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Approved Annual Congregational Meeting 21st Feb 2010 DRAFT Minutes
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Approved Annual Congregational Meeting 21st Feb 2010 DRAFT Minutes

Posted by: Bob & Judy Joseph on Wed, Mar 3, 2010

Calvary by the Sea

Annual Congregational Meeting

21st February 2010


Draft Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Kim Bock at 11.00 am.


Pastor Tim opened the meeting with prayers and congregational responses.


Parliamentarian Revd Larry Gardner called attention to the fact that some minor technical errors were included in the Annual Report.  Bob Joseph is Secretary Pro-Tem, and Kim Bock is Vice-President.  He noted that the biographies of some of the nominees proposed have omitted some required information, and this can be dealt with when officers are presented for election later in the agenda.


Revd Gardner noted two corrections to the minutes from the early edition of the 2009 Annual Meeting which some would have received: the minutes from the previous meeting were from 2008, not 2007; he also noted that the comment in the minutes that “budget hearings are the time for questions” such as the amounts given to each committee is not correct.  Tom German moved the corrected minutes be approved, and the motion passed unanimously.


Pastor Tim presented his Pastor’s Report.  His goals for 2010 included having more fellowship activities, making the congregation more aware of the Church’s financial situation, more work with the youth, developing a team to take communion elements to shut-ins each week, continuing family fellowship retreats each year, educating the community on the activities we are involved in through ELCA, and creating stronger relationships between the Pre-School and our membership.


Vice-President Kim Bock introduced David Earle, from Capacity Plus, LLC.  She emphasized that the money to do this research came from a grant and not from the regular Calvary budget. summarized the highlights of the research survey


David Earle then presented his report on the research survey results.  He noted that the return was 40%, which is quite good.  Highlights: ethnicity is largely caucasian, members ages are generally older than those of the surrounding neighborhoods, member satisfaction is quite high, current and past parents of Pre-School children rate the School very highly; ANC clients come from across the island.  Preferences for additional resources showed the Youth Program and ANC had highest priority.  Community leadership interviewed about Calvary revealed a very positive attitude toward the Church, ANC, and the Pre-School.  


Kay Burgoyne reported on activities of the Montessori Pre-School. There are 52 students enrolled in the Toddler and Primary classes.  A variety of school activities and fund-raisers have been held and the income from the “worming project” has provided funds for planting grass on the playground area.


Dr. Tom Poole presented a report on Worship and the Arts at Calvary.  He commented that while he has always thought of worship as our gift to God, but at Calvary it is also God’s gift to us.  He noted that Calvary has introduced a new Handbell Choir which has become quite active.


Treasurer Nyki Giasolli reported on the Calvary financial status.  She said this year’s budget is about the same as was spent last year. She noted that offerings only make up about 32% of our income.  It was noted that the proposed budget has $20k expense over income, and this is entirely the projected cost of a full audit, if it turns out to be necessary to have one.


Sheila Sanders reported on the Tribe organization, which has been a big success since it was introduced last year.  She said the number of tribes would be reduced from 7 to 6  and new conveners are being sought.


Garrett Pick reported for the Education Committee.  The introduction of the Vacation Bible School last summer, which included full family participation, was a big success.  About half the families who participated were not regular Calvary members.


Tom German reported on the activities of the Evangelism Committee.  He emphasized the planning for this year’s Taste of East Oahu.  Marilyn Hamada expanded on this, noting that this is firstly an evangelism event and secondarily a fund-raiser.


John Collins reported for the Property Committee and he began by thanking Manning Richards and Ed Kimsey for their service on this committee over the last several years.


John Travis spoke on the pastoral ministry of the Stephen Ministers and their work with people who are going through difficult times.


Ted Hsia reported on the activities of the Global Missions Committee.  They recommend adopting Pastor John Lunn.  Calvary was blessed by visits from missionaries Pastor Lin Qiu, Dr. Jim & Carolyn Brown, and Pastor Lunn. 


Vice-President Bock suggested that the meeting now move to the election to economize on the time.  It was noted that several people had left the meeting but had put completed ballots in the ballot box.  Parliamentarian Revd Gardner noted that such ballots are invalid according the the Bylaws.


Scott Nelson moved that the voting be postponed by one week by recessing this meeting for a week, before holding the election, so that those people who had attempted to vote and left the meeting before the election has been opened would have opportunity to vote.  The motion failed.


Christiane Lucas reported for the Nominating Committee.  Nominee for President: Kim Bock; nominee for Secretary: Bob Joseph; nominees for Council three-year positions: Martha Staff, Scott Nelson, Jim Myers, and Vicky Harrington; for one-year position: Tim Sprowls and Klara Higashi.  For Nominating Committee: Yukio Hamada and Tim Sprowls, Mike Poldolske nominated Jack Ashby, Sharon Nakamura nominated Sheila Sanders, and Rafael del Castillo nominated Lea del Castillo.  Mr. Hamada moved that the nominations be closed and the motion passed unanimously.  


ANC Board members Judy Joseph, Lea del Castillo, Mary Pat Ashby, and Mike Poldolske reported on ANC.  They thanked the Church for the enormous support ANC receives and noted the volunteers.


Vice-President Bock introduced discussion of the proposed budget.  A question was asked about the terms of the loan which was used to repair the hau tree lanai arbor and the kitchen.  The loan is from ELCA and is at 6.8%.  Another question was asked whether money is being put aside for similar future expenditures for capital repair.  The Treasurer replied that such a line had not been budgeted in the last couple of years, but that it would be good practice to do so and the Council would consider that suggestion in the coming year.  Rafael del Castillo moved that the budget be approved and the motion passed unanimously.


There was discussion about having the elections earlier in the meeting next year, and Parliamentarian Revd Gardner noted this would require a change in the Constitution, which sets the order of the Annual Meeting agenda.


Rafael del Castillo reported on the Calvary FACE membership and the group discussions being held currently on developing community issues to be discussed at a FACE summit later this year.  These issues that percolate to the top will presented to candidates for election in November.


Phyllis Podolske reported on the results of the balloting:   72 ballots were issued.  Kim Bock received 54 or 54 ballots cast and was elected President of the Congregation.  Bob Joseph received 55 of 55 ballots cast and was elected Secretary of the Council.  For three-year terms on the Council, 54 ballots were cast.  Jim Myers received 46 votes and was elected; Martha Staff received 44 votes and was elected;  Vicky Harrington received 43 votes and was elected; Scott Nelson received 31 votes and was not elected.  For one-year terms on the Council 53 ballots were cast.  Tim Sprowls received 53 and Klara Higashi received 50 votes and so both were elected.  For the Nominating Committee 55 ballots were cast.  Tim Sprowls received 55 votes; Yukio Hamada received 53 votes; Lea del Castillo received 47 votes; Sheila Sanders received 46 votes, and Jack Ashby received 45 votes and all were elected.


Nyki Giasolli moved adjournment and the meeting adjourned at 1.24 pm.