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Approved Annual Meeting Minutes- February 2013
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Approved Annual Meeting Minutes- February 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Calvary by the Sea

Annual Congregational Meeting

February 24, 2013



The meeting was called to order by President Kim Bock at 10:37 AM.  After counting members present, she noted that there were 57 voting members, constituting a quorum present.  The minutes of the last congregational meeting on Feb 19, 2012 were approved with no corrections.  moved for approval of the minutes and the motion passed unanimously.

Pastor Tim opened the meeting with thanks to the church for their support during his difficult year. He announced that Keith Wolter is now pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, Honolulu.  He thanked Shirley Isaccs for her contribution to CBTS and said that our annual report and meeting are dedicated in her honor.  He thanked the congregation for its creativity, especially for the Christmas pageant, our wonderful choir, their welcoming spirit to visitors and new members. He discussed our Tribe ministry, encouraging everyone to find a spot in a Tribe – both for its chance to meet other members and for the contribution the tribes make to our community.  To join a tribe, call Shelby in the office to request membership.  He is thankful for the Steven Ministry at CBTS.  He thanked Bob Joseph and the Peace and Social Justice group for what they bring to our community, Michael and Calvary in the Sea for its ministry, and the congregation for the general spirit of concern, healing, and welcome in this place.  He thanked the Council of Deacons for its work, respect for each other, and blessings it brings to our church, including the newly focused Stewardship leadership.

President Bock gave her report indicating the CoD members who have stepped up in amazing ways to fill holes in CBTS during the past year.  She thanked departing CoD members: Tim Sprowls for his work as treasurer, Martha  Staff, and Steve Egesdal for their contribution.

Tim Sprowls gave the Treasurer’s Report: CBTS Current Financial position is good, highlights (p 44):  Current assets of 517K, up from last year a bit and about 50% of our annual operating budget. We spend about 90K on operating expenses.  We did not make our goal on giving, but did have a slight increase over 2011.  We did a major capital improvement on the roof of Ohana Lani.  About 60% of our income is from contract weddings, conducted by UI Productions.

Kay Burgoyne reported on our Montessori Pre-School:  There were 8 graduates in 2012; she expects there to be 15 this year. They have a new class bunny, last year graduates gave the school a bunny hutch.  The staff is outstanding,  and represent many years of service to CBTS school;  The school replaced its playground surface and play structure, funded by school fund raising – which was well supported by church, spaghetti dinners, book fairs, Christmas trees, car wash.  New fund raisers include the purchasing of produce bag of fresh produce from local farmers and a very successful garage sale.  The gardening, so popular with the students, is supported by production of bottled worm juice to use as fertilizer. The school encourages parental in its activities and projects.

After Kim thanked Tom Poole for his contribution this year, he reported on our Worship and the Arts program.  Tom discussed the amazing footprint of Calvary.  He met one woman who said she came to CBTS to look at the ocean, and participate in communion; another woman who moved to Japan where she met a former member of CBTS; Jane and Hollis Bishop seasonable members who say they found everything they look for in a church at CBTS.  John Lunn could have gone anywhere in the world for his sabbatical, but chose CBTS for its nurture, love, and acceptance.

In 2011, Tom entered a Yale University competition for church music programs, where we made the final round.  The project coordinator said: you have a wonderful congregation; the footprint of CBTS is much larger than expected. CBTS continues to thrive and grow in faith in spite of its difficulties the past year.  The music of JS Bach says:  to God alone be the glory

Pastor Tim reported that Corey Mason is leaving before Easter.  She has done well with our teens.  Our confirmation class is a 3 year program for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  Studies include Old Testament, New Testament, and Church Programs.  .  We have several young people scheduled to be confirmed this year.

Stewardship:  Jack Ashby reported on the two parts of our Stewardship Program.  The Participation Portion received  51 forms from church members indicating the areas in which they were interested.  As a result, there will be some new programs beginning and current leaders of programs will be contacting those who would like to participate.  A summary of the participation forms is available for program leaders.  The Pledging portion received completed forms/pledges from 28 families.  The results suggest that we should have an increase in giving this coming year.  Stewardship and the stewardship committee is an ongoing activity at CBTS.

John Collins reported for the Property Committee:  This committee is responsible for oversight of major maintenance activities, recommending new project, coordinating proposals including estimates of cost, and control of new projects.  This year, its most notable accomplishment was the new roof for Ohana Lani.  It was a complicated project, but was completed during the wedding and school summer vacations with minimum impact on the campus and its activities.

