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Approved Minutes- August  2014
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Approved Minutes- August 2014

Posted by: Robert Joseph on Thu, Sep 18, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

21st August 2014

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call. The meeting was called to order by President Jim Myers at 6 pm.  A quorum of Mr Myers, Mike May, Susan Schwichow-Lord, Peggy Trout, Geoff Hamilton, Monika Day, Bryce Harken, Pastor Tim Mason, Thea Johanos-Kam, and Bob Joseph.  Apologies were received from Rafael del Castillo and Adam Sylvester. Guests included the Director of Worship and Music Dr. Tom Poole and Church Administrator Shelby Yuu.

2) Devotions.  Pastor Tim read excerpts from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Ms Johanos-Kam volunteered to give the devotions next meeting.

3) Approval of Minutes from the July Council Meeting

Mr May moved approval of the minutes and it passed unanimously.

4) Treasurer’s Report 

a. July Financial Reports.

Ms Trout said that year-to-date income was $531,038, of which $345,975 was from Japanese weddings. Expenses were $514,953, so income over expense year-to-date is $72,297.  

The Treasurer called attention to the Church’s three investment accounts.  The checking account has a balance of $260,000.  The low-interest reserve account has a balance of $236,000.  The Endowment Fund has a balance of $277,000.  The Council was reminded that the Endowment Committee has called for proposals for use of the dividends from this account for 2014.

b. Upgrades to the Church facilities.  

Ms Trout also reported on a review the the church property by the Maintenance Committee (Bob Legler, Susan Schwichow-Lord, Peggy Trout).  The Committee has identified four priority areas which have some element of danger.  Then there are many other items, largely involving the cosmetic appearance of the buildings and campus. The consensus of the Council was that the Maintenance Committee is encouraged to work through this list, bringing bids for work to the Council for approval.  Ms Trout  said these repairs and renovations are an ideal use of some of the Reserve funds that are not attracting dividends.  She moved the Council approve the bid for re-doing the lighting under the hau tree in front of the Sanctuary, with a maximum expenditure of $10,000.  The motion was approved unanimously.

5) Action Items

a. Procedures for staff vacation, travel, & purchase requests. (Church Administrator).  Drafts were presented for further review.

b. Report on the status of the three Church investment accounts. (Treasurer) Reported in the Treasurer’s Report.

c. Removal of the ficus tree in front of ANC. (Church Administrator).  Done.

d. New ad hoc committee to do routine maintenance. (Treasurer & Ms Schwichow-Lord).  Discussed in the Treasurer’s Report.

e. Review of the Satisfaction Survey results. (Church Administrator and Council). Postponed to next meeting.

6) New Business

a. Approval of plans for 2014 church retreat. (Kim Bock).

Ms Bock used the costs from last year’s Retreat and proposed a similar budget and a draft of the flyer advertising the Retreat.  Ms Trout moved to accept the proposed rates of $230 + $62 each child for 3 nights in the Lodge, $160 + 42 each child for 2 nights, $150 + 62 each child for 3 nights in a Cabin, and $100 + $42 for each child for 2 nights in the Cabins. The Council approved these plans by consensus.

b. Allocate $400 for two people to attend a Sexual Education Workshop

(Pastor Tim).  Pastor Tim described the Human Sexuality Education Program Facilitator Training at the Unitarian Church on 5th & 6th September.  Ms Schwichow-Lord moved we allocate $400 for this initial training program for Pastor Tim and Trina Arrant to attend. The motion passed unanimously.

7) Reports

a. Montessori Pre-School.  Ms Hawkins’ report noted that the School is off to a great start, with a full toddler classroom of 14, and 48 primary students enrolled.  Year-to-date (August 2013 through July 2014) net income was -$319.

b. Pastor. Pastor Tim noted that the Sunday School program is currently at a stand-still, since there have been no volunteers to take over the program.  Vacation Bible School went very well and there were many children participating once the enrollment fee was dropped from $95 to $25.  Pastor Tim reported that his doctors have told him his recovery from his medical problems earlier in the summer has gone very well.  He is working on reducing stress and losing weight.  

c. Music and Worship. Dr Poole reviewed the planning for all the services for the remainder of the year and into 2015.

d. Education. Peggy Trout agreed to ask for volunteers for the Sunday School.

e. Efficiency Committee.  Ms Schwichow-Lord reported that meters have been procured for electric usage at ANC, and there is a plan to replace fridges and freezers with newer low-energy units.

f. Endowment Committee.  The Committee requested approval of two policy recommendations:

  1. That the three Endowment Team members be authorized to make disbursements/transactions for the CBTS Endowment Fund account with the ELCA Foundation:  Pulelehua Quirk, Susan Schwichow-Lord, and Peggy Trout.  Ms. Johanos-Kam moved to adopt this authorization, and the motion was passed unanimously.
  2. That $10,000 be reimbursed from the Endowment Fund to Calvary by the Sea’s General Fund to cover prior years 2004 – 2013.  This is to repay the Church’s General Fund when Endowment disbursements were taken from the General Fund.  Mr Joseph moved adoption of this motion, and the motion was approved unanimously.

8) Adjournment and Closing Prayer.

9) Next Meeting: the normal date is 18th September.