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Approved Minutes- May 2013
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Approved Minutes- May 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons - Agenda

May 16, 2013


1.Call to Order:

Council was called to order by Jim Myers at 6:03.  Members present were Karen Sisler, Adam Sylvester, Susan Lord, Peggy Trout, Bob Joseph, Jack Ashby, Tim Hardaway, Thea Johanos-Kam.  Guests were Tom Poole, Shelby Yuu, Kay Burgoyne


Pastor Tim did a short devotional on depending on God

3.Approval of minutes

Karen Sisler made a motion for approval of the March minutes, Adam Sylvester seconded, those were approved.

The April minutes were corrected to reflect that the question of separating the preschool director and lead teacher has not been decided.  With that correction, Susan Lord made a motion for approval of the April minutes, Bob Joseph seconded, those minutes were approved.

Jim Myers thanked Bob Joseph for writing the April minutes in Peggy’s absence.


·Music & Worship

Tom Poole provided information about worship plans for the coming month.  He indicated that the CoD needs to help with the tribes and tribe responsibilities.


Kay Burgoyne was present to discuss the CBTS Montessori School.  The school has completed its 2011-2012 year with a graduation for 14 students.  Summer school begins the last week of May and extends through the first week of July.  Summer school has a full quota of students and teachers.

Kay and the selection committee has interviewed several possible replacements for a new director and head teacher.  The committee unanimously selected Jennifer Hopkins for the position.  She begins May 28 and will be leading the summer school program.

The Walk-a-Thon fund raiser did well this year.  The budget for next year is expected to be fine.

At the end of year pot-luck, Kay will announce and present the new director to the students and their families.


Jim and Karla Myers represented CBTS at the Pacifica Synod.  Jim reported that the event was worthwhile, particularly the opportunity to meet and talk with people from many different churches.  The highlight of the conference was the Bible Study and the new realization that we are part of a team of churches, each working on the same goals.


Susan Lord discussed the financial picture at CBTS and presented the budget report.  She indicated that we currently have about a 2% shortfall on income over expenses.  She is watching our expenses to see if there are any consistent overruns on spending. Pending necessary audits, Jack Ashby moved to accept the Treasurers report, Peggy Trout seconded.


Pastor Tim is the new president of OYEA, our youth conference for Oahu.  They are looking at a new conference curriculum that will increase focus on middle school students and include service projects and perhaps some summer retreats.


CBTS will have no Vacation Bible School this summer, our kids can go to day camp at Lutheran Church of Honolulu or at St. Johns Lutheran.  The programs there are to be done by a specially trained group and will take place from 9 – 3 each day for a week at a cost of $90 per student.


Tim has discussed with the president of Lutheran Social Services, ANC, and PAC the construction of a building to house all those organizations.


Because the 10 AM worship services are running long, we will be trying some techniques to reduce the time.  Possibilities include deleting the prelude or doing it before 10 AM, trying to limit the whale time, etc.

·Stephen Ministry

Seven new Stephen Ministers will be commissioned both services on Sunday, May, 19.  Abigale and Adam Sylvester are becoming Stephen Leaders and well as Stephen Ministers.

·Christian Education

Karen Sisler is looking for a team to lead the Christian Education program.  She especially needs leaders for the 3-6 year olds and for the 7-10 year old groups.  Karen is reforming our education committee and needs at least two additional men on the committee.

·Global Missions

Ted Tsia and the Global Missions committee are bringing the ladies from the Women’s Correctional Program to CBTS on June 2.  Most of them will speak about their experiences and the group will do several hula arrangements.  Past history indicates that this is one of the best special programs we have at CBTS.  We will have a pot luck dinner after the second service in their honor.  Everyone is encouraged to help create a welcoming event to honor and encourage these women in their journey.

5.New Business

·Monetary Gift/Bonus for Kay Burgoyne

To honor Kay Burgoyne who is getting married and leaving for Australia after many years of leading our Montessori school, the executive committee recommended that CBTS give her a check for $1000. The CoD voted and accepted that recommendation.


6.Incomplete Business

·ANC Fundraiser Update

ANC has scheduled a concert-fundraiser which is to take place in November and will include several well known musicians.  They asked the CoD to pay for the airline ticket (about $1100) for one of the performers, Bobby Mclaughlin, from the mainland.  The CoD decided that at its April meeting that we would be happy to evaluate our participation when we understood more about the event and who was carrying its responsibilities.

Needed information was brought to the May CoD meeting and after a bit of discussion, the CoD voted to cover half of the airline costs for Mr McLaughlin, at an amount not to exceed $550.  

·Employee Handbook Revision

Recent questions about our employee handbook have indicated that we need to review and consolidate the school and church staff handbooks.  Bob Joseph has agreed to coordinate that effort and will give reports and discuss recommendations about his progress through this year

·Money Counting Procedures

Jack Ashby is responsible for providing people to count and deposit weekly CBTS money from the service collection.  He has a team of 6 people who are currently in training to perform this service and is looking for 2 more to participate.  Mary Pat Ashby is leading the training effort and expects to have most of it done by the end of June.  After that time, Jack will publish a list every month of assignments by Sunday.  Participants will have their own key to the night deposit at the bank.

·Job Openings: Youth Director

CBTS is looking for a youth director to lead middle and high school young people.

·Rally Sunday Volunteers

Rally Sunday will be September 8.  It is expected to take place between the services and provide locations for people to meet and discuss the various committees and responsibilities at CBTS.  Its purpose is to help people find their individual place of service.  As of yet, we do not have someone to coordinate this effort.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.