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Education Committee Notes 03/04/08
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Education Committee Notes 03/04/08

Posted by: Garret Pick on Mon, Mar 10, 2008

recorded by Pam Park

The Education Committee met on Wednesday, March 3 at 4pm. Pastor Tim, Janet Pick and Pam Park attended.
1. Hospitality refreshments on Sunday April 20. Pam – fruit, Renee – muffins. Other donations are welcome!
2. The Sunday School closet will be cleaned and sorted on Saturday April 5. If there are items there that you use, please label and date them. If there are items you would like to find, let me now and they will be located and labeled for easy identification.
3. Noisy Can offering will end Palm Sunday, March 16. About $800 collected so far.
4. Adult Forum updates - Current unit is Faith, last sessions will be May 18.
5. Nursery Notes – No Update on signs to identify location for visitors
6. Preschool sign in/out sheets – there has been a noticeable improvement in compliance.
7. Status of Alpha program- no start date yet scheduled.
8. VBS –
At least one hour per week will be spent working on sample crafts and backdrops for Bible School. The schedule is in Calvary Calls – but if anyone would like to come at a different time or day, Pam will be happy to join you!
Have ordered 9 promotional posters. Suggestions on placement? At least two on our campus, one at Holy Nativity. If anyone knows of business establishments that would be good places for a poster, please relay the information to Pam.
Taste of East Oahu - Pam will prepare a Rainforest-themed wall hanging to include in the auction , and will have registration forms available.
We will offer preschool lessons in a separate area, but the K-6graders will be in an intergenerational format. Will need to have more decorations & staff, but this should offer more security for the little ones and a more age appropriate activities for the older kids
We will say that the VBS if free, but will accept goodwill offerings to help with the costs. The recommended amonut will be $20 per child. Reviewed registration form - need to add t-shirt size.
 Outdoor banner has arrived. Publicity posters, reproducible music CD,  40 t-shirt transfers and 100 invitation postcards have been ordered. Postcards will be mailed in April. (send to Montessori school alumni - will get list from Denise by April 1) Also PAC kids, CBTS members who don’t attend Sunday School, others?
Will purchase age-specific Bible Books after registration forms come in, with a slight buffer. Will set registration deadline as June 27 to allow for shipping supplies.
Will order critter sets this month to get the 10% discount. Estimate 30 sets,
Meals will be served in Hale Aloha. Preschool staff have volunteered to help with the dinner program. Suggested dinner menus (to appeal to all ages) are:
 Drinks - water, lemonade, coffee, milk
 Assorted fruit (apples, bananas, grapes, watermelon, cantelope)
 Veggies with dip
 Mac& Cheese, Chili
 Costco Pizza
 PB&J, Ham Sandwiches (assorted bread, condiments)
 Hot dogs, Beans
We still need dedicated volunteer adults and teens for many positions.
9.  Lecture series on Science and Religion – need dates on church calendar as soon as possible.
10. Thanks to Janet Pick for taking on the annual Easter Egg Hunt! Coloring pages, paper bags and markers will be provided for pre-and post- hunting enjoyment. We will also have simple refreshments.  
11. Next meeting Wednesday April 2 at 4:30pm (note later time!!)
 2008 Education Committee Calendar
 19 VBS planning 7pm


 27 VBS planning 4:30pm 
 30 Peace and Social Justice Noon
Apr 2 Committee meeting 4:30pm, VBS planning 5pm
7 VBS planning 7pm
17 VBS planning 4:30pm
 20 - Hospitality Refreshments Signup Needed soon
 22 VBS planning 5pm
 27 VBS planning 10am (for those who attend 7:30 worship), Peace and Social Justice Noon
May 7 Committee meeting? (Pam off island April 29 to June 17)
 ??Last day of regular Sunday School classes?
 VBS Registration
June - Resume summer Kayak class, other curriculum for younger children on Sunday mornings
 19 VBS planning 4:30pm
 22 VBS preparations 8:45am
 25 VBS preparations 5pm
 29 VBS preparations 8:45am
July 1 VBS preparations 4:30pm
 6 VBS preparations 8:45am
 11 VBS setup 4:30-7pm
 12 VBS setup –9am - 5pm
 13 VBS setup 11:30am – 5pm 
 14 - 18 VBS, 5 - 8 pm
Aug 6 Committee meeting
 13  Order fall curriculum materials
 Contact teacher prospects
Sept 3 Committee meeting
 7 - Rally Sunday
 21 - Hospitality Refreshments
Oct 1 Committee meeting 
Nov - Involve Sunday School with the Kamiloiki toiletry kit project
Dec - Creche sharing, Learn about The Star?
 18 - Trolley tour of Honolulu Lights