanimously. All members present at the meeting signed an Ethics Policy form.
f) Pastor Tim’s Evaluation
Each COD member will work to turn in their evaluations. Questions were fielded and answered to help complete the evaluation process.
g) Jennifer Hawkins’ Evaluation and narrative (Also sent to 2014 COD outgoing members Peggy Trout, Bob Joseph and Mike Myers per Miss Jennifer Hawkins’ request)
Shelby handed out the evaluation tool and Miss Jennifer’s narrative describing how she has met each of the areas to be evaluated. Susan Lord motioned that the council approves the evaluation for this year with the addition of comments by the evaluators in an addendum as they see fit. We will revisit the Evaluation form next year. Monika Day seconded. Motion carried. Each COD member, both current and last year’s retiring will work to turn in their evaluations.
h) Endowment Committee Report
$11,514 in Endowment Funds are available for disbursement. The Endowment Committee received over $41,000 in requests to fund twelve projects. After discussion, Susan Lord motioned to approve the Endowment distributions as outlined. Monika Day seconded. The disbursement of funds as outlined was approved unanimously. Jennifer Welch will inform the Endowment Committee Chair, Pu Quirk, of the vote and Pu will inform the Endowment applicants of the result.

Additional business:
a) Church Renovation Projects
A consensus was reached to hire John Collins to oversee renovations on a project by project basis. He would obtain bids and oversee each project as they arise. The goal is to begin with the larger projects first and prioritize. Kim Bock and Tom Poole will meet with John Collins to plan. We will ask Mike May to be the COD liaison to work on projects with John Collins and keep the COD apprised. Susan Lord will assist in carpet selection.

9) Adjournment and Closing Prayer
Jennifer Welch motioned to close the meeting and Lisa May Montano seconded. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

10) Next Meeting: July 16, 2015 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Welch, Secretary