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Approved Minutes- June 2013
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Approved Minutes- June 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

Council of Deacons

June 20, 2013


1.Call to Order:

President Jim Myers called the Council to order at 6:02.
Members Jim Myers, Bob Joseph, Peggy Trout, Karen Sisler, Rafael Del Castillo, Timm Vedder, Jack Ashby, Don Hardaway, and Thea Johanos-Kam were present.
Guests were Tom Poole, Jennifer Hawkins.


Karen Sisler’s devotional was about St Francis of Assisi.  It included some history of his ministry, love of nature, and the beautiful poem, God Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace. 

3.Approval of minutes

Bob Joseph made a motion to approve the May minutes, second by Thea Johanos


·Music & Worship

Tom Poole discussed future worship plans, including the fact that 2017 is will be the 500th anniversary of the creation of Lutheranism and Sept 8, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Evangelical Lutheran Synod of America (ELSA). During July we will have the Naritas, missionaries to Cambodia, as guest speakers.


Jim Myers introduced Jennifer Hawkins the new director and lead teacher of our Montessori School.  She indicated that the summer program is going well and expects the fall enrollment to open with a full complement of children.  Her beginning with the summer term is giving her a chance to work with the teachers and children.


Jim is very concerned about the receipts both from donations and from Japanese weddings because to date this year they are significantly below anticipated in our budget.  Although we have less expenditures than we have expenses so far this year, our “monthly” rather than “cash flow” budget means we do not know what this trend may mean the rest of the year.  Additionally, there are quite a few numbers in our financial reporting that don’t “add up” correctly.

After discussion, the group decided to include the church’s anticipated and actual expectations and receipts each month in the Sunday announcement flyer and/or in the Calvary Caller.  Jim and Susan will work with Shelby and Patti to resolve the issues with our financial report.

·Stephen Ministry

Seven new Stephen Ministers have been commissioned and are completing their training.  Several of them already have care-receivers.  Abby and Adam Sylvester are now Stephen Leaders, helping with management of the resources and helping with teaching the classes.


·Christian Education

Karen Sisler discussed her plans for Christian Education.

  • She has several people on the committee and is looking for at least 2 men to serve in the role.  Current members include Dottie Manning and Karla Myers.
  • Fall Sunday School plans include
    • classes for people from 4 to 12 years old
    • a new curriculum that is lectionary based, most likely Stockbridge
    • giving age appropriate Bibles to pre-school children, third grade, and at high school graduation
    • creation of a centralized church multi-media library; with bookcases and sliding glass doors
    • teenagers will attend programs with the youth director 

·Global Missions

The Women’s Correctional Program presentation on June 2 was moving and inspiring. The women were very grateful to CBTS for our hospitality and conversation.


Pastor Tim and the Global Missions committee have invited Drs David and Lara Narita to be at CBTS on July 14.  They will preach the sermon and tell us about their work in Siem Reap, Cambodia as medical missionaries, teachers, college student leaders, and family members.  Lara grew up in Hawaii and they are here visiting her family before they return to Cambodia. We will have a calabash to help them with their programs.

We just received our June report from Jim and Carolyn Brown, leaders at the training program for African Surgeons.  They have 3 residents graduating this month who will return to their native environments to provide top quality surgical care where there has been little or none.  CBTS is a part of that incredible success.

Global Missions has received their first credible committee financial report ever.  Thanks to Patti and Shelby for helping get this accomplished.

5.New Business

·Wedding facility rennovation

The Council decided to escalate our planned rennovation of the wedding facilities in the sanctuary building to take advantage of the annual July maintenance break of both the Japanese weddings and the school.  The maintenance committee, with some involvement from the CoD, will be managing this effort and is authorized up to $20,000 for the project.  We anticipate having several congregational “work days” to add to sprucing up our well used facilities.

·Visitor/New Member orientation

The council discussed Calvary’s need to do a better job with welcoming visitors then helping them and new members find their way into the “community” of CBTS.  Several ideas were mentioned about what is working elsewhere, what is needed, culminating with the need for a leader to manage the programs to accomplish this.  It will probably need to be a commitee plus congregational focus on this idea.  Every deacon agreed to actively participate in this concept and Peggy Trout agreed to lead the program.

Ideas included: speak with visitors when they arrive, have visitors stand to receive their leis, go to the home of a first time visitor to drop off cookies or pie, name tags for members and on ushers, establish 1st time visitor reserved parking, improve communication about our hearing aids and handicapped entrance,, provide large print bulletins, welcome bag that includes a map, mug, church offerings, provide better/accurate/updated information about CBTS in the church pews, tell visitors about coffee time on the lanai after services, hold periodic brunches for visitors, notes to any visitors that sign in.

·Staff Reviews

The council discussed having all staff reviews done in the fall to avoid the pressure of doing that during budget planning time.  This is an important part of an organization and deserves its own focus, not be a part of another main activity.  Jim will meet with PT to discuss the Executive committee and COD’s understanding of staff reviews and hiring policies.

6.Incomplete Business

·Employee Handbook Revision

Currently being reviewed, Bob Jacobs providing oversight

·Money Counting Procedures

New procedure for identifying and reminding 2 counters per week is beginning.

·Rally Sunday

Rally Sunday scheduled for September 8.  After discussion, CoD decided it should be linked to the 25th birthday of ECLA which has the title of “Gods Work, Our Hands”.  Right now we believe it will be a 9:00 combined church service with tables set up in the area presenting our various programs, missions, and service areas to help people find a place of learning, service, and community.  We anticipate having coffee and pastries on the lanai during the event..

·Timm Vedder

Tonight is the last meeting Timm Vedder can attend.  He and his family are moving to the mainland.  We have valued his and his families contribution to the Council and to Calvary by the Sea.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.