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April Sermon titles
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April Sermon titles

Posted by: Pulelehua on Thu, Mar 31, 2005

April Sermon Titles

We will be using the Rainbow as a metaphor through the Easter Season assigning a color to each Sunday. At the end of the season all the colors and their Biblical meaning or their relationship to faith, will be addressed.

April 3    Text: John 20:19-31
Sermon Title: “Doubt Conquered By Love”
Color: Red: The color representing fire, love, the symbol of martyrdom, or the presence of the Holy Spirit.

In this Gospel text the resurrected Jesus, comes to His disciples to give them the Peace only God can offer. He especially comes before a doubting Thomas, so that Thomas can feel & touch the risen Christ. By meeting the crucified and risen Christ, Thomas’s doubt is restored to faith, and in the end he confesses Jesus as, “My Lord and my God.”  

April 10    Text: Luke 24:13-35
        Sermon Title: “Hearts Burning”
        Color: Orange: The Color of Praise.

After it seemed that their hopes for a Messiah (Savior) were dashed with the execution of Jesus on the cross, two men who were walking to the town of Emmaus, meet a stranger on this road; they begin to talk and as they walked, this stranger revealed the meaning of the scriptures. That evening, when they sat down to eat together, their eyes were opened when the stranger, Jesus, “broke bread” and they realized that they were in the presence of their Messiah, their Savior. In a flash, Jesus was gone, yet their hearts burned with joy in knowing that Jesus was indeed alive, just as He promised.  

April 17    Text: John 10:1-10
        Sermon Title: Jesus, The Gate, The Shepherd, Is Here!
        Color: Yellow: The color of Glory found in God’s Presence.

God has come! The Word has become flesh and in Jesus Christ, lives among us. God is no longer far away in a place we cannot approach; The Gospel proclaims to us that God has come to us as the Good Shepherd in order to lead, heal, nurture, build up and renew us in all matters of life and faith. Jesus is the gate to faith and the heart of God.

April 24    Text: John 14:1-14
        Sermon Title: “Jesus IS Faith, Hope, Truth and Love”
        Color: Green: The color for Life and Life Everlasting!

With just a Word, God created the Cosmos; and through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the power of death was destroyed and the promise of eternal life was given. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is here with us right now, but Jesus has also ‘gone on ahead’ to “prepared a place for us. In our chaotic and confusing world, Jesus calls us to believe this God News so that we can live in God’s peace and joy.