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March 27th Communication
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March 27th Communication

Posted by: Pulelehua on Mon, Mar 27, 2006

Mission Team

Dear Missions Team:
1) Attached is the draft of our minutes from 19 March.
2) Rebecca has kindly finalized the arrangements for our lunch with the Person’s.  If all agree, people will be given individual checks, and an extra $4.00 will be asked from each to pay for our guests.  At present, the count is 12 definite, another 3 provisional.  If enough not council members t ask to attend, an open invitation will be extended to the congregation for anyone else to co-host this lunch with us, to a maximum of 20.  If need be, this invitation could be extended at the Sunday services on the Ninth.  I will confirm with  Alice that the weekly bulletin next week will contain information about Pastor Person.  Please let me know what you think about having a handout about him, in addition to whatever brochures he brings.  It might be nice, but may be unnecessary, although we really should give handouts about both of our missionaries.
3) As you know from the cc’s to you, DGM has received our petition, they are sending 15 more information packets.  The Hukilau Churches have been notified about our adoptions.  Requests have been made for brochures from China Services Venture, and enquiries about Sunday School Interactions have been extended to Dr. Holly, and to China Services Venture.
4) Our information packet from DGM has been given to Don Hardaway.  I will ask him (and Alice) to make sure that Pastor Tim sees the posters and applications forms for the DGM Annual conference.  We have to inform the congregation about applications to attend this conference.
5) Pastor Ruth has allotted 10 minutes for our presentation to Hukilau, half of which Pastor Tim has agreed to use. Do we want to petition for more time?  She will also invite Pastor Lee to talk about the overseas activities of the Chinese Lutheran Church.
6) I will circulate articles for Calvary Calls to be submitted.  I have been remiss about meeting the April deadline, but we really should have articles about:  1:  Adopted missionaries.  2:  DGM Annual conference.  3:  Report of meeting with the Martinsons about China Services Venture.  4: Brief announcement about the Hukilau invitation.  Alternatively, would any one [plural] like to volunteer to talk about any or every of these at the WHALE?
7) We need to communicate about preliminary plans for the Hukilau meeting, before our next committee meeting.  I will try to keep everyone up-dated by email, if this is acceptable.