Mary Pat Ashby reported for Angel Network:  Today’s papers indicate that 12% of Hawaii population live below the poverty level and monthly cost of food is 60% higher than on mainland.  In 2012, 9,300 households were served by ANC,  20K packages of groceries were given to people who must make hard choices.  In 2009, ANC expenses were about $2,000; in 2012, ANC had a 50% increase over that.  ANC expenses and income were equal this year.  ANC receives 30% of its income directly from CBTS plus about 28% from designated gifts through CBTS, including the Whale.  Other income is from some grants, from other churches, businesses, occasional fundraisers, and 7% from Thrivent.  In 2013 ANC hopes to stabilize its growth.

Bob Joseph spoke for the Peace and Social Justice group:  This is a group who meets once a month to discuss the message of Christ and its relationship to our responsibilities for and to Hawaii.  We keep in contact with activities and projects of FACE - 40 faith based groups who work together for social justice, particularly as related to laws.  Recent FACT projects include encouraging banks to create modified payment plan for people receiving foreclosure and a plan for increasing minimum wage to $9.50.

Peggy Trout reported on the activities of the Global Missions Committee.  She discussed the influence CBTS has around the world: Surgical and Nursing Training in Africa by the Browns, AIDS victims in Africa with Mary Borman, Palative Care and Volunteer Medical Missionaries in Africa and India by John Lunn, church leadership training in China from Pastor Qiu, Malaria treatment and prevention through ELCA, food for HI hungry through ANC, and release survival education for women in prison by Bonnie Holcome and various teachers.  Over $91,000 goes from CBTS to help others around the world.

John Travis spoke on the pastoral ministry of the Stephen Ministers.  The program has two newly trained Steven Leaders, Abby and Adam Sylvester.  There is a Steven Minister training program currently in progress and another is planned before the end of 2012. Many in our church and community are blessed by this program.

Martha Staff reported for the Nominating committee:  Sheila Sanders, Linda Hansen, Steve Egesdal, Tina Bowman were the 2012 committee.  Their recommended slate are:  Jim Myers for President, Peggy Trout for Secretary; Deacon 3 year Term: Bob Joseph, Thea Johanos-Kam, Susan Schwichow-Lord;  Deacon 2 Year Term:  Karen Sisler.

Nominees  for nominating committee – Monika Day, Beverlee Robinson, Sharon Young – Nakaue, John Travis.

Nominations from floor:  for COD – none; for nominating committee - none

Nominations from committee fill the slate.  Martha Staff recommended that we accepted the slate, second

Tim Sprowls discussed the 2013 Budget.  This year we have only an operating budget, no capital improvement budget.  The CoD got input from committees and set about with two goals: to try to have balanced budget, to try to be fiscally prudent.  Our submitted budget is in the Annual Report.  Tim recommends a total CBTS budget of $860,000 which anticipates a slight downturn in Japanese wedding income. Motion and second.

Budget discussion: The CoD approach to building our 2013 budget (displayed on pages 44 A,B,C) was to create a “not to exceed” plan, not to request a line by line approval from the congregation.  This gives the council the ability to move items from one line to other if needed.

We did include a line item of “Depreciation” as recommended by the auditors.  This means we have about $31,900 going to saving to partially offset depreciation of buildings or equipment.

Call for motion to approve budget:  John Osorio moved for approval of the 2013 budget, Tim Vetter, seconded.

The 2013 Calvary by the Sea budget was unanimously approved.

The Calvary by the Sea Montessori School budget for July 2013 to July 2014 is almost exactly as same as last year.  The CoD has reviewed and approved the school budget.

Tim Sprowls moved that we approve a school budget with a “not to exceed” amount of $400,000.  Jim Myers seconded.

Tim announced that he will not continue in his role as Treasurer and the new President will need appoint someone to fill this position.

The Counting Committee reported on the election:  All nominated were approved.

Council of Deacons:  Jim Myers received 53 votes for President; Peggy Trout received 56 votes for Secretary; Bob Joseph received 55 votes for a 3-year term; Susan Lord received 53 votes for a 3 year term; Thea Kam received 56 votes for a 3 year term; Karen Sisler received 55 votes for a 2 year term.  All were elected.

For the 2013 nominating committee: Beverlee Robinson received 55 votes, John Travis received 55 votes, Monica Day received 56 votes, Sharon Young received 55 votes.  All were elected.

New Business

Bob Joseph indicated that he was “appalled” by the level of attendance at the CBTS annual meeting, especially from those who normally attend the early service. He proposed a change in the order of the services on annual meeting day.  After considerable discussion, an amended motion was made by Jon Osario and seconded by Del Castillo that the 2014 CBTS Annual Meeting be held the last Sunday in February, 2014 at 9:00 AM. Details on the schedule to be announced prior to the meeting.

A motion to adjourn was made at 12:20