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Approved Minutes July 2015
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Approved Minutes July 2015

Posted by: Jennifer Welch on Mon, Jul 20, 2015

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church
Council of Deacons Meeting
July 16, 2015
Draft Agenda

1) Call to Order and Roll Call Deacons Present: Cheryl Tuitele, Jennifer Welch, Geoff Hamilton, Jonathan Osorio, Lisa May Montano, Paul O. Jones, Thea Johanas-Kam, Pastor Tim Mason, Susan Lord, Bryce Harken. Also in attendance: Shelby Yuu, John Collins, Tom Poole.

2) Devotions: Pastor Tim led the devotions.

3) Approval of Minutes from the June Council Meeting Cheryl Tuitele moved to accept the minutes as written and this was seconded by Jon Osorio. The minutes were unanimously approved.

4) Reports
a) Montessori Pre-School
Jennifer Hawkins is on vacation, so there was no report.

b) Music and Worship
Tom shared an overview of his presentation for the Annual Meeting of Lutheran Church Musicians which will be held the week of July 19th. Tom’s presentation is entitled “Hula, Grass Skirts, and Mai Tai’s: An ELCA Congregation at Worship in Hawai’i—Lessons in Enculturation”.
Tom also reported that the organ needed some repair and it is already taken care of.
A candidate for directing PAC has been approved by the Executive Committee and Tom will be speaking with that highly qualified candidate when he returns to Hawaii in August.
The full Music and Worship report is on file in the church office.

c) Pastor
There will be no Bible School this summer due to a lack of volunteers.
Many of our youth participated in Summer Bible Camp at Mokuleia called “Hui Pu”. As the Youth director for the Episcopal Church is moving on, and Pastor is unsure if Bishop Fitzgerald will fill that position again, the Hui Pu is uncertain for next year.
Anthony de Mello Book Study meets every Friday evening from 7:00-8:30 p.m. in Ohana Lani. Currently, about 24 people attend and Richard Hennessey is leading the group. He is an expert on Anthony de Mello.
Hukilau business: Rev. Paul Kirchner (Lihue on Kauai) and Rev. Dave Krueger (Kihei on Maui) will be retiring in September. Dave Barber will be the interim Pastor at Kihei starting October 1.
The Hukilau Conference Fall Assembly will take place on Saturday, September 26, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Pastor Tim will be attending.
The Professional Leader’s Conference in Palm Desert will be October 19-22. Pastor Tim will also be attending this event, and will return in time for worship.

Sunday Attendance summary for June, 2014 as compared to June, 2015:

2014: 7:30 a.m. Service 10:00 a.m. Service Total:
June 1 29 99 181
June 8 32 92 182
June 15 46 143 231
June 22 41 103 144
June 29 38 133 171
2015: 7:30 a.m. Service 10:00 a.m. Service Total:
June 7 52 89 141
June 14 33 92 125
June 21 35 121 156
June 28 32 131 163

Pastor Tim also shared his schedule for the month of June. This is on file in the office.

5) Treasurer’s Report
a) May Financial Reports (Kim Bock)

  • Stewardship and weddings are 3.25% below budgeted amounts.


  •  Missions under budget by 10%, less Japanese Bibles purchased year to date
  •  Utilities under budget by 48%, great savings on HECO bills
  •  Building and Grounds are under budget, projected repairs coming in July/August will spend 70% of budget.
    • This number does not include the capital repairs line item on the 2015 budget. From now on, it will be over budget.
  •  Taxes/depreciation is over budget because the depreciation expense wasn’t put in the 2015 budget. Depreciation will be added to the 2016 budget.
  •  Payroll expense is under budget because the SEED position and Youth Director position are not currently filled.

Net Income:

  • YTD positive
  • Month of June negative

The full Treasurer’s Report is on file in the church office. Cheryl Tuitele motioned to accept the report,
and Jon Osorio seconded. Unanimous approval.

