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Draft Minutes from August 3, 2014 minutes
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Draft Minutes from August 3, 2014 minutes

Posted by: Admin on Thu, Aug 7, 2014

  1. Opening Prayer:  The meeting was started with prayer by Ted Hsia at 11:45 a.m.

Present were Sherri Clark, Ryan Larson, Martha Staff (who left early, but agreed with our decisions), Peggy Trout, and Ted Hsia, Sally Drake, sent her apologies.

  1. Approval of Minutes for 22 Sep 2012:  These Minutes were approved nem con (nemine contradicente).  Lehua Nakamaejo will be asked to up-load the minutes to our web site.
  2. Unfinished Business:
    1. Final report on Hukilau Donations for John Lunn’s Mattress Project. Hukilau Collected $2,329.63, not counting $250 which had been mis-filed by CBTS.
    2. Status of Japanese New Testaments.  Although this is not a formal responsibility of our Committee, Peggy Trout gave us an up-date.  The original New Testaments, for which Calvary contracted to pay $20.00 each, had risen progressively to $34.00.  An alternative version has been found, also white, of a more convenient size, with a better “feel,” using the King James version and traditional Japanese text, which has been approved by Pastor Tim Mason and Yukio Mason.  This version costs only half as much.  This was an informational report, as decisions about switching to the alternative version is not the responsibility of our Committee.
  3. Rev. John Lunn’s Visit.  Pastor Lunn is due to arrive 11 August.  Housing has been generously offered by Jack and Mary Pat Ashby in their home. Full use of a car has been generously offered by Tim and Laura Sprowls.
    1. John Lunn’s participations in regular Calvary Activities:  These have been arranged by Tom Poole and Pastor Tim, to include preaching at some services, and speaking more informally at others.  Pastor Lunn will also be speaking to the Stephen’s Ministry team.
    2. Special Open Meeting for Rev John Lunn:  We discussed holding an open meeting to which members of other Hukilau or neighboring Churches can be invited.  We decided it would be easiest to make this a pot-luck lunch (pastor Lunn is a vegetarian) after the Second service on Sunday 24 August, subject to approval of the date by Pastor Lunn, Pastor Tim, and Tom Poole.  The possibility of attracting more attendees from other churches for an evening or weekday gathering was very likely to be too sparse to inconvenience our own members.

A formal topic for this meeting could be about Pastor Lunn’s new work, or could focus on a set of questions to be prepared beforehand.

  1. Other Meetings with Interested Participants:  We felt these could be arranged informally from time to time, without need for our Committee to make plans.

  1. Any New Business.  No new business was introduced.
  2. Closing Prayer.  The meeting was closed in prayer by Peggy Trout at 12:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Ted Hsia, Chairman. Global Missions