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Approved Annual Meeting Minutes- February 2016
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Approved Annual Meeting Minutes- February 2016

Posted by: Jennifer Welch on Mon, Feb 22, 2016

2016 Annual Meeting

Calvary By the Sea Lutheran Church

February 21, 2016


Meeting Called to order 9:00 a.m.

At least 33 voting members are present and a quorum is present. Parliamentarian Tim Sprowls called the meeting to order.

The meeting is being recorded on audio.

Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes for 2015

Discussion re last year’s minutes:

2013 date in the third paragraph should read 2015.

Lea Del Castillo moved to change the error and John Travis seconded. Unanimous.

Reports from

  • Pastor Tim Mason

Pastor Tim’s full report is in the Annual Report 2015, which is available in the Parish Office.  Highlighted by Pastor Tim at the meeting: The 2015 confirmation class has 9 – 11 students with 7 students that will be confirmed this year. Hawaii Kai Retirement Center: Dottie Manning created the Rainbow Gallery and Pastor Tim Mason dedicated it. Tribe Ministry: Be involved. Stephen Ministry: A new group of Stephen ministers have just been commissioned. Pastor Tim spoke to the transient nature of our congregation and the need to invite others to join us. Manna in this land: people come here to heal, be accepted, be welcomed.

Pastor Tim Mason recognized Jennifer Welch for her service as Interim Director of Calvary By the Sea Preschool and Tom Poole for his music ministry, which is now full-time.

 Elizabeth Miles, Resident Artist, is teaching here and at Hawaii Kai Retirement community on behalf of CBTS.

  • The Council of Deacons Geoff Hamilton, President

Geoff Hamilton’s full report is in the Annual Report 2016. Below are items he highlighted at the meeting.

Survey: We have a survey asking about the church and its services. We want to hear from our members. Return your responses either by Survey Monkey, which will be sent via email, or by paper, which was handed out today. The survey will tell us how we can serve our constituents better.

Thank you to those who served on Council and in particular, the people who are going off the Council: Kim Bock, Thea Johanos-Kam, Susan Lord and Monika Day. Thank you to those who are still on the Council and those who are about to be voted in.

  • Treasurer and Auditing Committee Kim Bock, Treasurer

Kim Bock’s full report is in the Annual Report 2016. Below are items she highlighted at the meeting.

  • This year, there were small changes in how the money is reported in the monthly budget statements.
  • Due to the weakness of the yen against the dollar and a great price offered, the Council voted to purchase three years’ worth of Bibles in order to save money.
  • We replaced some chairs for Sunday Services and overflow events.
  • Liabilities remained constant.
  • Giving is up, primarily due to the Organ Fund. In total, Giving is down.
  • Wedding income is down 2.4%. It is projected to be down by 90k next year.
  • Angel Network Charities was in desperate need of a remodel/electrical upgrade: the Council voted to use some leftover money that was unused in the 2015 Building Fund budget to cover the cost.
  • The budget is balanced with an estimated net income of $311.
  • Pastor Tim Mason’s salary is net the same, but different in how the salary is accounted for with his housing tax.
  • Sunday School and VBS are in next year’s budget. We are looking for a Sunday School teacher.
  • Utilities decreased due to a change in metering by Hawaiian Electric. Energy efficient lights have been installed in the sanctuary. The Grounds committee has commissioned a Reserve Study.  After the results from the Reserve Study are in, the next Council can choose to use Capital Expenditures to cover the expense of repairs that is not included in the budget, if needed.

CBTS Montessori School

Jennifer Welch’s full report is in the Annual Report 2015.

Highlighted by Jennifer:

  • Jennifer feels honored and privileged to have been the Interim Director at Calvary By the Sea Montessori School.
  • The staff has been wonderful to work with, and has gone the extra “10 miles” to insure the smooth operation of the school and that the keiki are in a warm, caring, nurturing, Christian and educational environment.

  • Air conditioning was added to the napping area in the Primary classrooms in September.
  • Currently, there are 14 staff, 68 students and many, many helpful, involved parents. There is a healthy waiting list for the Summer and Fall 2016 programs.
  • The newly hired Director of the school, Momi Martinez, will begin on May 23, 2016.

Worship and the Arts

Tom Poole’s full report is in the Annual Report 2016. Tom Poole also pointed out that there is a Special Letter on page 48 from Pastor Laura Ziehl, who spent her sabbatical with Calvary By the Sea.

  • Committee Reports

Jack Ashby, Stewardship Chair. This year, 46 pledges were submitted. 212 families have supported the church this year, pledge or not. Organ Fund: personal giving covered 80% of the cost. There is a report from Manning Richards on the Bulletin Board that outlines everything that happened up until the purchase of the organ. A plaque to honor everyone who gave to the fund is being created.

Susan Lord presented the Endowment Committee report on behalf of Pulelehua Quirk, who is sick today.

