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March 19 2006 Meeting Notes
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March 19 2006 Meeting Notes

Posted by: Pulelehua on Mon, Mar 27, 2006

Mission Team

The Missions Team met on 19 Mar 2006 in Aina Haina at 12:30 p.m.
Present were Pastor Tim, Sherri Clark, Rebecca Erickson, Ted Hsia, and Steve Webb.
1. Prayer:  Pastor Tim opened the meeting with prayer.
2. New Members:  Rebecca Erikson and Steve Webb were welcomed to the Team
3. Minutes of 30 Nov 2005: These were read and approved.
4. Unfinished business: None was discussed
5. Arrangements for visit by Pastor David Person
Pastor David Person and Mrs. Nahoko Person, will be in Honolulu the weekend of 9 April, and Pastor David will talk in both morning services about his missionary work in Tokyo, and the youth activities he has been leading in Asia..
After the second service, a cake is to be provided in honor of their wedding anniversary.  Steve Webb will obtain this.
Lunch with the Persons:  We agreed it is too much to ask Pastor Person to talk at a large special luncheon for the congregation, and the time was too short to arrange it.  Instead, the Missions Team will host a get-acquainted lunch for Pastor and Mrs. Person, with Pastor Tim and his family.  This will be an important occasion to brainstorm about  future visits, and how to have our youth learn about or even participate in his activities.  Members of the Council will be invited to be co-hosts, up to a limit of twenty persons.  If space allows, congregation members who wish to participate in the core activities of the Missions Team will be invited to come, first come first served, to a limit of 20 persons.
Rebecca Erikson will explore and make arrangements for this lunch, provisionally at Blue Waters, if it proves suitable.
6. Status of missionary adoptions for Pastor David Person and Dr. Holly Nelson.
Lea Lemming of ELCA Division of Global Missions told us the petition to adopt these missionaries has been received.
7. Plan to inform Lutheran Churches in Hawaii about these adoptions.
All Lutheran Churches in Hawaii will be informed about these adoptions, and invited to join CBTS either as joint petitioners, or to support these missionaries in any way, especially during anticipated visits.  Ted Hsia is to do this.
8. Missions Team Budget
Line Item:  The 2005 Annual budget had no line item about the Missions Team, whose budget was inexplicably combined with the donation to the Angel Network as “Missions.”  ELCA and Lutheran World Hunger were itemized separately.  Pastor Tim, and hopefully our liaison member of Council, will explore having a separate line item for the Missions Team and overseas activities, perhaps combined with the other donations Calvary makes to overseas ventures, such as Lutheran World Hunger.
Team Budget:  The new treasurer will be asked to detail what is in our budget for 2006, after he is installed
9. Liaison Council member for the Missions Team
The Council is to assign committee liaisons to Council members at their up-coming retreat. 
10. Future Activities
China Services Venture :  The very impressive talks by Pastor Paul Martinson and Ada Marie Martinson about missionary work in Henan, China, was attended by about 14 members of Calvary.  They left a copy of their excellent DVD, and some brochures.  Pastor Tim is to look at the DVD, and decide how to present this to the congregation.
Publication of Information by the Missions Team: This was discussed, including hoe to publicize the anticipated quarterly newsletters from our adopted missionaries.  This would include announcements about special activities, a bulletin board, and regular articles in Calvary Calls.  Pulelehua Quirk is already posting our material on the Calvary Website.  We will explore the setting up of a Missions web page on our web site.
Sunday School:  We will help the Sunday School to establish relations with children in Cameroon and/or Henan.
11. Any Other Business
Hukilau Meeting:  Pastor Ruth Peterson has invited our Missions Team to talk at the next Hukilau meeting on Saturday, 29 April.  Ted Hsia is to check with Pastor Ruth about the time allotted to us, and whether Pastor Lee of the Chinese Lutheran Church will be asked to talk about all their missionary-related activities. Pastor Tim has agreed to use half of whatever time we are allotted.  The Missions Team will provide each Hukilau Church a folder, about our activities, to include specific information about our adopted missionaries. Calvary has just received a packet from ELCA about missionary work in general, and specifically about the DGM Annual Conference in July, details of which were recently posted on their web site.  Ted Hsia is to request 15 copies of this packet to be included in our folder.
DGM Annual Conference, 27-29 July:  Now that we have information about this, it needs to be publicized, as applicants should be selected this month, and be registered for this conference, within what our budget might be.
Dr. & Mrs. Chang, Parents of Dr. Holly Nelson. They visited our Church on 29 January.  On their next trip to Honolulu, we propose asking them to talk to us about their visit to Ngaoundere, Cameroon.
Pastor Don Nelson and Rhoda Nelson:  This couple has recently moved to Hawaii, and are joining St. John Lutheran Church.  .We discussed asking them to talk this Spring about their former missionary activities in Sarawak.
12. Date for next meeting
The next meeting was set for Sunday, April 23.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.. 
Respectfully submitted.
Ted Hsia