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May 10th Meeting Notes
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May 10th Meeting Notes

Posted by: Stephanie Hadrick on Fri, May 18, 2007


Thursday, 10 May, 2007 (2 pm)


The monthly meeting for May was moved from 7:30 pm to 2 pm on Thursday, 10 May in order to accommodate Pastor Tim’s attendance at the meeting. Unfortunately, the only two present at the meeting were Pastor Tim and Tom Poole. (Tim and Tom were accommodated at the expense of everyone else. Yes, it was a teachable moment.) The next scheduled meeting of the Music/Worship Committee is Thursday, 7 June, @ 7 pm at Calvary by the Sea. Please note that the Music/Worship Committee meeting is being moved to the first Thursday of each month.

The following items were discussed by PT and TP:

May 13, PAC leads worship at both services. Julie will need wireless microphones. She will also need the cordless microphones stationed along the mauka end of the sanctuary floor. Tom will e-mail Bruce.


May 20, ShowTime! from Baylor University in both services. Tim preaches on the theme of oneness with God through the cross (High Priestly Prayer in John). Suggested hymn w/ congregation, “Song of the Body of Christ.”



There will be NO congregational procession into the sanctuary.

The service will begin with the reading of Acts 2: 1-2, a Hymn will be sung and during the singing of the hymn,

Dancers—PAC Kids (if can), Na Wahine, Pulelehua & Gloria’s movement group, Lisa & other dancers, will all process/dance in with ribbons. They will position themselves around the people who will be reading the “Great Commission” (Matthew 28: 19-20).

After the singing of the hymn the reading of the scripture lesson continues w/ Acts 2: 3-6. At this point (probably after vs. 6 ?), the “Great Commission” will be individually read in a variety of languages. As each person reads the several dancers positioned with each reader will wave their ribbons (the presence of the Spirit in Acts is described as tongues of fire). The suggested languages and readers are:

German: Kurt Kalb or Reynold Feldman

Spanish: Lea DelCastillo
French: Sabine Nelson
Korean: So Young
Japanese: Miki May
Hawaiian: Jon
American Sign Language: Susan
Chinese (Mandarin?): Phil Wong or Ted
Melanesian Pigeon: Pastor Tim
Greek: Kahu Doug
Norwegian: Rob Smestad
Other languages and readers ?

Then the service continues. After the Sermon and the Confession of Faith Bailey and Jessica will be confirmed.  Confirmation includes litany & blessing, sharing of bible verse. Following the confirmation will be the

Baptism of Paige Adelberger. The newly confirmed Bailey and Jessica will participate with Tim in the baptism by bringing the water and the oil to the font. They will also walk with Tim and Paige around the sanctuary after the baptism.

Please note that the wonderful suggestion to have everyone bring a flower for the making of a floral arrangement has been omitted because of the limitation of time, and not because it wasn’t a great idea!



Please let me know what you think of the Pentecost plans. I know the service looks long, but long doesn’t mean BORING!

Do we still want to give the members of the congregation red, orange, yellow ribbons on chop sticks, or only have the dance/movement people have the ribbon streamers?

Do we want to have the various readers strategically placed throughout the sanctuary to read their particular language version or to read from the pulpit?

If the readers are in different locations do we need to arrange for microphones or will their speaking voice be loud enough?

Are there aspects of the service that need closer attention (I know we will need to practice with the dancers and the readers)? Also, do you see things/tasks in the Pentecost Service that you would like to volunteer for or use your own expertise to help?


June 3, Trinity Sunday, Dr. Tim Nelson preaches


June 10,  PT preaches on “The Journey with Jesus Begins.” We begin our journey with God looking favorably on us, and with our mix of thanksgiving, astonishment, and fear. NOTE: This Sunday begins the Sunday after Pentecost emphasis on Journeying with Jesus. In our journeys with Jesus we see Jesus healing, Jesus teaching, and God creating. All of these aspects are expressed in different forms and ways—service of Stephen Ministry, music, dance, sculpture, etc. Please use this as thematic material and ideas for shaping worship service in this great “ordinary” time.


June 17, PT preaches with the focus on “shalom.” Before there is peace, there must be forgiveness. The sermon title says it: “We’ve been Forgiven, Let us Demonstrate Peace.”


June 24, music in both services by Ric Blair Band, a “Christian, Celtic Band.” (Please check their web pages) PT preaches and New Members will be welcomed.


Month of July guest preachers may include Diane ? (sorry for the brain lapse), Bruce Kraft, J.P. Sabbithi. On July 15 the services shaped around “Bible Camp Experiences.” Congregation encouraged to dress even more casually than they do, campfire hymns/songs (including a fake campfire) flexibility in flow of worship, perhaps Bailey, Will, etc. might share their experiences at camp, & others share their memories. Afterwards anyone game for roasting marshmallows?


Perhaps in the Month of August fellowship times of “Favorite Hymn Sing;” Music from Calvary featuring all the gifted singers, instrumentalists, choirs; a hula night; other ?


10.  Saturday, 8 September, the Honolulu (Gay) Men’s Chorus has tentatively scheduled a Concert of Remembrance in the Calvary Sanctuary. This would be a sunset concert (beginning at 6 pm) featuring the Faure Requiem, Cantique de Jean Racine, The Prayer, and other selections. Perhaps Calvary can promote this as an alternative way of responding to the violence of 11 September.


11.  Sunday, 9 September is Rally Sunday with the Preschool and there will be a BBQ on the beach after the service.


12.  October 17, 1954 was Calvary’s first service. Tom suggests that Calvary designate the 3rd Sunday of October each year as Founder’s Sunday, and that we  begin the tradition with a Calvary Hymn Contest for the composition (text, or text and tune) of a hymn which articulates what Calvary is about.


13.  Other dates: 21 November, possible Nu’uanu Valley Thanksgiving Eve Service at Calvary; 22 November, Thanksgiving Day Worship with Holy Nativity. Marathon Sunday, focus on Peace, particularly with the number of runners from around the world.


(Transcribing my notes and typing them took longer than the meeting itself. I am so looking forward to have all of you attend the next meeting! Please let me know your response, suggestions, to what Tim and I discussed, or failed to discuss.)