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Approved Minutes- December 2013
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Approved Minutes- December 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons - Agenda

Dec 19, 2013


1.Call to Order:

The Dec 2013 meeting was called to order by president Jim Myers at 6:05.  Members present were Jim Myers, Susan Lord, Bob Joseph, Thea Johanos Kam, Peggy Trout, Karen Sisler, Tim Mason, Jack Ashby, Del Del Castillo, Adam Sylvester, and Don Hardaway
Visitors were Jennifer Hawkins, Tom Poole, and Shelby Yuu 


3.Approval of Nov minutes

A motion to approve the November minutes as presented was made by Jack Ashby, seconded by Susan Lord and carried.

Tim Mason requested CoD approval for his leading a trip to Greece during 2014.  A motion was made and approved giving permission as long as the trip involves no expense to the church.

A suggestion was made that all meeting material possible be mailed to CoD members, to arrive in their boxes at least 24 hours before the meeting.  Shelby agreed to try sending out some of the meeting material.

4.Reports – short versions

Steven Ministry:

Adam Sylvester plans to begin a new class in January.  Doing the Blue Christmas service Friday Dec 8, 2013


Jennifer Hawkins believes Thanksgiving and Christmas went well.

School enrollment will be full for primary, a bit short for the older class.  School reopens on Jan 7.

Music & Worship:

As usual, a busy Christmas season including the wonderful Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve with the children as readers and adults as actors, plus the Choir’s doing a collection of Arias from the Handel Messiah as a prelude for the 11:00 Christmas Eve Service.


Jewel and Cheryl were married by P Tim recently.  This will facilitate their adoption of Skyler, their beautiful little girl.


As there was no formal report from ANC, Bob Joseph indicated that ANC received over $9000 from their fund raiser on Nov 30.  There were about 120 people attending.  : They sold wine and used HASR restaurant to provide pupu’s.

Sunday school:

The Sunday School will have a Christmas party this Sunday, Dec 22 between services.  After Christmas vacation, children’s SS will resume with an integrated style for childrens SS.  On Jan 5, JP Sabithi from Hospice will speak.

Parish Administrator:

The new air conditioner and copy machine will be installed by the first of the year.

Improvement in the building security, including improved security on the door closest to ANC are being investigated and should be installed by January.

The stewardship, pledge forms went out today.


5.Incomplete Business – 2014 Budget

Budget philosophy

The group discussed the church financial situation for 2014, recognizing that the anticipated reduction in number of Japanese weddings will reduce CBTS income substantially below prior year expenses.

Currently CBTS has about $250,000 in reserves, but for several years has dipped into reserves to fund yearly facility maintenance for amounts between $60,000 and $100,000.

Payroll and staff benefits make up about half of our annual budget of about $750,000.


After considerable discussion, the CoD agreed that it is critical that CBTS have a balanced budget against current estimates of income and that reducing expenses is the only viable way to do this.

Specific action items discussed include:

  • making the organ fund a special fund raising against the time we are required to replace our existing organ
  • only $5,000 goes into reserves this year
  • any pledged amount over the anticipated pledges go into reserves
  • careful review of janitorial, insurance, IT/computer, phone contracts (with a search for at least $10,000 reduction in contract cost for 2014)
  • very careful review of amounts used for supplies
  • including the required facility maintenance estimate as part of the budget rather than planning for use of reserves
  • no funding for computers, organ, pipes, conduit, HD projector this year
  • leaves and landscaping are funded through reserves for this year


Budget Motion: Made by Jack Ashby, second by Del DeCastillo, carried

For all discretionary budget line items, the trial budget to be presented for discussion at the Jan CoD meeting will consist of the lower of last year’s budget for each line or actual amount spent for that line in 2013.

Additionally, the trial budget will anticipate a 10K reduction for savings to be developed through the year from contract revision, reduction in Japanese Bible costs, etc. Friendly amendments – take from reserves rather than depreciation – carried



Devotional thoughts presented by Don Hardaway

Bob Joseph moved for adjournment, Susan Lord seconded.  Carried