6) Old Business
a) Project Report: Kitchen and Groom’s Room (Bob Legler)
Bob presented his plans and color schemes for the kitchen and groom’s room remodel
project. LBT commercial vinyl flooring will be used in the kitchen. There will be new latex
enamel paint in the groom’s room and kitchen. A new GE refrigerator and microwave will be
installed along with LED strip under cabinet lighting. A new 8” deep sink and stainless steel
faucet with side sprayer will also be installed. The pantry electrical will be covered/protected,
and new shelves added as well as the closet painted. A new ceiling fan with LED lighting will be
installed along with a new kitchen countertop. Mildew will be addressed in the groom’s room,
along with new furniture having bumpers added to protect the walls.
Timeline: Painting will be scheduled when the Sanctuary is undergoing construction, and the rest
can be accomplished in 6-8 weeks. A lot of the work can be done at night, so as not to disrupt the
daytime weddings.
Bob will communicate with Building and Grounds as well as any other committees affected by this work, as it progresses.
Jennifer Welch moved to accept Bob Legler’s proposal and it was seconded by Cheryl Tuitele. The motion passed unanimously.

b) Congregational Survey (Kim Bock)
Kim passed out a rough draft of a congregational survey that we will use to ask members and attendees what programs they are aware of at church and what programs they would like to see started at Calvary by the Sea. After discussion and a few suggestions, it was agreed that the COD would have one week to give additional feedback to Kim (by June 23). There was a consensus on the council and the vote was unanimous. The survey will be handed out on June 26th, 2015.

c) Efficiency Committee Project Grid (Kim Bock)
There was a recommendation to add an addendum to our current PV/HECO agreement which will have HECO approve the possible addition of a maximum number of solar panels in the future. This does not mean that we are immediately planning to add solar panels, but simply planning ahead for the possibility and having approval already in place. Solar Wave is the company that did the original contract and they have agreed to submit the request. There is no cost involved. Jennifer Welch moved to have Solar Wave submit the request for the maximum number of solar panels possible on our campus, and Susan Lord seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
Conventional AC units have been purchased. Mahalo to John Collins for money-saving options.
Preschool air conditioning: Jennifer Hawkins has submitted a proposal and John Collins is reviewing it. After discussion, Cheryl Tuitele recommended tabling this item until August and when we have the three options written and in front of the COD. John Collins would also like to look at fans and a hot air exhaust system to enhance the air conditioning. This falls into the preschool’s budget. John C. and Jennifer H. will discuss this further and get back to us.

d) Project Proposal (John Collins)
Sanctuary lighting: John Collins gave an overview of how the lighting project will reduce the heat and increase the light from each can light. The project should be complete by the end of July.

e) Lighting Project update (Tom Poole)
Stage lighting over the central area of the sanctuary will be inspected and reconsidered. Susan Lord made a motion to increase the current lighting budget cost to $15,000.00, with John Collins having oversight of the electrical inspection requirements. If it is more than that, John needs to notify Geoff Hamilton or Jennifer Welch for signatory approval. Cheryl Tuitele seconded. Motion approved unanimously.
Painting of eaves: The original budget was $21,000.00. As inspection took place, additional areas have peeling paint, and there is some dry rot on several window frames. Also, window film
can be added on the Makai side to lower heat coming into the sanctuary. Additional funds might be needed up to $28,000.00. It is recommended to budget for this process every three years, due to the location of the sanctuary directly on the ocean shore. Cheryl Tuitele made a motion to increase the budget to $30,000.00 and use the highest grade paint appropriate for each area. Seconded by Geoff Hamilton. The motion passed unanimously. Susan Lord and John Collins will decide the final colors and update the COD by email.
Sanctuary carpet and bathrooms: This project couldn’t proceed due to how busy the possible contractors are. We will push this topic to a later date and Shelby Yuu will work with UI Productions to determine possible dates for these repairs in the future. As for bathrooms, Shelby Yuu told the COD that the limestone in the sanctuary is typically cleaned every other year, but the bathrooms do need cleaning. We will revisit this topic before the carpet is installed.

f) Staff Support Committee Update (Report from Cheryl Tuitele)
Cheryl Tuitele went over the process and timeline for Jennifer Hawkin’s and Pastor Tim’s evaluations and assessments with the Executive COD Committee and it was approved.

7) New Business
a) Jennifer Hawkins’ Evaluation:
Susan Lord moved to accept Jennifer Hawkin’s written evaluation as completed and to have Cheryl Tuitele and Jennifer Welch present it to Jennifer Hawkins. Geoff Hamilton seconded. Approved unanimously.

b) Pastor Tim’s Evaluation: Lisa May Montano moved to accept Pastor Tim Mason’s written evaluation as completed and to have Cheryl Tuitele and Geoff Hamilton present it to Pastor Tim. Seconded by Jennifer Welch. Approved unanimously.

c) Compensation Analysis (Cheryl Tuitele)
This will be tabled until the August, 2015 Executive Committee meeting.

8) Adjournment and Closing Prayer
Group closing prayer was given by each person as they felt moved. Susan Lord motioned to adjourn and it was seconded by Geoff Hamilton. Meeting adjourned 9:45 p.m.

9) Next Meeting: August 20, 2015