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Approved Minutes- March 2013
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Approved Minutes- March 2013

Posted by: Parish Administrator on Mon, Mar 17, 2014


March 21, 2013

Meeting Minutes - Council of Deacons

Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church

I. Call to Order : President Jim Myers called the meeting to order at 6:05, with Jim Myers, Bob Joseph, Jack Ashby, Don Hardaway, Tim Vedder, Peggy Trout, Thea Kam, Karen Sisler, Sandra Lord, and Tim Mason present. Visitors were Tom Poole and Shelby xxx

II. Devotional by Jim Myers

III. December Minutes were read and some minor corrections made. Jack Ashby moved for approval, Don Hardaway seconded. The December minutes were unanimously approve.

IV. New council members, Bob Joseph, Thea Kam, Karen Sisler, and Sandra Lord plus all existing council members were asked to introduce themselves and tell a bit about themselves.

V. Reports

 Pastor’s

 Music and Worship Tom Poole discussed his plans for worship during the next month

 Missions The Global Mission committee reported that Drs David and Lara, medical missionaries in Cambodia will be on our Island in June and would like Council blessing to invite them to CBTS for a Sunday lunch and opportunity to talk with our members.


CBTS made its goal of 10K for the Thrivent Challenge Grant. Our request for the additional 5K for ANC was sent to Thrivent on March 19.

 Election of Vice President, Treasurer Jim Myers indicated that Bob Joseph had been nominated for Vice President and Sandra Lord had been nominated for Treasurer. He opened the floor for additional nominations, as there were none, Peggy Trout moved that Bob Joseph and Sandra Lord be made Vice President and Treasurer respectively. The motion carried unanimously.

 Staff introduction and relationships

To help familiarize the new CoD members with CBTS staff, Pastor Tim listed the various staff members and their responsibilities

VI. New Business

 Toddler playground re-build

Jim and Peggy met with the donors and reviewed their work plan before ground breaking. They met with the building crew the day of ground breaking and checked the progress during its construction. . The work looks good. The playground will be a valuable addition to the quality of educational and physical programs we offer to our Toddlers. All work should be finished in time for return to school

after Easter. The CoD voted by aclimation to accept with gratitude this generous give from Jewell and Sheryl.

 WELCA Sherri Clark has volunteered to the HI representative for the WELCA organization. She asked if the COD would help pay for her expenses of about 3K in this capacity. The CoD decided to decline since they do not have this in their budget for 2013

 Pastor’s housing allowance Pastor Tim needs for the CoD to approve dividing his renumeration between salary and housing allowance according to FDIC rules. This does not impact CBTS, but does reduce PT’s income tax.

Move to approve by Tim Vedder, second by Bob Joseph, motion carried.

 Maternity leave for employees

Concern was expressed that our part time employees do not have sick leave, in particular do not have maternity leave. Bob Joseph is to research our handbook and investigate this policy.

 Fund Raiser for college scholarships

Jon Osario is interested in leading a musical fund raiser for CBTS college bound young people. He asks the CoD’s blessing on this concept and the concert. After discussion the CoD approved both the concept and the proposed concert but suggested that Jon decide how to distribute the money.

 Replacement for CBTS Montessori School Leader/Teacher

Kay is leaving at the end of the school year. We need someone as soon as possible as there is a full program already scheduled for the summer. The CoD understands that the person must have ASI certification if the school is to retain its Montessory rating. The position is to be advertised on Craig’s List and through the Montessori circles.

 Replacement for youth director

Cori is leaving the 29 of March. We need a replacement part-time youth director to work with our students. It could be temporary to see us through the summer or permanent. It is being advertised in Craig’s List.

VII. Incomplete Business

 Leader for Senior Lunch Bunch

Pastor Tim is to look for someone to coordinate the monthly senior lunch events.

 Money Counting: organizing, who does it, where is it done

After one year of counting and managing the paper work and deposit for CBTS, Mary Pat Ashby and Peggy Trout have requested that the CoD coordinate the selection and weekly assignment of qualified people to manage this weekly task. It takes about 1.5 hours per week and should be done early in the week. Jack Ashby agreed to lead a committee consisting of Jack, Tim Vedder, and Peggy Trout to create and implement a plan to make this a group activity

VIII. Adjourn Jim Myers adjourned the meeting at 8:10.