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Approved Minutes October 2016
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Approved Minutes October 2016

Posted by: Admin on Mon, Oct 17, 2016

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

October 13, 2016

Draft Minutes


1) Call to Order and Roll Call:  Attending: Geoff Hamilton, Paul O Jones, Mike May, Jon Osorio, Kaui Lucas, Mary Pat Ashby, Pastor Tim, Bryce Harken, Cheryl Tuitele, Lea Del Castillo, Pat Wong, Jennifer Welch.  Also in attendance: Tom Poole. The meeting was called to order at 5:58 p.m.


2) Devotions were led by Pastor Tim.


3) Approval of Minutes from the September 2016 Council Meeting: The minutes heading needs to be updated to say October 16th and Draft Minutes. The Pastor’s trip cost cap should be amended to be hotel, car and meals is not to exceed $1000.00. The church has already purchased the airfare and registration on his behalf. Mike May made a motion to approve the minutes as amended and Paul O. Jones seconded. Unanimous.


4) Reports

  • Music and Worship - Tom Poole

    • Worship Committee: Linda Hanson, Bruce Kau and Lisa Kimsey have agreed to serve on the Worship Committee.
    • Piano in Tom’s Office: A keyboard has been donated by Beverlee Matsumoto in honor of Peter Matsumoto. Tom will send a thank you note to Bev. Tom will keep the keyboard in his office. This necessitates doing something with the piano. Tom will have Shelby put it in the Calvary Caller to see if anyone is willing to move the piano in order to own it, and Tom will place the piano in Hale Aloha for any interested parties to view.
  • Montessori Preschool - Momi Martinez
    • We recently had a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Notices were sent to all families. Staff thoroughly disinfected all commonly used activities and surface areas.
    • Cavary Chidren’s Choir has 15 participants.
    • The staff continue to work well together and for one another.
    • September net income was $3,135.00. Net income for August – September was $17,826.00
    • Enrollment continues at 59 students, of which 13 are in the Toddler program and 46 are in the Primary program. Projected January enrollment is 62 students.
    • Events:
      • October 12 & 13 Holiday Collection Fundraiser was distributed
      • October 13 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Parent Workshop – Health, Nutrition and Practical Life
      • October 31 Harvest Fest with fun activities and pony rides for the keiki.
  • Treasurer - Mary Pat Ashby
    • Income

Stewardship Offerings were 16% below budget year-to-date.

Wedding income was below budget YTD by 8%. The next increase is expected in October, although UI Productions has forecasted only 870 weddings by year-end, as compared to a budget of 960.

Total YTD income (adjusted) was below budget by 10%.

  • Expenses

Total expenses were under budget by 9%.

A recent review of planned expenditures for the year identified savings in several areas. For example, the fewer number of weddings has reduced the expense for Japanese Language Bibles. The Sunday School program, which began in September with some preparatory expenses occurring in August, was originally budgeted for the full year.

Building and Grounds re-carpeted the sanctuary, sealed the driveway, and moved the air conditioner in Ohana Lani (preschool) during the two-week campus closure in late July. The cost of each of these projects met the definition of a capital expenditure. Therefore, their cost will be spread over the next 7-10 years as depreciation expense.

  • Net Income

A loss (negative income) was budgeted for this time period (year-to-date). The actual loss was nearly twice the amount budgeted, primarily due to decreased revenues.

  • Action Plan

A letter to the membership, which projects a loss at year-end, was approved last month with revisions, but was not sent due to a change in projections and the receipt of a large estate gift. A revised letter is being submitted for approval to the Council at this October meeting, and will be mailed out the next week.

  • Pastor -  Tim Mason

Pastor Larry Gardner passed away October 10th at the Kuakini Hospital ER. Pastor was with him at the ER and he knew he wasn’t alone. The service will be October 29th at 2 p.m.

  • Staff Support Committee - Cheryl Tuitele: The Staff Support committee has not met because we moved up the COD meeting by a week.


5) New Business

  • Hukilau Meeting: Declining Attendance/Giving discussion:

    • 3 Tasks in 3 months:

      • Sponsor a gathering for members attending irregularly
      • Stewardship/all church meal
      • Doing creative programs like the Peace Vigil we just had. Saturday evening service would be a good place to start with creative ideas.

  • Paul Tomita’s son will be married in our sanctuary on Saturday, October 15th, 2016


6) Old Business

  • Committee Liaisons and/or Chairs - Pastor Tim

    • Fellowship - Paul O. Jones
    • Education -
      • Adult Education - Lisa May Montano (Book Studies)
    • Stewardship – Mary Pat Ashby
    • Worship - Lisa May Montano
    • Concert Series -
    • Social Justice – Bill Bekemeier
    • High School Ministry – Brister Thomas
    • Evangelism -
    • VBS -
    • Preschool - Jennifer Welch
    • Website – Kaui Lucas, Kelly Holden, Mike May
  • Delegates to Pacifica Spring Assembly - Pastor Tim will ask two people as the Council discussed and report back next month.


7) Executive Session – Financial Discussion


8) Additional New Business

Cheryl Tuitele motioned that based on the financial guidelines of the church it is recommended that we open new Morgan Stanley accounts to support designated and/or undesignated gifts. Jon Osorio seconded. Unanimous.

Mary Pat Ashby, as treasurer, will open a Morgan Stanley account for this purpose.


9) Adjournment and Closing Prayer The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 and Pastor led us in closing prayer.


10) Next COD Meeting November 17, 2016 at 6 p.m.