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Approved Minutes- June 2016
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Approved Minutes- June 2016

Posted by: Jennifer Welch on Wed, Jun 22, 2016

 Calvary By the Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

June 16, 2016

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call:  The meeting was called to order at 6:07 by Geoff Hamilton. Members present: Geoff Hamilton, Pastor Tim, Cheryl Tuitele, Pat Wong, Lisa May Montano, Kaui Lucas, and Paul Jones. Also present: Momi Martinez, Pulelehua Quirk, Jewell Tuitele, Susan Lord, Tom Poole, Shelby Yuu, and Tim Sprowls

2) Devotions: The meeting was opened with a biblical reading and prayer led by Pastor Tim.

3) Approval of Minutes from the May 19, 2016 council Meeting: Pat Wong made a motion to approve the minutes. Lisa May Montano seconded. Unanimous.

4) Reports:

a) Montessori Preschool – Momi reviewed the school report. The Summer Program enrollment varies from session to session. The school has done well financially from August 2015 through May 2016. There are eleven spaces available in our Primary Program. We have two children on the waitlist who have been offered enrollment and three toddles are scheduled to be added to the Primary Program in January.

 b) Treasurer  – Geoff Hamilton reviewed the financial report that Mary Pat submitted. Overall our net income is below projected expense due to non-expenditures. Most of the expense budget was spread evenly across the year, with a few exceptions. Our income is under budget due to a decline in offerings and wedding income. Many expenses will not be incurred until later in the year, such as building and grounds special projects resulting from the reserve study, which has yet to be reported.

c) Music and Worship – Tom Poole presented Worship and The Arts report that he submitted. Tom reviewed his upcoming vacation, coverage and Pastor Tim’s vacation coverage (John Lunn and JP Sabbithi).

d) Tribe Update - Tom Poole presented Report of Tribe Leaders Meeting (June 15, 2016) and Recommendations from the Tribe Leaders to CoD that was submitted. The Tribes will be restructured and Tribe 6 will be dissolved. Lisa May and Pat Wong will be the support members from the CoD to ensure tribe members understand What’s the purpose? What is it we need to do? And provide guidance, motivation and inspiration. J 

e) Pastor – Pastor Tim presented Pastor’s Report that he submitted. The need to address our long term planning regarding our location in regards to Sea level adaption was asked to be considered.

5) New Business:

Insert)  Carpet – Susan Lord presented the Sanctuary carpet samples. The CoD authorized her to proceed. Susan will be in the sanctuary area on Sunday at 08:30 to address any concerns and review color options.

a) Endowment Committee – Pu Quirk presented the 2016 Endowment Recommendation report. The CoD authorized allowing 3 current CBTS Endowment team members to be able to sign to withdraw and deposit funds.

Pat Wong made the motion: The CBTS CoD on June 16 2016 does hereby: Authorize, CBTS Endowment Team members, Linda Cluney, Nackil Sung, and Pulelehua RuthMarie Quirk, to have signature authority to withdraw funds from the CBTS Endowment Fund for projects approved by the Council of Deacons. Geoff Hamilton seconded. Unanimous.

Kaui Lucas made the motion: to approve the recommendation of the Endowment team to distribute a total of $10,957 to be disbursed from the Endowment Fund to supporting the following projects:

1. Capital Improvements/Missions (Community): Angel Network Charities  $2500

2. Capital Improvement: build a deck outside Hale Aloha $2500

3. Youth/Capital Improvement: Preschool Sprinkler system (eagle project) $300

4. Missions: Wounded Warriors $500

5. Missions: Advanced Yoga Instructor training $950

6. Music and Worship: Liturgical dance and leading worship $1100

7. Music and Worship: Cabinet for the Sanctuary $2500

8. Missions (Global): fund indigent patients in Mbingo Hospital $607

Pat Wong seconded. Unanimous.

 b) Credit Card Request for Montessori School: request approved as documented.

c) ANC – Jewell presented the Angel Network Charities Strategic Plan that she submitted. Jewell reviewed the major projects to support ANC goals. Goal 1: Support the health and wellbeing of families to promote healthy eating and healthy living to renovate the kitchen in Hale Aloha.

Motion: The CBTS CoD on June 16, 2016 does hereby approve and authorize ANC the renovation of the Hale Aloha kitchen area, offer classes on nutrition and preparing healthy meals, address obesity, share information at community meetings, and opening the facility for community meetings or classes in cooperation with Calvary By the Sea. Geoff Hamilton restated the motion, Paul Jones seconded. Unanimous.

6) Old Business:

a)Oahu Lutheran Churches’ Dialogue – Geoff and Pastor Tim discussed the challenges that all churches are having with engaging their communities (attendance/focus)

b) Montessori Catechism – need a coordinator (deferred)

c) Reserve Study/Scheduling – Tim Sprowls presented the 4 priority areas: Split AC in Great Room1 , Sanctuary flooring/carpet , Sanctuary – Restroom Fixtures, and Site – Pavement – Seal Coating.

d) Air Conditioning Update – Tim Sprowls – on schedule

e) Congregational Survey (Cheryl Tuitele) – need to find a new facilitator. Reach out to Jon Osorio for recommendations and set date once a facilitator is named.

7) Adjournment and Closing Prayer

8) Next COD Meeting: July 21, 2016  

Notes respectfully taken by Cheryl Tuitele

Uploaded by Jennifer Welch, Secretary