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Approved Minutes- July 2014
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Approved Minutes- July 2014

Posted by: Robert Joseph on Sun, Aug 3, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

17th July 2014

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call

President Jim Myers called the meeting to order at 6.06 pm.  A quorum of President Myers, Peggy Trout, Susan Schwichow-Lord, Rafael del Castillo, Geoff Hamilton, Pastor Tim Mason, Mike May, Adam Sylvester, and Bob Joseph was present. Apologies were received from Monika Day, Thea Johanos-Kam, and Bryce Harken.  Guests included Jennifer Hawkins, Director of the Pre-School, Tom Poole, Director of Music & Worship, and Shelby Young, Church Administrator.

2) Devotions.  The Council was led in a new song, “Calm to the Waves.”  A devotional was read by Pastor Tim.

3) Approval of Minutes from the June Council Meeting.  Bob Joseph moved approval of the corrected minutes and the motion passed unanimously. 

3.1) Treasurer’s Report 

a) June Financial Reports

Contributions and Japanese wedding income have exceeded the budgeted  expectations and the expenses have been less than budgeted.  As a result the  year-to-date income over expense is about $140,000.

b) Status of CBTS investments

The Council agreed to request that the Treasurer present a report at the next  meeting on the status of the three investment accounts, which total  approximately $750,000, and her proposals for any changes in investment.

Action: The Treasurer.


4) Action Items from June Meeting

4.1) Procedures for staff vacation, travel, & purchase requests.  Mr. Joseph circulated draft examples of four documents for staff travel and purchase requests.  The Council agree to adopt these in principle, with corrections and additions as suggested by the Church Administrator and the Accountant.  The recommendation is to put these form online.

Action: The Church Administrator.

4.2) Annual staff appraisals. No report.

4.3) Terms of employment for new PAC Director.  Mr Joseph moved to accept the recommendation for $35/hour and the motion passed unanimously.

5) New Business

5.1) Removal of ficus tree in front of ANC.  Mr Joseph moved that Ms Yuu follow up with the recommended bid for removal of the decaying tree.

Action: The Church Administrator.

5.2) Proposal for a new ad hoc Committee to do routine maintenance.  The Council agreed that there should be close liason with the Office and with the Property Committee.  There was a consensus for establishing this Committee.

Action: Ms Trout and Ms Schwichow-Lord.

5.3) Satisfaction survey. Rafael del Castillo surveyed both services last month for what people find valuable and what they find missing.  One highlight is that almost everyone commented on how inclusive CBTS is.  The Office will summarize these responses for the Council, which is requested to reflect on the responses when deciding on future developments for CBTS.

Action: The Church Administrator and the Council.

6) Reports

6.1) Montessori Pre-School.  Ms. Hawkins reported a very successful carwash.  Teachers return on 4th August and school begins on 13th August.  Enrollment is full with 14 toddlers and 45 primary children, and there are substantial waitlists.  The proposed budget was approved with one abstention.

6.2) Pastor.  Pastor Tim reported that his health is enormously improved.  He is recovering from both the neck surgery and the TIA.  He said there have been quite a number of requests for new member classes. He is concerned that the Church needs to do more in outreach. Pastor Tim’s vacation will be from 21st July to the 3rd August.

6.3) Music and Worship.  Tom Poole reviewed the highlights of the worship schedule through November.  Mike May offered to work with Dr Poole on Rally Sunday, to be held perhaps near the end of September. The Church Retreat at Mokuleia is scheduled for 10th-12th October.  Founders’ Day is 19th October.

6.4) Education: N.B. an anonymous gift of $2,000 supported the very successful Vacation Bible School this summer.

6.5) Efficiency Committee. The Committee is still working on electricity usage and other issues, but it appears that the solar power has saved about $3,000 in electric bills in each of the past two years.

6.6) Endowment Committee.  Susan Schwichow-Lord reported that there is a mandate to spend 4.5% of the Endowment funds each year.  There will be an announcement soliciting requests to use these funds in the autumn.

7) Adjournment and Closing Prayer

8) Next Meeting: the normal date is 21st August.