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Approved Minutes October 2015
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Approved Minutes October 2015

Posted by: Jennifer Welch on Sun, Nov 8, 2015

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

October 15, 2015


Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call Present: Geoff Hamilton, Lisa May Montano, Mike May, Monika Day, Paul O. Jones, Jennifer Welch, Thea Johanos-Kam, Pastor Tim,, Cheryl Tuitele. 6:15: Bryce Harken. Also present: Kaui Lucas, Tom Poole, and Shelby Yuu


The meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m.


2) Devotions Pastor Tim led devotions.

3) Approval of Minutes from the September Council Meeting Cheryl motioned to approve the minutes and Mike May seconded. Approved unanimously.


4) New Business

  1. Organ (Cheryl, Jack, Tom)

The contract was signed and the final quote is now $65,576.88. An informal committee will present the idea of “buying” a key. Cheryl Tuitele made a motion we approve the fundraiser of between $175 -$ 200 a key and it will be presented to the congregation by designated speakers. The motion was seconded by Geoff Hamilton. Approved unanimously.


5) Old Business

  1. Congregational Survey (Geoff Hamilton)

Geoff handed out a working copy of a survey, and asked the Council to review and write suggestions on the questionnaire. Cheryl suggested sending the questionnaire through Survey Monkey. They have a limit of 9 questions for free, but this way, we can send the survey to congregational members who aren’t currently attending, as well as attending members and parents of the Montessori School. We will work more on this at the Executive Committee meeting in two weeks.

  1. Sunday School Proposal and job description (Lisa May)

Lisa May reported that the committee has created a job description and it was passed out. They are requesting a new email address be created and there was consensus that we should do that. The committee proposes a salary of $75.00 per Sunday. Sunday School curriculum was discussed. Kaui Lucas presented the idea of “Catechisis of the Good Shepherd” which is a Montessori Christian curriculum. The leader’s course is $200 and offered for graduate credit/continuing Education credit through Chaminade University. The course is 45 hours for each part. Each of 3 grade levels has 2 parts. All grades start at the first level. Mike May moved to accept the teacher job description, and have Cheryl Tuitele go over the description for HR correctness and Pastor Tim to review. Monika Day seconded. The Council approves it in concept. Unanimous.

  1. CBTSMS Director Search Update (Jennifer)

Jennifer reported that there are several applicants to the position and several names have been suggested for her to contact. She will begin contacting possible candidates this month.

  1. Capital Building Project (Pastor Tim) No report


6) Reports

  1. Montessori Pre-School

Calvary By the Sea Montessori School currently offers Smarty Dance, Children’s Choir and Ukelele classes to its students each week.


The preschool is actively advertising for qualified substitutes for teachers and assistants, a long term Montessori substitute teacher for Miss Jennifer’s maternity leave and nationally for a school director.


Enrollment: The school is currently licensed for 75 students. For the Spring semester, Primary class enrollment will be capped at 27 students in each of the two classrooms, and toddler enrollment will be capped at 14 students. There is a certified Montessori teacher and two Assistants/Aides in each Primary classroom. The four additional students will help to offset the cost of a new full-time director.

Upcoming events:

October 22 Parent Workshop and Spaghetti Dinner

October 30 Harvest Festival


Financially, the school is doing well. August through September, 2015 saw a net income of $14,985.76. September alone saw a net income of -$1,271.81. There are still several outstanding tuition payments, and Amber, our registrar, is working on that.


  1. Music and Worship

The Advent Project began in 2006 as a continuing seminar of the North American Academy of Liturgy. A website ( provides background and resources. Pastor and Tom Poole are proposing that we use the seven week advent cycle this year.



Professional Leaders Conference: October 19-22 Pastor Tim and Tom Poole will attend.

November: Tribe 7, Pulelehua

November 5, First Thursday Choir Rehearsal 6:30 p.m.

November 8, First Advent Service for the seven week cycle

December 18th, Friday, “Blue Christmas”

December 24, Christmas Eve

 5:30 p.m. Christmas Pageant and Holy Communion

 10:30 p.m. Christmas Eve Service and Holy Communion

December 25th, Christmas Day

 10:00 a.m. Service and Holy Communion


The full report is on file in the church office.


