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Posted by: J Pick on Fri, Sep 26, 2008

Aloha Calvary Parents:

Beginning Monday, September 29th, you will sign your child out at the new "HONU HUB" located just inside the 'Ohana Lani (nap area).
The Hub will open daily at 3pm for afternoon pickup.

What is the Honu Hub?
The "Honu Hub" is a large bulletin board and table that will serve as a communication center for the CBTSMS school 'Ohana.

What will you find at the Honu Hub?
In addition to sign out sheets, this is where you will find...
~ Child's take home folder
~ Snack & Laundry calendar
~ Notes and scratch paper
~ Message box for teachers
~ Announcements & News
~ Sign-up clipboards

Some parents have expressed their desire to cut down on the volume of paper used to distribute school announcements.  Certain announcements will continue to go into individual folders.  However, many plain "all school" message will only be placed on the "Honu Hub" table for parents to take as needed.
Parents of more than one student will not be burdened with duplicates or messages that do not apply to their family (i.e. Dance class, Kristy's Kitchen, etc.).

Hopefully, this format will also relieve the traffic jam in signing children out while helping parents find out what is going on tomorrow, this week, this month.

As a reminder, please continue to check your child's box daily.

Warmest Mahalo,

Calvary by the Sea Montessori School PTO

Any questions can be directed to Lara Spargur at 387-8727