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Approved Minutes- September 2014
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Approved Minutes- September 2014

Posted by: Robert Joseph on Mon, Nov 24, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

September 18, 2014

Draft Minutes

1. Call to Order

President Jim Myers called the Council to order at 6:15pm
A quorum was established: present were Jim Myers, Peggy Trout, Susan Lord, Geoff Hamilton, Adam Sylvester, Rafael Del Castillo, Pastor Tim, and Bryce Harken.  Apologies were received from Mike May, Monika Day, Bob Joseph, and Thea Johanos-Kam.  Guests include Director of Music and the Arts, Tom Poole, Pre-School Director Jennifer Hawkins and Parish Assistant Lehua Nakamaejo.

2. Devotions  
Pastor Tim led devotions and we sang, accompanied by Tom Poole.

3. Approval of Minutes from the August Council Meeting

Monika Day made a motion to accept the August minutes and the motion passed unanimously.

Action Item:  Check into history of approval of minutes by email

4. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Peggy Trout reported that giving had exceeded budget and expenses were below planned for an overall net income ahead of budget.  Several unplanned maintenance items were paid for; Removal of the tree at the exit of CBTS, cleaning carpet, windows, painting in Ohana Lani, new air conditioner.  Other planned maintenance expenditures were put on.

New Business

Nursery Concerns
There are children older than six using the playground and grounds of church unattended during service. 

Action Item: Post signs and remind congregation to keep their older children by their side during service.  Obtain children’s bulletins for their use during service.

Signage on Campus
This month has been a problem with problem with parking on campus.  Large dogs were on campus unleashed when the preschool was in session.

Action Item: Post sign at entrance warning about parking and towing.

Sunday School
Discussion regarding the lack of Sunday School, soliciting volunteers and keiki involvement in the service were discussed.

Human Sexuality
Pastor Tim and Trina attended a training seminar to teach middle school and preschool children. Two other parents have approached Pastor Tim to attend the next training session. This course is integrates respect and Christian values into a teachable framework for parents and children.

Stephen Ministry
They have been doing a wonderful job with and have been following with continuing education. We have nine ministers who have completed their training to deliver the sacrament which the council will have to approve.

Old Business

Property & Maintenance Committees
We have a contract to replace the lighting under the Hau tree and will request a bid for replacing the lighting in the sanctuary. With the tenting of the sanctuary, John Collins was unable to perform planned maintenance.

Rafael Del Castillo introduced a motion that the property committee moves forward with the donation of the planting under the Hau tree.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Alcohol on Campus - Insurance
Talks with insurance agent brought up problem with alcohol on campus. To serve alcohol at an event, we would have to obtain additional insurance, a one-day liquor license and professional servers.


5. Reports

Montessori Pre-School

We had several families come to preschool blessing at church, however, the after service potluck was not well attended.  The annual Fun Fair will take place on September 27th. The preschool will practice their first Tsunami evacuation drill later this month.  The plan is to walk the children to higher ground. School is going well and all classrooms are full.  It would be great to have another teacher for the after-care program, but it is not in the budget.  The school is operating within budget.  One concern is the high temperature in the second classroom.  The preschool has installed blinds and fans, but are requesting consideration to investigate how to cool the space further as the temperature is quite high.  Three teachers are enrolled in the certification training required by 2015. 

Pastor’s Report 

Pastor Tim had a vacation in the beginning of August and his health is much better.  He thanks the congregation for coming out and helping sandbag the sanctuary.  Our confirmation class is very strong. He has given the Executive his job description for the Youth Director Job to be approved.  There is only one high school student interested in attending the National Youth convention next summer.

Music and Worship Director’s Report 

Tom would like to put a call out to congregation to buy some new hymnals.  This Sunday is International day of Peace and we will be having a special evening service. On December 7th Marty Haugen, the composer will be attending Calvary service.

6. Adjournment and Closing Prayer 

 The meeting adjourned at ca. 7:30 pm.

7. Next Meeting

The meeting was scheduled to take place on the normal date which would be October 16th at 6 pm  Susan Lord volunteered to prepare devotions.