Over the past ten years, the Endowment Fund has grown to $243,000. Please consider giving to this fund in perpetuity. The report is available outside on the table. The Council Of Deacons appoints the Endowment committee. Two positions are open. Please consider being on this committee. In March, 2016, the committee will begin its work and the grant application process again.

Jewell Tuitele, Angel Network Charities: Thank you to the congregation. You made this possible. The ANC building has been remodelled. Jewell was at the ANC over the last few days: volunteers were singing and guests were free to roam. Please consider volunteering. Bernie cooks lunch and it is amazing! Come and feel the spirit. We have new IT with Mac and Bernie. One final note: we don’t live our lives looking backward, or by looking in the rear view mirror. Look forward, drive hard and party on!

Bob Joseph, Faith Action For Community Equity (FACE): This group works for social justice at a local level. There were two legislative actions at the State legislature in the last few weeks. Homelessness and Affordable Housing. Hawaii has the highest rate of homelessness of all 50 states. Many pay more than half their income in rent. Please consider helping out with this cause.

Geoff Hamilton highlighted the great work of the Staff Support Committee and Cheryl Tuitele, Chair. He extended a heartfelt thank you to them.

Election: Presented by the Nominating Committee

Marty Welch thanked the four members of this committee. Lea Del Castillo, who was on the committee, accepted a nomination as a Council member and then recused herself from the committee.

Geoff Hamilton declared the election open. Ballots were submitted into the ballot box. Tim Sprowls clarified that members must be present to vote and they must cast their own vote.

Marty Welch announced that Jack Ashby, Monika Day and Martha Staff had volunteered to count the votes.

Geoff Hamilton announced that the election was officially closed at 10:11 a.m.

  • President of the Congregation

President Geoff Hamilton was reelected with 47 votes

  • Secretary of the Congregation

Secretary Jennifer Welch was reelected with 46 votes.

  • Three members of the Council of Deacons (3 year terms)

Lea Del Castillo was elected with 48 votes.

Kaui Lucas was elected with 47 votes.

Pat Wong was elected with 48 votes.

  • Four members of the Nominating Committee (1 year terms)

Tim Sprowls was elected with 48 votes.

Linda Hansen was elected with 47 votes.

Pam Tajima was elected with 46 votes.

Holly Isaacs Merrill was elected with 45 votes.

Approval of the Year 2016 Budget Kim Bock, Treasurer

Kaui Lucas motioned to add $5,000 to the 2016 annual budget to include a Dance and Drama program to support liturgical dance. Jon Osorio seconded.

Explanation: Jon Osorio asked what would be involved. Lisa Kimsey told us that the goal would be to have more participation. Classes would be offered so that there would be a more formal presentation during church, especially on special days. The class would not be offered every week, but on a regular basis. Lisa Kimsey is willing to lead it.

Lea Del Castillo asked if the classes would be all ages or separate age groups.

Susan Lord asked, if we fund this, would this become part of the regular budget? When we did have a program in the 90’s we were a congregation of 1000, now we are about 200. Susan questions our policy re: whether we pay people vs. volunteering.

Jewell suggested that coming with this idea after the budget has been discussed, rather than being a part of the budget process was not a good idea. Kim clarified that she told people they could bring a late budget idea to the annual meeting.

Jon Osorio stated that funding could be from the Endowment committee, and later become self-sustaining. Susan Lord clarified that it is in the charter of the Endowment Fund not to fund regular budget items.

Kaui Lucas asked how often we pass a balanced budget. Kim stated that we pass a balanced budget most of the time.

The vote on the $5,000 additional line item to the budget resulted in 16 in favor to 10 against. The motion does not carry.

Susan Lord moved that we add funds for a Youth Director in the amount of $12,000. Sherri Clark seconded.

Kim Bock explained that we had the position budgeted in the past. With Tom Poole’s move to full-time, the Council decided to have Tom Poole and Pastor Tim Mason cover those responsibilities for the time being. The duties would be part of the expanded job description for Tom Poole.

The vote resulted in 7 in favor to 23 against. The motion does not carry.

Geoff Hamilton called the Budget for approval. Marty Welch moved to have the budget approved as is and Monika Day seconded. Unanimous.

Unfinished Business

No unfinished business

New Business

Election results:

Geoff Hamilton read the list of names, their number of votes and declared that they were elected (See results above).

A question was asked as to how many people signed in and were authorized to vote. There were 33 people present as the meeting was called to order (We need 5% for a quorum) and ultimately 49 people signed in and were eligible to vote. A quorum was present.

Kim Bock motioned that the next annual meeting be on February 19, 2017 at 9:00. John Travis seconded. Unanimous.

Bob Joseph commented that we have a million-dollar budget with only 200+ families who attend and support the congregation. He encouraged us to do some serious thinking about how we proceed in the future. Geoff Hamilton commented that this will be a primary agenda item for the new Council.


John Travis moved to adjourn the meeting and Monika Day seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 10:43 by Geoff Hamilton.