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Global Mission Proposal 2006
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Global Mission Proposal 2006

Posted by: Pulelehua on Sat, Nov 26, 2005

The Mission Committee (Chairman: Ted Hsia. Ex officio: Pastor Tim Mason. Members: Sherri Clark, Billie Pring, Pulelehua Quirk) understands its responsibility is for promoting interest about, knowledge of, and support for Overseas Christian Missions, via the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
This involves establishing communications with selected missionaries, prayer and financial support.
1) Adopt-a-Missionary.
The Committee recommends that two missionaries be adopted, because these two are serving totally different parts of the world, with totally different challenges.
a) David (and Nahoko) Person are in Tokyo, Japan, where David is the associate pastor at Ichigaya Lutheran Church; he serves the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church Office in pastoral and lay leadership development (newsletters appended).  He is very active in working with Youths.  Pastor Dave was a former colleague and is a close personal friend of Pastor Tim’s.
b) Dr. Holly (and Dr. Tim) Nelson are medical missionaries, she is a pediatrician, and he is a surgeon. They are in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, between West and Central Africa (newsletters and map appended).  Dr. Holly was born here, and she still has many relatives here.
If the Council approves, the Missionary Sponsorship Covenant, signed by the congregation president, and Pastor, should be sent to Rev. David Lersseth, Director of Global Mission Support.
2) Mission Committee Budget for 2006:
a) Sponsorship covenant with two missionaries:  $4,000 per annum each $8,000
b) Two congregation members to attend Amherst for Global Mission Event,  $2,000 x 2 $4,000
c) Expenses for Visiting Missionaries [transportation, accommodation. etc].  $3,000 $3,000
d) Preparation of display map and other miscellaneous expenses. $200.00 $200
Total: $15,200
3) Future Plans:
 a)  Maintain communications with the adopted missionaries, about their work and their lives.
 b)  Regular up-dating of Mission page on Calvary web site.
c)  Maintain a large World Map display, pin-pointing the stations of adopted missionaries, with information about them, photographs, newsletters, as well as other material of interest.
 d)  Arrange for periodic presentations of overseas Mission activities to the congregation, in Calvary Calls and weekly bulletins.
 e)  Establish contact by our Sunday School with the children helped by our missionaries.
 f)  Hold occasional special meetings at Calvary by the Sea about mission-related topics.
 g)  Occasional special fund-raising projects for specific mission-related needs.
h)  Invite local sister churches to sponsor the same missionaries, to build strong local support.
i)  Send two or more congregation members (at least one youth) to the ELCA Global Missions Event, at Amherst, Mass.
j)  Invite our adopted Missionaries to visit Honolulu to meet with us, when they are returning to the Mainland United States, for meetings, or on home leave.
k)  In the future, plan to send congregation members for short- visits to Mission Fields.