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Approved Minutes- August 2016
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Approved Minutes- August 2016

Posted by: Jennifer Welch on Wed, Aug 31, 2016

Survey Results Discussion

Present: Jon Osorio, Cheryl Tuitele, Geoff Hamilton, Pastor Tim, Mary Pat Ashby, Pat Wong, Lea Del Castillo, Jennifer Welch, Mike May, Lisa May Montano, Kaui Lucas, Paul O. Jones.

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m. by Geoff Hamilton.

Devotions were led by Pastor Tim.


Reports were handed out from the Treasurer, Director of Calvary by the Sea Preschool, and the Worship and Arts Director. They will be accepted at the next Council of Deacons meeting.


  1.  All Church survey


  • Declining attendance has been noted and also that churches similar to us are also experiencing declining attendance, in general. One exception is the Chinese Lutheran congregation, which added 55 members this year.
  • What people enjoy about CBTS: welcoming, friends, music, easy
  • Decline in giving
  • Question: What exactly is this church and where is it going? Plan needed for 5 years out and 10 years out.
  • Pastor: Biggest problem is challenging our members. What gets them excited? Examples of when they were excited: Prairie (Hawaii) Home Companion, church camp. What we do well: Feeding the homeless and music. The Pastor asked the Council to be the ears.
  • What we have already accomplished since the survey: Sunday School
  • It is the Pastor’s Mission to set the Vision, Goals, Inspiration and Leadership.
  • Council should be supportive of the mission and goals as led by our leaders: Pastor, Worship and the Arts, Preschool Director, ANC leaders.
  • When people visit, is there really any follow-up?
  • A dialog was suggested. What are the Pastor’s long-range plans and where does he want to be? Pastor commented that he wants to stay. His passion is working with the hungry and the poor. He feels he couldn’t live on the mainland anymore. His personal passions can’t be done anywhere else.
  • There was a comment that suggested that the Pastor be mindful of when to retire, and mindful of what he brings to the institution he serves. The surveys reveal that the people still attending are happy with where we are with no change. People who have been unhappy have already left us.
  • Everything the Pastor mentioned about wanting to stay is about the community and “Me”, “My”, and “I”. This person expressed that they would like the Pastor to turn his energies and attention to the church.
  • There’s a sense of urgency about this situation. There’s the survey and there are the people who vote with their feet and don’t come back.
  • Numbers are not as important as being involved in a key mission through the church. They challenged the Pastor: What do you want your legacy to be?
  • Survey showed that people felt growth in their “spiritual Life”.
  • It isn’t good for us, as a congregation, to be comfortable. We need to be challenged.
  • Average tenure of a Pastor is 8.5 years.
  • Teens should be our next project.
  • This is not about the numbers, it is about firing up the congregation. To Pastor: “If you want this church to succeed, you have to lead in a way you have not led before.”
  • We are hearing from the Pastor a lot of discussion about “balance” and “time choices”. If Saturday evening service takes away Tuesday in the office or out visiting, maybe it is not yet time for a Saturday service. This is another vote for being in the office.
  • Staff Support committee can help with prioritization and staff management.
  • Paul O Jones appreciated going with the Pastor to visit the prison.
  • People want to get involved when they are inspired and getting something out of it. If people aren’t involved, they aren’t inspired.
  • Tom is now full time and one of his job responsibilities is Youth.


  • 1 hour 15 minute service length, so there is time for socialization and welcoming after services.
  • Better food at the receptions.
  • Don’t sing all verses of all hymns.
  • Better control of the whale. This is NOT a time for announcements, just prayer requests and thanksgiving.
  • Pastor to find additional workshop (via Internet) for motivational speaking and preaching.


  • Asking specifically:
  • Staff: Expectations, administration of their duties and hours, hours open. These are tough conversations.
  • Motivational speaking – not just Rah! Rah! But also to challenge the congregation to greater things.

Last, Pastor was asked to sum up what he got out of the survey discussion.

  • Fire up – Inspire
  • More free form (extemporaneous)
  • How to become a more inspiring leader
  • Think deeply about a 5 and 10-year plan and report back to Council
  • Evaluate his work/life balance

Upcoming: Pastor has volunteered CBTS to hold a Hukilau meeting in order to facilitate ongoing discussion about declining enrollment in mainstream churches and what we can do about it. He will organize the event and the Council will support him.

Reporting this discussion:

  • The church office will have copies available for congregants to pick up.
  • Pastor will announce during church that he and Geoff will be available after church to talk about what we have learned from the survey.

The Council stood and recited the Lord’s Prayer.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.