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Education Committee Notes 1/9/08
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Education Committee Notes 1/9/08

Posted by: Garret Pick on Fri, Jan 25, 2008

recorded by Pam Park

The Education Committee met on Wednesday, January 9. In attendance were Pastor Tim, Renee Akuo, Pam Park and Yukio Hamada.
As our agenda continues to expand, anyone interested in any aspect of the Education program is encouraged to attend our meetings or to offer assistance in implementing the planned activities whenever possible.  The Spirit can lead us to reach many more people if we all work together!
1. 2008 Hospitality Refreshments Calendar - Will need to recruit volunteers to bring snacks.
 Education Committee is committed for April 20 and September 21.
2. The Noisy Can offering has been a big success. We will inventory the supply of cans to see if more "take home" cans should be decorated to ensure that each family can have one. We also need volunteers to pass out the cans after each service for the next week or two. Renee has volunteered to count and roll the coins each week, but she would like to have a back-up for this task. Any takers? We will be promoting the campaign with toy animals representing God's Global Barnyard in Sunday School and/or the children's sermon time, and also need to gather information on the mission work in Cameroon, which will share the funds. The offering will continue through Lent.
4.  All SS curriculum materials for the spring are due this week
 Some classes are reporting low attendance. While this may due to the long holiday break, guides are encouraged to call or send postcards to tell students are missed when they do not attend.
5. Pastor Tim's Crossways Bible study group is on hold until at least after the Israel trip.
6. Adult Forum will continue from 8:45 till 9:45 each Sunday with Karen Sisler.
7. Sometime in the next month or two Yukio will begin the Alpha program for adults. This will be a pilot program of 10 weeks exploring personal beliefs and religious doctrines. After the pilot, new 10 week sessions will be open to anyone in the community.  The program uses DVD programs followed by a facilitator who promotes an open discussion and participation of everyone as they think about their own beliefs. The program needs a 3 year commitment, but each session will be 10 weeks long. Look for more information in upcoming promotional materials.
8. Space Assignment changes - We will need to create a space and DVD/TV access for the Alpha group, and will likely shuffle several existing groups around. (Alpha group in loft, loft group in trailer, trailer group in main school buiding, in a space to be created with new room dividers.) In addition, the book group may need to move to the Groom's room in February while Pastor Tim offers a New Members class in his office.
9. Fellowship events - We will not be flying kites at Pentecost, since this is also Mother's Day this year. However, the Montessori school does an annual kite flying event, so we will try to team up with them for this activity. More to come.
10. Teacher appreciation lunch will be held on the lanai at 11:15am on Sunday, January 27. Renee and Pam will put together an invitation list for all current teachers, but anyone interested in the Education program is invited to attend. Lunch will be salads, fresh baked bread and dessert. We hope you can all come!!
11. The VBS curriculum will be the "Rainforest Adventure." The program should be lots of fun, but will take a lot of effort from many people to be a success. It will be held from 5:00 - 7:45 pm on July 14-18. We will be inviting several area churches to partner with us in offering this to the community. There will be opportunities to help with staffing, advertising, providing a light supper to begin each session, decorationg, crafts, science projects, music, games, storytelling, registrations, etc. We will need everyone's help, but this will be a terrific new opportunity to share God's grace with aloha to the community.
12. Bob Joseph wants to Ioffer a course of a few lectures at Calvary on the the topic Science and Religion. As he says, " This is certainly a timely subject, with all the current ferment about evolution vs.  so-called "Intelligent Design" that one sees continually in the press.  But there are larger issues on the nature of Reality (Ontology), and how we find knowledge (Epistemology), and the implications of these ideas for understanding our religious faith and understanding how to approach the Scriptures.  Such a course could be addressed largely to the Calvary ohana, but it could also be an outreach to the larger community.  In my personal opinion there are many very good people who have little or no understanding of the Christian faith--or any other faith for that matter--and they have a kind of empty piety.  Then there are those who feel Science has done away with religion and other superstitious beliefs and it is not possible to take religious belief seriously without severe intellectual compromise.  In my experience this begins with teenagers, and I know of many adults who still entertain a childish understanding of what religious belief is about.  So, I think I could  offer a course of lectures to set the larger philosophical context for the place of religion in a scientific age and then deal with issues such as evolution, the big-bang, etc."
We will talk more with Bob this month about the support he will need for these lectures (technology support, time, advertising, etc) and will try to schedule them on the church calendar in the near future. We have already heard from a teenager in the congregation that this is a desired topic for thought and discussion.
In addition, we would like sponsor speakers on other subjects throughout the year. If you have an idea, let us know.  Education doesn't happen just on Sunday mornings between services!
13. Other Business
 First Communion education will be offered on March 2 and 9 to any baptized members in first grade or beyond. Pastor Tim will speak to the entire Sunday School one day about this sacrament, and then will meet individually with anyone new and their family. The First Communion will be taken on Palm Sunday, March 16.
 We hope to continue the traditional Easter Egg hunt on the playground this year.from 9 to 9:45am on March 23. Renee has handled all the details in the past, but she will be vacationing this year and so we are looking for someone else who will be willing to help order small items for the 200 or so plastic eggs and supervise the logistics of hiding the eggs and the crowd control. We would also like to offer coffee and simple brunch food for those who are waiting their turn to hunt or who have filled their baskets but have time before the service begins.  If you are interested in assisting so that this tradition can continue, please call Pam at 395-4165.
14. The first Wednesday of February is Ash Wednesday, so our next meeting will be Wed, Feb 13 at 4pm.
2008 Education Committee Calendar
Jan 27 Teacher appreciation luncheon, Peace & Social Justice meeting
Feb 13 Committee meeting
 ? Begin Alpha program
Mar 2 First Communion training
  5 Committee meeting
  9 First Communion training
 16 First Communion
  23 Easter Egg Hunt
Apr 2 Committee meeting
 20 - Hospitality Refreshments
May 7 Committee meeting
 ??Last day of regular Sunday School classes?
 VBS Preperations and Registration
June - Resume summer Kayak class, other curriculum for younger children on Sunday mornings
July  6 - 13 VBS preparations
 14 - 18 VBS, 5 - 8 pm
Aug 6 Committee meeting
Sept 3 Committee meeting
 7 or 14 - Rally Sunday
 21 - Hospitality Refreshments
Oct - Plan Trolley ride for Dec
Nov - Involve Sunday School with the Kamiloiki toiletry kit project
Dec - Creche sharing, Learn about The Star