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Agenda and Minutes Missions Team meeting 30 Nov 2005, 4:00 p.m.:
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Agenda and Minutes Missions Team meeting 30 Nov 2005, 4:00 p.m.:

Posted by: Pulelehua on Sat, Nov 26, 2005

1. The Committee meeting on 30 Nov was attended by Pastor Tim, Sherri Clark, Billie Pring, and Ted Hsia.  Pastor Tim opened the meeting with prayer at 4:00 p.m.
2. Previous Minutes:  The minutes of 17 Aug and 6 Oct were read and approved. It was agreed no further clarification was needed to the 17 Aug statement about the average cost of a missionary being $79,000 (as this was the total cost to ELCA, nowhere near the modest salary the missionaries receive).
Any Unfinished Business: 
a) Original Charge for the Missions Team: The Council had conveyed no further details
b) Adopting Two Missionaries: On 13 Oct, the Council had approved adoption of  Pastor Dave Person of Japan, and Dr. Holly Nelson of Cameroon, as requested by the Missions team:  . The Council will defer submitting a petition to Division of Global Missions for these adoptions until our budget, including the $4,000 per missionary, is approved at the Annual General Meeting.
c) Missions Team Budget: The Council had briefly discussed the budget that we had submitted, and had accepted it for consideration with all other committee budget requests for fiscal year 2006.
d) Pastor Edison Munthe:  Pastor Tim Mason suggested photographs of Pastor Munthe’s talk and the lunch held for him be posted with other photographs in the “News” section of the CBTS web site.  [Calvary Calls has published the article about Pastor Munthe in the December issue.] 
3. Preparation of report for Annual General Meeting:. A brief draft is to be prepared by Ted Hsia.
4. Bulletin Board:  Ted Hsia will try to find a “weather-proof” roller-shade map.  Subject to approval by the Council, this to be hung on the Church Lanai, with appended photographs and news items.
5. Status of Web site:  Pulelehua Quirk has already posted all our past minutes, reports and proposals.
6. Allocations of Moneys from the 2005 Budget for Mission Activities: This was moot, as the money had already been given to Angel Network by the Council.
7. Any New Business: 
a) Japanese Bible Project The report about the inverted pages on the new shipment of New Testaments, has only affected about three books. Unfortunately, several couples had not received New Testaments the past week, but no record had been kept of their identities. 
Ted Hsia mentioned his email to the Evangelism Committee to offer having this project transferred to the Missions Team; no response had been received as yet.  Sherri Clark, who is on the Missions Committee, thought it might welcome a transfer, but the Missions Team agreed it could not accept this responsibility without further help, especially for liaison with the Printers.  More members would be needed to cope with the practical aspects of this project, such as monitoring the supply of New Testaments, timely reordering, requesting feed-back from UI Productions staff and Pastor Larry Gardner, and maintaining a list of couples.  Apparently no list of couples was kept for forwarding to JELC, as this would require prior consent from each couple.
b) Global Mission Delegates 27-30 July, 2006, at U Mass, Amherst:  Pastor Tim noted at least three delegates should be sent, at least one being from the Youth.  Brochures, and also any videos available for purchase are to be requested from DGM.
8. Next committee meeting: This will be scheduled after material has been received from DGM.
9. The meeting closed with prayer, led by Pastor Mason, at approximately 5:00 p.m.

Agenda Missions Team meeting 30 Nov 2005, 4:00 p.m.:
1. Prayer.
2. Approval of minutes of 17 Aug submitted by Sherri Clark, and minutes of 6 Oct submitted by Ted Hsia (already distributed by email 10 Oct).
3. Any Old Business
a) Report about Council Response to Missions Team responsibilities
b) Report about Council Response to Proposal
c) Report about Council Response to Budget
d) Report about Pastor Edison Munthe’s visit, article with photos for Calvary Calls.
4. Preparation of Report for Annual General Meeting.
5. Discussion of Bulletin Board:  Location, Nature, content.
6. Status of Web Site.
7. Allocation of 23005 moneys allocated for unspecified missions [$10,000].
8. Any New Business.
a) Japanese Bible Project, possible transfer to Missions Team.
9. Scheduling day and time for next meeting.
10. Prayer.
Respectfully submitted.
Ted Hsia
At the 20 October meeting of the Council, the following items were considered:
a) Council Response to Missions Team Responsibilities:  Without immediate access to the previous discussions by the last council, this was deferred.  [See below]
b) Report about Council Response to Proposal [attached, already sent 10 Oct]:  The council voted to adopt the two missionaries proposed by the Missions Team.  The signed contract to Division of Global Missions was to be deferred until approval of the Missions Team budget by the Congregation.
c) Report about Council Response to Budget:  After discussion, the proposed budget was accepted for submission to the Finance Committee, to be reviewed before incorporation into the 2006 budget for approval by the congregation at the 2006 Annual Meeting
The next agenda item at the 20 Oct Council Meeting was the need for a committee to oversee all missions activities, including any budget allocations for local and national as well as overseas gifts from the church.
Any role of the Missions Team, beyond a charge to oversee overseas missionary work by the Church, had never been defined, or even suggested to those who joined the current Missions Team.
Some group is needed, to oversee all gifts made by the Church.  The tasks of allocating such funds, as well as overseeing them, had not hitherto been assigned to any committee.
Since this was recognized to be a huge responsibility, needing a larger group than the present Missions Team, it was decided to defer any decisions about this, and have the Council itself do the work that might eventually be assigned to a committee.
The description of the Missions Team, as created by the Council last year, was not yet available.  Hopefully the documentation(s) can be retrieved.  This might clarify the Council intention when the Missions Team was added as a new committee.