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Aloha Narita 'Ohana

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Aloha Narita 'Ohana

Posted by: Admin on Fri, Jun 12, 2015

Calvary wishes the entier Narita family success in all their future endeavors


People keep asking the kids if they’re excited to go back to the US. Their response is always “no” which I think surprises most. It’s a hard move for us all - on different levels for different reasons. We’ve been talking about how God can provide; that He loves and cares for us and that as we trust Him, He’ll take care of all the uncertainties ahead. 

A few prayer points for us:

· That God will encourage us as we go despite what we leave behind.

· That He will help us as we make our home in California. 

· We arrive in San Francisco on June 22nd. We’ll stay several days with La ra’s brother and then go to Modesto.

· The kids are most anxious about being in a new place and having to make new friends. 

· We’ll send them to be with my (David’s) parents for the first three weeks as we get settled.

· Pray that He’ll open/close doors regarding a car, a place to live in the Sac ramento area, what our deputation schedule will look like through De cember, thoughts about future jobs down the road.

· That He will guard our hearts.

· We count it a privilege to have spent so many years in Cambodia - an honor and joy!

As we return, we want to hold the attitude, What an opportunity to do something new in our mid-lives! It truly is. May we approach all with a sense of adventure!


Thank you for your love and prayers.