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Approved Mintues- March 2014
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Approved Mintues- March 2014

Posted by: Robert Joseph on Thu, Mar 27, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

20th March 2014

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call

President Jim Myers called the meeting to order at 6.18 pm. A quorum of deacons

Myers, Bob Joseph, Susan Schwichow-Lord, Thea Johanos-Kam, Monika Day, Adam

Sylvester, Rafael del Castillo, Geoff Hamilton, Mike May, Pastor Tim, and Bryce Harkin

was present. Apologies were received from Karen Sisler. Guests included Dr Tom

Poole, Ms Peggy Trout, and Ms Jennifer Hawkins.

2) Devotions

Pastor Tim spoke about Romans Chapter 12: 9-13.

3) Election of Council Officers

3a) Vice-President. Ms. Schwichow-Lord nominated Geoff Hamilton. The motion

passed unanimously.

3b) Treasurer. Ms. Schwichow-Lord nominated Peggy Trout. The motion passed


4) Introduction of Outstanding Issues for new Council Members

Mr. Myers reminded the Council of the issues discussed at the Retreat.

5) Approval of Minutes from the January Council Meeting

Mr. May moved approval of these minutes, and the motion passed unanimously.

6) Treasurer’s Report

6a) New Church accountant. The former Treasurer, Susan Schwichow-Lord, reported

that John Keyes is under contract for 28 hours per week with some flexibility, and that

he has been doing an outstanding job of getting the books into shape.

6b) Revised Annual Budget. The Treasurer had previously circulated the revised

annual budget which incorporated the changes requested at the Annual Meeting.

6c) February Financial Report. Church income of $141,558 is about $16k over

budget, due to an increase of Japanese wedding income of about $17k over budget.

Offerings were below budget by 15.5% or $6,087. Net income year-to-date is about

$12k over expenses. The Pre-School year-to-date income is behind budget by $1,930.

6d) Tax Committee. Ms Schwichow-Lord said CBTS's accountants recommended we

obtain advice from a tax lawyer because tax laws with regard to the Japanese wedding

income have changed. Several names were suggested and Mike May volunteered.

She agreed to chair this committee.

Action: Executive Committee to establish a Tax Committee.

6e) Resignation. Ms Schwichow-Lord noted that she had submitted her resignation

effective the Annual Meeting, but that she would continue to help with financial matters.

6f) Japanese New Testaments. The price for the Japanese-English New Testament

which we give to all the Japanese couples who are married at Calvary has risen quite

dramatically. The choice of the edition needs to be reviewed before new books are


Action: Parish Administrator to convey to the Japanese printing company that they

should not print another batch.

7) Action Items

7a) Staff health care policies. Ms Trout reviewed her extensive work on this project

over the last month. She was asked to give her research results to the Parish

Administrator, who will now follow up with the health insurance providers and the church

staff and make a report with recommendations to the Council next meeting.

Action: Parish Administrator.

7b) Security locks on Ohana Lani doors. The Parish Administrator said she will follow

up on this.

Action: Parish Administrator.

7c) Agreement with Sunday morning childcare workers. Mr. Myers said the Parish

Administrator has a brief to put agreements in place with the childcare staff.

Action: Parish Administrator.

7d) Security procedures draft document. The Parish Administrator circulated a draft

document, which is required before the Thursday-Friday security guard service can

begin. Ms Schwichow moved to strike the word “Calvary” from the heading, amend No.

7 insert “No uninvited” animals or unleashed dogs allowed on campus during business

hours.” No. 6 be modified to say “except to attend church events.” She moved that the

Council accept this policy as modified. The motion passed unanimously.

7e) Procedures for staff vacation & travel requests. Mr. Joseph noted that he is

working on forms to be used for staff travel and vacation requests, to be vetted by the

Personnel Committee.

Action: Mr. Joseph and the Executive Committee.

8) New Business

8a) Establish an Audit Committee. Mr. Myers proposed a committee of Ms.

Schwichow-Lord for 3 years, Tim Sprowls for 2 years, and Ruth Marie Quirk for 1 year.

Mr. May moved approval and the motion passed unanimously.

8b) Deacon liaisons to various committees. Deferred to the next meeting.

8c) Organize Synod lunch in May.

Action: Church Office.

8d) CBTS Synod and Hukilau delegates. Sherrie Clark was nominated by Ms.

Schwichow-Lord to be one of the CBTS delegates and pay her per diem and the Friday

Luau costs. The motion passed unanimously. Messrs. Joseph and del Castillo agreed

to represent CBTS at the Hukilau Assembly.

8e) Request from ANC for Billy McLaughlin fund-raiser concert 23rd November 2014.

Agreed by consensus to reserve the date, and the Council is awaiting other details.

8f) Revitalization of makai-side landscape (Bob Legler’s offer). This was deferred to

a later meeting.

8g) Annual appraisals by the Personnel Committee.

Action: Executive Committee (which functions also as the Personnel Committee).

8h) Establish an Endowment Committee. Mr. Myers proposed a committee of Ms.

Schwichow-Lord, Ruth Marie Quirk, Linda Hansen, and Nackil Sung for 3-year terms.

Ms. Johanos-Kam moved approval and the motion passed unanimously.

8i) Deacons’ refreshment responsibilities. The Parish Administrator circulated and

posted on the web pages each deacon’s responsibilities for providing refreshments for

services the first Sunday of each month.

Action: all Council members.

8j) Sanctuary basement chaos. Mr. del Castillo agreed to speak to John Collins about

organizing a work day. Norm Coleman is another good possibility.

Action: Mr. del Castillo.

9) Reports

9a) Montessori Pre-School. Ms. Hawkins reported on upcoming events. The AMI will

be conducting an audit of our preschool on April 3rd and that evening there will be a

presentation in the sanctuary "The Genius of Maria Montessori." Enrollment is full.

Fund-raisers have been quite successful.

9b) Pastor. The proposed tour of Greece is cancelled. We are hosting VBS 7th-11th

July and we host the leaders for that week. CBTS is hosting a Hospice Hawaii service.

The Pastor is hoping to begin a mutual ministry team for supporting the Pastor.

9c) Music and Worship. Dr Poole noted some guest musicians that are coming to

CBTS, e.g. Melissa Cox and Jon Osorio in a fund-raising concert for the Youth Group

and the Organ Fund, the Lutheran High School of Orange County, Jamie Horgay, violin.

He said the Lenten services and soup suppers are going very well. There is a call for

donation of Bibles for a local prison program.

10) Adjournment and Closing Prayer

11) Next Meeting: the normal date of 17th April is Maundy Thursday, so a revised date

of Thursday, 10th April, at 6 pm was agreed.