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Approved Mintues- June 2014
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Approved Mintues- June 2014

Posted by: Robert Joseph on Sun, Aug 3, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting June 19, 2014  Minutes

1. Call to Order

President Jim Myers called the Council to order at 6:15pm.

A quorum was not established but it was agreed to go ahead with discussion of

Items on the agenda.

2. Devotions  - 

Mike May spoke of a funeral he attended in Halemaumau Valley and his experience of the presence of God, spirit  and love at the Tongan ceremony

3. Pastor Tim’s Illness

Shelby updated the council on Pastor Tim’s condition and his Doctor’s orders to remain on short-term leave.

4. Discussion of Japanese Bibles

CBTS is obligated to purchase the 2,000 Bible run and will call in more bibles. Discussion regarding replacement of the printer and important features were made.  Mikki May will be asked to obtain some printer’s bids.

5. Roll Call

At 6:30pm quorum was established with the presence of the following members: Jim Myers, Peggy Trout, Susan Lord, Geoff Hamilton, Mike May, Monika Day, and Bryce Harken, Apologies were received from Bob Joseph, Adam Sylvester, Thea Johanos-Kam, Pastor Tim and Rafael Del Castillo. Guests include Pre-School Director Jennifer Hawkins and Parish Administrator Shelby Yuu.

6. Approval of Minutes from the May Council Meeting

Geoff Hamilton made a motion to accept the May minutes and the motion passed unanimously.

7. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Peggy Trout reported that giving had exceeded budget year to date by 17% and expenses were below planned for an overall net income before unrealized gains of $39,163.

Postponed expenses and upcoming disbursements were discussed.

8. Montessori Pre-School

Ms. Hawkins reported that enrollment for the coming school year is almost completely full with a wait list.  She will be having two classrooms next year and will promote one of our current teachers to be head teacher for the classroom.  Summer School is going well and the increased income likely mean the pre-school will meet budget for the 2013-2014 school year.  She reminded the council of the final fundraiser of the year, the car wash and bake sale to be held this Saturday June 21, 2014. 

The School year to date income statement shows it is slightly over budget as at the end of May 2014.  The preliminary 2014-2015 school budget was handed out.  The preschool will be split into two primary classrooms.  The second classroom’s head teacher will be a current staff member who meets the qualifications.  Issues regarding staff contracts and payroll increases remain outstanding.

9. Pastor's Report 

Pastor Tim’s written report was submitted in his absence.

10. Beyond These Doors

CBTS’s second annual scholarship concert raised over $2500 and there will be calabashes at the Sunday meeting to assist in the giving.  Thrivent will match one dollar for every four given. 

11.  Endowment Committee: 

Endowment Committee members Peggy Trout and Susan Lord reported regarding the upcoming meeting of the Endowment Committee.  The Committee is in the process of determining contributions and distributions made up to the present, reviewing the ethics and other defining documents of the Committee.

12. Efficiency Committee

The Efficiency Committee had met just prior to COD meeting and reviewed Shelby’s recommendation of a phone system replacement.  Committee member Mary Pat Ashby had researched the solar electricity contribution to our overall and ascertained that it had lowered our electrical costs by about $4000 per annum.  The committee would continue further investigation into the electrical draw of appliances on campus. The Efficiency Committee recommended the council approve Shelby’s phone.  Peggy Trout made a motion to approve the Efficiency Committee’s recommendation and it passed unanimously.

13. Sunday School

Teachers would like to meet with children between the services and have a chance to go to church.  The teachers also wanted to integrate Montessori style teaching into the church curriculum.  Peggy Trout made a motion to adapt these two ideas for the coming year and the motion passed unanimously.

14.  Tax Committee  - no report.

15.  Performing Arts Calvary

Peggy Trout gave a brief report on status of the search to hire a replacement director of the program. Tom Poole recommended Haley Damm to take the position of PAC director.  Peggy Trout moved to hire her as the new director of Performing Arts Calvary.  The motion passed unanimously.

16.  Other New Business

Shelby and Peggy are working together on rewriting the facility rental documents.  Shelby received the bill for the coming year’s bank safety deposit box.  Susan Schwichow-Lord moved to continue rental of the box and if possible, move to a smaller size. The motion was passed unanimously.

17. Adjournment and Closing Prayer 

The meeting adjourned at ca. 7:30 pm.

18.  Next Meeting

The meeting was scheduled to take place on the normal date which would be July 17th at 6 pm