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Approved Minutes- January 2015
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Approved Minutes- January 2015

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Fri, Jan 30, 2015

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons Meeting

15th January 2015

Draft Minutes

1) Call to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Myers at 6.05 pm. A

quorum of Mr Myers, Peggy Trout, Geoff Hamilton, Susan Schwichow-Lord,

Pastor Tim Mason, Rafael del Castillo, Mike May, Thea Johanos-Kam, Adam

Sylvester, Monika Day, and Bob Joseph was present. Apologies were

received from Bryce Harken. Guests included the Director of Worship and

the Arts Dr. Tom Poole, and the Pre-School Director Jennifer Hawkins.

2) Devotions

Pastor Tim did a devotional reading based on the idea “This is the day that

the Lord has made,” from the book Jesus is Calling by Sarah Young.

3) Approval of Minutes from the November Council Meeting.

Approval of the December minutes was moved by Mr del Castillo and was

approved unanimously.

4) Treasurer’s Report

Ms Trout reported that the gross income received in 2014 was $984k. The

total expenses for the year were $818k, and so net income over expense for

2014 was $166k. This is chiefly due to Japanese wedding income, which

was about $141k greater than was forecast in the budget.

Ms Trout circulated a draft budget for 2015 for review by the Council. This

budget assumes a gross income of $984k, and total expenses for the coming

year of about $900k. She noted that the Church has a positive balance in

the checking account and another account which totals $660k, and these are

attracting interest less than 1%. In the discussion it was noted by several

Deacons that it has been a pity that the Church has used income from the

Japanese weddings for over 20 years for everyday operations, rather than

sending more to missions or saving more toward longer-term projects--such

as replacing Ohana Lani. The discussion closed with a motion from Mr

Joseph that requested the Finance Committee to leave about $200k for this

$660k fund accessible for operational needs and capital improvements in the

church buildings for this year, and to put the remainder into an investment

account. The Finance Committee was further asked to recommend an

amount that not less than 25% of these accumulated funds to be placed in a

reserve account with restricted access to be used for a major building

project. The motion passed unanimously.

Action: Finance Committee.

5) Old Business

5a) Youth Director. Several applications have been received and the

Executive Committee/Personnel Committee needs to review these and

interview a shortlist for the position.

Action: Executive Committee.

5b) Kilohana United Methodist Church Senior Enrichment Center.

The Council agreed to publish a notice about this opportunity in Calvary

Calls, and on that basis send a response to Pastor Sam Domingo on the

willingness of CBTS to join the Senior Enrichment Center Board.

Action: Mr Joseph and Ms Yuu.

6)New Business

6a) Cleanout of Sanctuary basement. The 21st February, 9-12 am, is

the day the basement will be cleared of accumulated items that are not

working or are otherwise unuseable. People who are aware of boxes and

other material that should be saved should notify the Church office.

6b) Collins proposal for an independent services provider. John

Collins had submitted to the Council a proposal that he become an

independent contractor to work on initiating, planning, and managing

projects on various aspects of the Church maintenance and project


Mr Joseph summarized the consensus in moving that the Council thank Mr

Collins for his proposal, which was useful and very much appreciated, but

the Council felt that for many reasons, it is not prepared to proceed with this

plan at this time. The motion passed with all in favor except for one


6c) Sex education at Calvary by the Sea. Ms Schwichow-Lord expressed

concern about instituting the “Our Whole Life” (OWL) sex education

program. Pastor Tim and two others have gone to the preliminary training

for this program. In the discussion the consensus was that it would be a

major undertaking to institute a class on sexuality and the Church should

not take this on at the present time.

6d) Church archives. Mr May called attention to concern that the Church

archives need preserving and some of the people who know most about the

history of the Church are eager to contribute what they know to this project.

The Council agreed to ask Mr May to establish an archive committee which

would organize and document the existing documents and photographs and

perhaps develop and preserve them for the long-term.

Action: Mr May.

7) Reports

7a) Montessori Pre-School. Ms Hawkins reported that the Holiday

Program was a wonderful success, with each classroom performing songs for

the parents, families, and guests. Cookies and milk were accompanied by

professional musicians Roch Lockyer, Emmitt Mahoney, and Norm Foster.

One new teacher has joined the staff; she has AMI Montessori Certification

as well as a master’s degree in Montessori education. Six new families have

joined the ohana and both the toddler and primary classes are full and the

total enrollment is 65. Waitlists continue to grow for the 2015-16 school


7b) Director of Worship and the Arts. Dr Poole reviewed the planning

for services for the seasons of Epiphany and Lent. He highlighted the

dedication of the new Prince of Peace Sanctuary, at which the Calvary Choir

will be singing. The Annual Meeting will be at 9 am on 22nd February. He

noted that the Lenten Midweek Holden Evening Prayer followed by a Soup

Fellowship will be held for the four Wednesday evenings beginning 4th

March. On 4th March a guest choir from Concordia University Irvine will be

singing, and on Palm/Passion Sunday 29th March another guest choir from

Minnesota will be singing.

7c) Pastor. Pastor Tim reported that a new grief support groups has been

established and its first meeting will be on 29th January from 6.30-8 pm in

the Loft. There are now 10 children in the confirmation class. He will be

attending the Bishop’s Retreat at Mokukeia from 21st-23rd January.

8) Adjournment and Closing Prayer. The meeting adjourned at 8.35 pm.

9) Next Meeting: the normal date would be just three days before the

Annual Meeting, and so the actual date of the next Council meeting will be

agreed by the new Council elected at the Annual Meeting.