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Education Committee Notes 04/23/08
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Education Committee Notes 04/23/08

Posted by: Garret Pick on Wed, Apr 30, 2008

recorded by Pam Park

1. Thanks to all who contributed to the Hospitality refreshments on Sunday. Our next commitment is in September.
2. The Sunday School closet has been cleaned out, and there are now empty shelves for VBS donations. If there is anything that should be in the closet that you cannot find, please contact Pam or Renee.
3. Noisy Can offering - over $1200!! Note for next time - use the electric coin sorter in the storage closet!!
4. Lecture series on Science and Religion – see attached notes from Bob Joseph. He is proposing weekly lectures during the month of August, hopefully on Tuesdays.
5. Next meeting Wednesday JULY 2 at 4:00pm unless someone can chair a May or June meeting.
Current volunteer list and registration form are attached. All info (forms, list of desired donation items, FAQ, etc) is also available on the church website (thanks, Janet!!)
100 postcards have been mailed to preschool alumni, and registraton froms are going home with all current preschoolers. Forms will also be mailed to all church families with children from age 3 to 11. Poster will be at the Movement Center, too. We have additional posters, if anyone knows of places where they coule be placed.
Outdoor banner is being prepared.Notices will be sent to local papers in May. Registration deadline is June 27 to ensure timely arrival of age specific supplies.
Suggested dinner menus (to appeal to all ages) are on the attached spreadsheet. Focus on rainforest foods.
 (Four Attachments) 
 2008 Education Committee Calendar


April 27 VBS planning 10am (for those who attend 7:30 worship), Peace and Social Justice Noon
May 7 Committee meeting? (Pam off island April 29 to June 17)
 25 Last day of regular Sunday School classes?
June - Resume summer Kayak class, no Sunday School for younger students
 19 VBS planning 4:30pm
 22 VBS preparations 8:45am
 25 VBS preparations 5pm
 29 VBS preparations 8:45am
July 1 VBS preparations 4:30pm
` 2 Education Committee Meeting 4pm
 6 VBS preparations 8:45am
 11 VBS setup 4:30-7pm
 12 VBS setup 9am - 5pm
 13 VBS setup 11:30am – 5pm 
 14 - 18 VBS, 5 - 8 pm
Aug 6 Committee meeting
 13  Order fall curriculum materials
 Contact teacher prospects
Sept 3 Committee meeting
 7 - Rally Sunday
 21 - Hospitality Refreshments
Oct 1 Committee meeting 
Nov - Involve Sunday School with the Kamiloiki toiletry kit project
Dec - Creche sharing, Learn about The Star?
 18 - Trolley tour of Honolulu Lights