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Attn All Parents: Driving Rules
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Attn All Parents: Driving Rules

Posted by: Mai Schultz on Thu, Aug 30, 2012

A few reminders about entering and exiting our grounds.

TO: All Calvary by the Sea Parents


FROM: Kay Burgoyne


SUBJECT: Driving Rules



My apologies for not going over some of the driving rules during Back to School Night, but it appears we had a near car accident this morning, and so, I would like to do so now.


  1. There is an entrance driveway to the school grounds and an exit driveway. Please use them appropriately. At no time should a left turn be made at the traffic light from exiting our grounds. This is unsafe. In order to travel west from our campus, you must first turn right out of the exit driveway, drive east toward Kawaikui Beach Park, then turn right to use the Puuikena Drive loop, and circle around for the left turn back onto Kalanianaole Highway.


  1. When arriving traveling eastbound to our grounds, you must stop at the stop light at E. Hind Drive when red and do not turn proceed to turn right into our driveway until the light has changed to green. Vehicles may be coming down from E. Hind Drive and into our driveway.


  1. When traveling westbound on Kalanianaole during the morning hours and cones are in place, you may not turn left into our driveway. You must stay in the right lane, turn right at Kirkwood Street, turn left at Papai Street, and turn left onto E. Hind Drive.


Thank you very much for following these simple rules in order to keep everyone safe!


Kay Burgoyne