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Approved Minutes- May 2016
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Approved Minutes- May 2016

Posted by: Jennifer Welch on Mon, Jun 6, 2016

Calvary By the Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

May 19, 2016

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call:  The meeting was called to order at 6:03 by Geoff Hamilton. Members present: Geoff Hamilton, Pastor Tim, Cheryl Tuitele, Mary Pat Ashby, Pastor Tim, Lisa May Montano, Kaui Lucas, Pat Wong, Lea del Castillo, Jon Osorio, and Bryce Harkin. Also present: Tom Poole, Shelby Yuu, and Tim Sprowls

2) Devotions: The meeting was opened with a biblical reading and prayer led by Pastor Tim.

3) Approval of Minutes from the April 16, 2016 council Meeting: Geoff Hamilton made a motion to approve the minutes. Lisa May Montano seconded. Unanimous.

4) New Business:

a) President Geoff Hamilton opened the meeting to the public and recognized Kanoa Pick, Life Scout Troop 777, Eagle Project to provide irrigation for the grass area next to the playground. The project concept was approved. Next steps were for Kanoa to create/develop the plan, coordinate with Tim Sprowls on any ground support/site requirements, plumber to tie into the system, ensure safety at all times. Estimated timeframe for installation is the first week of August and to take 1 day. Cheryl Tuitele made a motion to approve the minutes. Lisa May Montano seconded. Unanimous.

ACTION ITEM: Kanoa to work with Tim Sprowls on the project plan

ACTION ITEM: Kanoa to create / develop plan for his Eagle project

ACTION ITEM: Kanoa to present and get approval of his Eagle project from Troop 777

 b) Reserve Study – Tim Sprowls presented the preliminary study. The study gave an order of magnitude of the financial commitments needed at the highest level. ($180K). The 2016 budget is approximately $39K. The key improvement projects for 2016 – driveway, restroom, sanctuary kitchen and Eagle project.

c) Amp purchase – Tom Poole requested approval for replacement of the broken 3 old Carver power amplifiers in the main sanctuary audio system. Jim Walters Company has submitted a quote to install, clean and treat input and speaker cable, re-terminate connections to new amplifiers, test, and set levels. Kaui Lucas made a motion to approve the request. Lisa May Montano seconded. Unanimous. A note was made to submit a report to the congregation of the approval to repair the amps.

d) Air Conditioner – Mary Pat Ashby and Tim Sprowls presented the AC concern in the school area (large room) and trying to keep the area cool for the keiki. The proposal was to place a solar AC unit in the office and take the office AC (24K BTU) and install it in the large room.  This project is a continuation of the cooling effort from last year. Kaui Lucas made a motion to approve the request. Lisa May Montano seconded. Unanimous. A note was made to submit a report to the congregation of the approval to adjust the AC needs/requirements. 

5) Treasurer’s Report (Mary Pat Ashby):

Mary Pat reviewed the financial report that she submitted. Overall our net income is below projected expense due to non-expenditures. Most of the expense budget was spread evenly across the year, with a few exceptions. Our income is under budget due to a decline in offerings and wedding income. Many expenses will not be incurred until later in the year, such as building and grounds special projects resulting from the reserve study, which has yet to be reported.

6) Old Business:

a) Congregational Survey (Geoff Hamilton/Cheryl Tuitele) - Scheduled meeting for Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 09:00 am – 1:00 pm.  

b) Montessori Catechism - training at costs.

ACTION: Jennifer Welch to coordinate trainees and timing with Joan Hiel.

ACTION: Pull together funding for program (Endowment request)

 c) COD liaison for Tribes – discussions occurred regarding last month’s Tribe update, concerns and current state.

ACTION: Paul to coordinate with Tom Poole and Pastor Tim to meet with the current tribe leaders to determine next steps.

d) Staff Support Committee Nominees (Geoff Hamilton/Pastor Tim) – Kaui Lucas, John Travis and Pat Wong have agreed to a two year term expiring in 2018.

7) Reports:  

a) Montessori Pre-School: written report submitted by Jennifer Welch and read by CoD during the meeting. Great job Jennifer with the running of the school!

b) Music and Worship – Tom Poole presented report for the Worship and Arts.  Mahalo to Mike May for serving as Interim Leader of Tribe 6. Tom provided an update on the Annual Pacifica Synod Assembly and the great recognition and presence for Calvary. Tom served and played on the Worship team. Pastor Tim filled in and performed in various roles including the Japanese translations.

Vacations: Tom (18 June – July 3), Amie (6 – 14 July), Ina and Fletch (27 – 31 July)

Music Schedule:

Ina and Amie (May 18, May 25 and 2 July)

Ina and Fletch (June 19)

Lea (July 3)

c) Pastor’s Report –Pastor Tim presented his report and his current schedule. Pastor Tim met with Bristor Thomas about our Youth Ministry (Aftershcok) Program and will be focusing on our high school age kids. Pastor Tim will be focusing on the Confirmation program and middle school kids.

ACTION: Assist in naming all the youth that will begin, or continue, confirmation in September.

8) Adjournment and Closing Prayer

9) Next COD Meeting: June 16, 2016  

Notes taken by Cheryl Tuitele

Notes uploaded and respectfully submitted by Jennifer Welch, Council Secretary