  1. Pastor

Pastor Tim reported on the events and activities that Pastor Laura Ziehl participated in during her sabbatical with Calvary By the Sea in which she learned what it means to “do ministry nested in the Culture of Hawaii””.


Pastor also listed the classes and events that he led, participated in or oversaw during the month.


Hopes for the near future:

  1. Pastor Tim would like for us to have a very simple, joyful and music filled Ohana Dinner sometime in November. The food will be potluck but also have BBQ grills available. We will have pledge forms available  on the tables. The following groups will give a short sharing of gratitude: Choir, Preschool, ANC, Youth group, Stephen Ministers, and the Endowment team, followed by music.

November 14th Calvary’s Ohana Dinner Celebration Time: 5:00p.m.


Attendance summary:


  • September 7: 210 (total)

  • September 14: 142

  • September 21: 157

  • September 28: 154


  • September 6: 138 (total)

  • September 13: 132

  • September 20: 178

  • September 27: 139


The full report is on file in the church office.


7) Treasurer’s Report

  1. May Financial Reports (Kim Bock)

Total income is 2.1% below budgeted amounts YTD. Offerings down 8%, $10k donation for sanctuary repairs.


  • Missions under budget by 7% YTD

  • Utilities under budget by 26%

  • Training and Development under budget-expenses to come in October.

  • Payroll is under budget



The church will underwrite about $3,000 for the weekend. There were two levels of scholarship. The budget couldn’t afford the received scholarships and presenters received discounts. This was our best attended retreat to date.


8) New Business

  1. CPR (Ted Hsia) Monika presented the idea of Emergency Wardens.She read a letter from Ted regarding CPR plans and to come up with a clear,well-planned protocol. Zee Med. Cheryl Tuitele will check the synod protocol. Ted Hsia will  research a preexisting protocol. We need to have the AED equipment checked.

  2. Church Renewal Module (Tom) This is a program that centers on How to Ask the Right Questions.

  3. 2016 Budget Process (Geoff) Geoff Hamilton presented the Executive Committee’s proposal for the 2016 Budget process. It is:


Thursday, November 12, 2015

 Executive Committee meets and committee chairs present minimum fiscal needs  and wish list fiscal needs.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

 Committee Chairs present to the entire COD.

November/December, 2015

 John Keys prepares a bar bones budget and a wish list budget.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

 Executive Committee meets to determine the direction they would like to go.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

 COD meets, drills down and votes on budget for presentation at the congregational meeting in February.


Committee Chairs to Present:


Pastor Tim    Pastor


     Local and National Missions

     Teen Outreach/Youth Director


Tom Poole    Music and Worship




Tim Sprowls    Property and Grounds


Karen Sisler/Pastor Tim  Adult Education


SS Committee   Children’s Education


Ted Hsia    Global Missions


Jack Ashby    Stewardship


John Travis    Stephen Ministry


Shelby Yuu    Weddings

     Building Operations

     Building Maintenance


Cheryl Tuitele   Support Staff


  1. CBTSMS School Credit Card (Jennifer) John Osorio motioned that the Calvary By the Sea School be granted the right to have a credit card, the people authorized (Jennifer Welch $2,500, Amber Holton $500.00, Audrey Sutherland, $500.00, Sharon Tamanaha, $500.00, Chesha Funk, $500.00, Tricia Kunihiro, $$500.00 ) are approved, and Cheryl will send a public policy and school authorization. The motion authorizes the school, CBTSMS, for up to $5k on the card.  Monika Day seconded. Unanimous

  2. Square Credit Card Reader Mike May moves to approve the Calvary By the Sea School apply for and use a Square Reader to take credit card payments for tuition and fees. Lisa May Montano seconded. Unanimous.

  3. Letter from Pastor Laura Pastor Laura sent the COD a heartfelt letter of gratitude for the congregation’s welcome and grace during her sabbatical and study. The full letter is on file in the church office.

  4. Revised Salary Proposal (Cheryl, Executive Session)


9) Adjournment and Closing Prayer Closing prayer was led by Pastor Tim.

10) Next Meeting: November 19, 2015


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Welch


Calvary By the Sea Lutheran Church Council of Deacons