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Approved Minutes- August 2013
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Approved Minutes- August 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014


Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons - Minutes

Aug 14, 2013

1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:07 with Jim Myers, Bob Joseph, Peggy Trout, Susan Lord, Jack Ashby, Don Hardaway, Thea Kam, Karen Sisler, Rafael del Castillo, Adam Sylvester and Tim Mason present. Visitors were Tom Poole, Shelby Yuu, and Jennifer Hawkins

2. Devotions:

Pastor Tim did a short devotional on doing God’s work, not just with our money, but with our heart and our hands. Next month Bob Joseph will do the devotional.

3. Approval of July minutes

The July minutes were approved as presented, with a motion to approve by Bob Joseph, second by Susan Lord.

4. Reports

Music & Worship

Tom Poole gave highlights of upcoming events, including that PAC begins Sunday, Sept 8 and will run from 3:30 – 5:00; Hula lessons begin Aug 25 with adults at 1:00, kids at 12:00;

Liz offers beginning watercolors on Sept 9. A full report is attached.

School and School Budget

Jennifer Hawkins highlighted the School report. Preschool and Kindergarten began three days ago with full classrooms and a waiting list. School fiscal year ended July 31; the 2013-2014 budget was presented and discussed; with a motion by Del and second by Bob to approve. It was approved as presented.

The school scholarship committee began its work on Aug 6. They have established a criteria for scholarships for church members based on either need or families with more than 1 child.

Jennifer discussed fund raising programs and expanding donations. Then led a discussion on how we can bridge the school and the church. Suggestions included increasing school visibility, inviting church families to come to parent education seminars. The school leadership and the CoD will continue to work on fund raising, scholarship eligibility and communication.

Treasurer’s and Finance Committee

The CoD Finance committee is Jack Ashby, Milton Okamoto, Jim Myer, and Susan Lord. They are working on creating a different chart of accounts that better matches our church interests, synchronized budget work sheets by committee, and a repair and maintenance schedule. Early targets include re-finishing the banisters leading into the sanctuary, an internal audit (utilizing church members with professional experience), control of petty cash, review of bank statements every month, gathering documentation for insurance review, and evaluating new accounting software instead of Quick Bbooks


Aloha group has begun its efforts toward helping new members, visitors, and home-bound members become a more active part of the CBTS community. (report is attached)

Christian Education

Sunday school for children and teen agers will begin September 9 with a full staff. (full report attached)

Wedding rooms renovation

Aloha group has begun its efforts toward helping new members, visitors, and home-bound members become a more active part of the CBTS community. (report is attached)

Global Missions

Global missions asked for and received permission to utilize part of its budget money to support John Lunn in providing mattresses for hospitalized people in Africa.

Beyond These Doors

Our college scholarship funds from the concert and contributions will be distributed before the end of August with at least three recipients.


- New bishop for ELCA is Rev Elizabeth A. Eaton from NE Ohio.

- Pastor Tim discussed the occasional need for Stephen ministers to deliver communion to shut-ins and he presented a proposed list of those eligible based on completion of a training program. After discussion and a motion by Peggy, second by Susan to approve trained Stephen ministers to deliver communion wine and wafers that have previously been consecrated in a CBTS service to shut ins. The motion carried with a majority of "Yes" and one "No". PT will have a communion kit available through Lehua for use by the Stephen ministry. All elements going out will be from a consecrated service.

- Adult Bible Study, taught by Pastor Tim is held at Hawaii Kai retirement center at 10:00 Friday morning. Everyone is invited.

- The Hawaii Hukilau will be at Calvary by the Sea on Saturday, October 19 from 10:00 to 2:00, with registration at 9:00 Saturday. CoD is urged to attend, all CBTS members are invited.

- Tim asked permission to have his father’s ashes scattered from our beach and adding his fathers name on our board Peggy made a motion to give Tim permission, second by Del, the motion carried

- The next CBTS new members class is from Sept 15, CoD members are requested to attend the class on Sept 29.

- The area Hunger Walk is scheduled for Aug 31.

- The Pacifica synod is scheduled to be in Hawaii April 30 – May 3, 2014. CBTS will need to provide workers to support this event. -- Specifically we need a volunteer to lead our responsibilities (Sheila Saunders coordinated it last time.)

-- We expect about 40 – 80 people for lunch, an excursion to Hanauma bay, a short drive in the area, then return to hotel.

-- We will need several volunteers with responsibilities for registration, guiding guests while at our church, acting as guides on bus.

5. New Business

CBTS retreat:

Kim Bock presented a report on our annual family retreat to be Oct 11 – 14 beginning with a pot luck dinner on Friday night and continuing through Monday morning. Kim Bock, Martha Staff, and Peggy are working on the agenda which will include lots of beach time, music, and enjoying each other, with a scheduled worship service, some optional seminars, yoga, etc.

Kim led a discussion on scholarships and plans to make the retreat sign-up sheet and flyer (to be built by Shelby and Lehua) available this coming Sunday.

6. Incomplete Business

Rally Sunday, Sept 8

Our Rally Sunday will focus on having a consolidated service at 9:00 A.M. that brings both 7:30 and 10:30 groups together, a kick off of our new Sunday School program, resurrecting name tags, and getting people sighed up for tribes. This date also coincides with the 25th anniversary of ELCA.

Stewardship dinner

Our fall Stewardship dinner will be Nov 10, Martin Luther’s birthday

Job Openings: Youth Director

Interviews for our new Youth Director will be August 22, at 6 PM

Maintenance/update of wedding facilities

Maintenance/update is almost completed, only a few punch items remain. Some furniture has been purchased or refinished. Rooms have been usable since the August 10 wedding. Decorative items and art work selection is in progress.

The groom’s room will become an art gallery for church artists on a 1 or 2 month rotation.

CoD Retreat

The CoD retreat is cancelled.

Employee Handbook Revision

The committee is almost completed its review of the handbook. Item of note – according to the Employment Council, it is all right for CBTS to have two different handbooks and benefit lists for its two staff groups: the office staff and the school staff.

Staff review

Job descriptions for all staff members are being collected in anticipation of the fall staff reviews.

Money Counting Procedures

The stewardship committee will be meeting on Aug 21.

7. Adjourn

The meeting adjourned with prayer at 8:50.