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April 2007 Meeting notes
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April 2007 Meeting notes

Posted by: Pulelehua on Sat, Apr 14, 2007

Thank you Bruce, Lisa, Jill, Penny, and Pastor Tim for attending last night’s meeting.  Those of you who couldn’t make the meeting were missed—next time! (WOULD YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ALTERNATIVE DAYS/TIMES WHEN WE MIGHT MEET—THE MEETING LAST NIGHT CONFLICTED WITH THE BIBLE STUDY.)
Items discussed were:
1. Debriefing/evaluation of Holy Week services (highlights of discussion)
a. Palm Sunday—whenever there is to be a congregational processional into the sanctuary, have the doors closed, and have a ribbon blocking the stairs with a sign asking the congregation to gather outside;
b. Have greeters distributing orders of worship outside
c. Have leaders in addition to Pastor Tim to guide the congregation into the sanctuary and to demonstrate the behavior we would like to see from the congregation, i.e., waving the palms during the hymns, etc.
d. Maundy Thursday—stripping of the altar could have been done w/ fewer distractions, more attention to lighting
e. Perhaps the set-up of the footwashing stations could have all been on the raised patio; likewise, there could have been more stations/servers for Holy Communion
f. Music for Maundy Thursday was moving even though there were no “familiar” hymns
g. Good Friday—service was brief but effective and dramatic
h. Perhaps next year Calvary could create/edit its own Gospel Passion drama; also next year consideration of a musical tenebrae service
i. There was a discussion of Lent for next year and the effort to make the sound of the service music qualitatively different from the preceding and following liturgical seasons, i.e., no postlude or going forth music; no organ, instead use guitars, recorders, flute, piano, harpsichord—sounds to indicate a different season.
2. Brief discussion of worship services in general and the printed format of worship services
a. Concern about applause. Is there another way of demonstrating appreciation for what groups and individuals bring/oofer to worship without applauding?
b. More joint services with other churches—Holy Nativity, Kilohana UMC
c. Recognition of larger print being used & more space in the printed worship orders; also a discussion of a “Welcoming statement” to be included in the bulletins.
3. Tom presented anthem/group schedule from April through June
4. Pentecost, 27 May 2007 (the 3rd of the three great liturgical celebrations of the year:  Christmas, Easter, Pentecost)
a. Have congregational processional into sanctuary; each person would have red, yellow, orange ribbons (image of flames)
b. Service would recognize and encourage those attending to think about the gifts with which God has graced each one. This recognition would be expressed by bringing a flower to contribute to the creation of a single flower arrangement in the baptismal font (we come as individuals, single flowers, but all together we are one—many gifts, one Spirit)
c. Have simultaneous reading of the scripture lessons in different languages; hymns from around the world, perhaps in different languages as well
d. Service also to include dance
e. Confirmation Sunday as well
5. Tom presented for thought/reflection the possibility of stressing particular aspects/expressions of the arts during the summer; i.e. dance & movement in June; drama in July; visual arts in August; textile & tactile arts in September; Tom also asked members to being thinking about the shape, scope of a film series at Calvary (Tom was talking really fast for Tom because it was 8:30 and time to go home!)