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Approved Minutes- July 2013
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Approved Minutes- July 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons – Minutes July 18, 2013


  1. Call to Order

President Jim Myers called the Council to order at 6:12.

Members Jim Myers, Bob Joseph, Peggy Trout, Susan Lord, Karen Sisler, Thea Johanos-Kam. Adam Sylvester, Jack Ashby, Pastor Tim were present. Don Hardaway and Rafael Del Castillo were absent.

Guests were Tom Poole, Jennifer Hawkins, Shelby Yuu.

  1. Devotions 

Susan Lord discussed an article on “attititude is everything.” She used some thoughts from Dr. Creflo Dollar, leader of World Changers Church.  Her message was that God wants us to look at every opportunity with joy and prayer, no matter how difficult the path may seem.

  1. Approval of June minutes

Bob Joseph moved to accept the June minutes with a couple of minor alterations.  With a second by Susan Lord, the motion passed.  Motion to approve.

  1. Reports

Music & Worship

Tom submitted and reported for Music and Worship. Upcoming Sundays will have a gospel orientation, and will include a Sunday focusing on our pre-school, its children, teachers, and parents.  Another Sunday will include a blessing of the back-packs, inviting all ages of students and teachers to receive a blessing as they return to schools, colleges, and any other type of educational activity.  The first Sunday in September we will be blessing our adult church workers. The second Sunday of September will be only one morning service at 9:00 AM and celebrate both Rally Sunday to help members be aware of CBTS activities, and  will share billing with the celebration of an ELCA social contribution program. (CBTS currently plans a church-wide food drive for ANC; Thea, Bob Joseph, and possible Kim Bock will help organize this day.) Oct 6 is our annual animal and pet blessing.

School and School Budget:  Jennifer

Our Montessori School is currently on break, and teachers are preparing for a new year with a full student quota.  Jennifer requested a CoD School Committee to deal with scholarships for members.  Those who volunteered to serve are Bob Joseph, Thea Kam, Susan Lord, and Jim Myers.  Jenifer will assemble the committee.


CBTS continues to spend approximately the same money as our monthly income from all sources.

Unfortunately, donation income is substantially less than we anticipated when creating the budget.  If the various committees and programs choose to spend their amount allocated through the budget, we may have a shortfall during the rest of 2013.


  • PT has been appointed to the board for the Hawaii Food Bank.
  • Tim expressed his thanks for the CBTS’ help during death of his father; he anticipates hosting a ceremony at water’s edge.
  • CBTS is hosting the Hukilau quarterly conference on Sat, Oct 19.  Pastor Jeff Lilley is coordinating the session.  CBTS members will be needed to mange the sign-up, the catered lunch, and welcome about 30 – 40 people from all over Hawaii.
  • (CBTS staff will order the food; we need to do set-up, and serve the meals on the lanai.  The event will be over by 3:00) It is possible that Bishop Fink or his assistant, Tim Phillips, will come.
  • This summer our Bible School students attended programs provided by area churches which brought in trained staff from the mainland.  Tim thinks this might be a good idea for us to offer our students next year.
  • Stephen ministers will be trained soon to do communion and help with parishioners with short-term Stephen-style needs.  After PT does the training, he will bring a list of qualified Stephen Ministers for the CoD ‘s vote to approve.

Stephen Ministry

Adam indicated that this year’s Stephen Ministry class is completed, but there will be continuing education classes for all Stephen Ministers beginning this month.  Another Stephen Ministry class will probably begin early in 2014.

Christian Education

Our new Christian Education leaders will meet Aug 17 or 18 to begin final preparation for the fall program.

Global Missions

Our several activities with Dr. David and Dr. Lara Narita were a blessing to all who heard or talked with them.  We will continue to follow their ministry.

Beyond These Doors

The concert and request for contributions for CBTS students embarking on higher education this autumn resulted in over $3,000, plus $500 matching funds from Thrivent.  Students who meet the criteria (2013 high school graduate, accepted, and attending an accredited school during the 2013 – 2014 school year), and send in their applications no later than August 4, will share in scholarship money raised.

  1. New Business

    • Signatory for school accounts
    • CoD needed to authorize Jennifer to sign for the two school accounts.  Susan made a motion “that we establish Jennifer R. Hawkins as a signatory for the CBTS Montessori School’s First Hawaiian Bank Checking & Savings accounts”.  Bob Joseph seconded that motion and it passed unanimously. Shelby will notify our bank.
    • Maintenance/update of wedding facilities
    • John Collins is meeting with vendors to determine the needs and costs for a renovation of the bride’s and groom’s rooms.
    • The CoD authorized John to spend up to $25,000 to renovate and decorate both rooms during the summer maintenance break.  Susan and Peggy will work with him in defining the scope, the needs, and the decorations incorporated in the project.
    • Easter weekend food pantry event: CBTS will host a food pantry event at the church the Saturday before Easter.
  2. Uncompleted Business
    • Our fall retreat is planned for Oct 11 – 14.  Kim Bock, Martha Staff, and Peggy Trout are planning the retreat.
    • Rally Sunday
    • Will be on September 8, 2013.  Joint service will be at 9:00 AM, information to be available about committees and activities at CBTS, includes food drive for ANC.
    • Youth Director
    • Two candidates have applied for the youth director position.  Tim will share the job descriptions and resumes with the Executive Committee.  An interview committee will be coordinated by the Exec to select a new person.  It was noted that the Executive Committee functions as the Personnel Committee and in future it will oversee all aspects of personnel actions as specified in the Constitution of the Church.
    • Youth Director  
      Two candidates have applied for the youth director position.  Tim will share the job descriptions and resumes with the Executive Committee.  An interview committee will be coordinated by the Exec to select a new person.
    • Visitors/Aloha Program
    • A focus on welcoming visitors, helping new members find their niche, and calling/ visiting members confined to home or hospital is beginning.  We will be creating name tags for ushers/service leaders (initially) and increasing our contacts of visitors, new members, and shut-ins as well as providing communion at the home of parishioners who are unable to attend worship services.
    • CoD Retreat
    • Cancelled for this year.
    • Timm Vedder
    • With regret, the CoD voted to release Timm Vedder from the Council as he has moved to the mainland.  Susan made a motion to accept his resignation, seconded by Bob and passed unanimously.  The CoD will consider possible replacements for Timm’s position.
    • Employee Handbook Revision
    • Bob and Jim will continue to work on this
    • Staff review
    • Staff performance and salary reviews will take place during the fall, before final negotiations on the 2014 budget.  CoD will set up the schedule and notify the staff members.
    • Money Counting Procedures
    • A monthly schedule was sent out by Jack Ashby that will help divide the responsibility for money counting among about eight people
    • Committee reports
    • The chairman requested that all committee reports be submitted to Shelby by the Friday before CoD meetings to they can be distributed in time for members to read them before the meeting.
  3. Adjourn
    • There is a lecture at UH on killer asteroids ( at 7:30 pm) on Aug 15, the night of our normally-scheduled monthly meeting.  Bob moved and Susan seconded that we switch our August meeting to Wednesday Aug 14.
    • Motion to adjourn at 9 pm. made by Bob, second by Susan.  Motion carried.